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Spellbreak has had a steady build since release and become a much more polished game. The most interesting aspect of it is probably its Gauntlets. These elemental attacks combine into Spellbreak gauntlet combos to rack up serious damage. Since this is a game where you accidentally pick your attack style, there are some gauntlets which work better than others. At the game’s present, the metagame favors some Gauntlets way more than others. There’s your play style to consider too, but some are just working better.

the choice of gauntlets is going to depend on both your playstyle and how they work. Some gauntlets are currently doing more consistent damage than others. If you’re looking for the best Spellbreaker gauntlets, then this tier list can point towards those which currently sit at the top of the list:

The Best Spellbreak Gauntlets – Tier List

Top Tier – Lightning

Lightning is one of the most useful Gauntlets in the game at the moment. It provides some great combo opportunities, particularly letting you ruin other players’ mobility. The primary attack has a very short delay with great damage especially up close. The secondary attack comes with a decent range, and you can combine it plenty too.

The lightning Gauntlet works great as your primary choice. There are some down sides here, but a good choice of secondary can more than even it out. Along with fire, it is probably the top of the game right now.

Best Spellbreak Gauntlets for Damage – Fire

Best Spellbreak Gauntlets

The Fire gauntlet is another that sits at the top tier of the game. This is probably the Gauntlet that first jumps out to most players, it just feels like it’s the strongest one at first glance. Once you get into things though, fire actually has some of the most useful mechanics in the whole game. The standard attack is a fire ball, it is great for its raw damage output. It’s also useful at a range of distances, and does great damage. The secondary flame wall is perfect for zoning, it can work well even just as a panic button. The combination of these two make fire a great gauntlet for offense, but also a fantastic tool for general utility and combos.

Toxic – Best Spellbreak Gauntlets for Strategy

Best Spellbreak Gauntlets

Toxic works well for strategic plays and particularly when using as a combo. It’s a good choice for team players, especially if you can manage to be well coordinated. The sheer number of powerful combos available here makes it absolutely top tier, but typically when paired properly. The two gauntlets above this offer more utility even on their own, some Toxic is great as a secondary choice. It Is useful as a class too, but you’ll largely need to be making big brain plays with this one. 

Wind – Best Spellbreak Gauntlets for Mobility 

Wind as a Spellbreak Gauntlet has some problems, it is far from a bad gauntlet but it is a lot more specialist than the damage output options that rank above it. It is largely good for mobility, which is very useful but can sometimes feel like its outdone by the Runes available. You can use the attacks to move yourself considerably easier. It is also great for grabbing the high ground, but its attacks fall a little short. You’ll want to combine the wind upwards with a decent DPS gauntlet, like fire. That can even out the shortfalls of Tempest.

Stone – Low Tier

Best Spellbreak Gauntlets

Stone is an odd one, it is probably fair to put it at the bottom of the tiers when it comes to Gauntlets, but that isn’t all bad. You only have to look at the Spellbreak subreddit to see people getting absolutely levelled by a stoneshaper. It can get the job done, but it has clear drawbacks. It isn’t one of the best Spellbreak Gauntlets, but it can get the job done. Players have to be in a very easy position for you to do decent damage with the ground attack. The extra armor for this Gauntlet’s class can help out by offering protection, but it really isn’t enough. 

Frost – Unique

Best Spellbreak Gauntlets

Frost is sat here at the bottom, but it isn’t really a low tier Gauntlet just very specialist. It is essentially the sniper class of this game. Like any game with a sniper, it is far too specialist to call it the best Spellbreak Gauntlets in the game. Frost can be lethal in the right hands. However, there aren’t all that many players who genuinely are effective with this weapon. If you’re a great sniper, pick frost and have at it, if you’re not then probably stay away.

Which Spellbreak Weapon Should You use?

The Spellbreak Guantlets here each provide a different niche, however some  clearly stand out more than others. If you’re looking for raw damage, go fire or lightning. Strategy and Combos? Toxic. If you’re sniping, then it has to be frost. And if you’re looking to embarrasses new and old players with unexpected kills, then go for Stoneshaper and send the lobby into a rage. Each Gauntlet has its purpose, but those are the best Spellbreak Gauntlets and the weakest at the moment. Our other guides to the game can help you figure out where you need to go once you’ve found the top gauntlet:

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