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Last Updated on December 29, 2021

Instead of giving you find top apps–this article gives you five categories, which help you to create and build your website.  Within each category of some of the androids top apps.

1 – Alter and fix your photos

Photo Enhance

As you might imagine this application can be used to enhance the quality of your images through a few basic photo-editing tools.

HP IPrint Photo

This application will help you can think of your website designs and altered images by locating Wi-Fi network printers near your location.  It can even print off things that you have put on to a PDF.

Image Shrink

There is a petition helps you to shrink and compress the size of your images so that they load a lot quicker when you put them on your website.

Image Resizer

This application helps you to resize your pictures so that they will fit within the modular frames you create for your android website.


If you feel like being creative, this app will allow you to merge two pictures into one.

2 – Draw on your Android


This is more reminiscent of the paint programs that you find on PCs that have windows installed.  In essence it gives you a blank screen with a few tools.


This app works in the same way as the other two in this category except for that it gives you a few sketching tools to help you draw onto your Android phone.  They help you create a more artistic and less sterile piece of work.

3 – Change your websites photos

Photo Illusion

This application allows you to put special effects into your webphotos.

Magic Canvas

This application allows you to select a region of an image and change the colors to create a fancy effect.

Dash of Colors

This application will allow you to turn your photo into a black and white photo and draw something over the image.

Color Touch Effects

This application allows you to put color into a black and white photos along with adding a further special effects into it.


This is a photo editing software that that concentrates on making your photos funny more than it concentrates on editing out imperfections.

4 – Colors for your website

Color Mood Designer

This application is able to recognize the colors of your website design that you have so far and suggest combinations of colors that would go well with your current design.  It picks colors that have the same “mood” as the rest of your website, which allows you to alter your designs from a fundamental perspective and reintegrate them into your whole websites without a deviation from the color scheme.

Color Pal

This application is very good for helping you to pick colors quickly.  It gives you palettes full of colors, which both harmonize and contrast so that you could pick your colors quickly and easily.

Superdry Color Picker

This is an android phone app, which helps you to pick android-esk colors in the same way that the Apple Lover app allows you to pick iOS colors.

Magic Color Picker

This application gives you a selection of color models from which a web designer can pick the colors which he or she feels better suit their website.

5 – Find and show off photos


If you are the sort of person who likes to pull your images from online then this application will give you a cleaning interface with which you can browse pictures online from multiple sources including some from media.


If you have website pictures with your website name on them then this application will allow you to share those pictures in order to get your new websites name out there.

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