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The zodiac signs you were born under has significant and predictable characteristics that will help define your personality.  The personality traits that you are predisposed to allow you to look deep into your universal powers and find your strengths and weaknesses.  Respecting these traits helps you to work towards an understanding of your innate abilities.

The Zodiac sign for those born on March 31st is Aries, the sign is Ram, and the traits are courage, strength, and enthusiasm.  Knowing these symbols and strengths in advance can help you to mold your character around them and work towards enhancing your natural disposition.

As an Aries, you are impulsive and courageous.  This trait pattern may lead you to have superhero-like tendencies, quick to save others and showcase your bravery.  You are caring and spirited which further enhances your passion for helping others.  You are the person to help in case of emergencies and you are the person all rely on to get things done.

As an energetic and brave person, you enjoy travel.  Learning about other cultures and experiencing new adventures leads you to a path that is ambitious and successful.  You are able to draw on your ambitions and experiences to better serve those around you.  You are able to draw on your past experiences and share within the business world to further your connections.

Those born on March 31st are creative and artistic.  Having a creative side helps bring you to understand the importance of thinking outside of the box.  With your creative tendencies, you are able to be playful and silly, and not uptight.  Leading a low-stress life brings you to a sense of peace and joy.  You bring this sense of peace to those around you.  As a friend and family member, you are respected and looked up to.

As an Aries, you are motivated, hardworking, and ambitious.  You use these traits in your favor to find success on your terms.  Your universal strengths bring you the positive attitude needed to be focused and driven in work and home life.

Personality Traits

Those born on March 31st are said to have a motto of “I am, I do”.  This motto brings about the strength and independence of the Aries.  The Aries, will, and the Aries will do.  What you see is what you get with the Aries and you are able to view those born on this day as they are without second-guessing their intentions.

Those born under Aries tend to be risk takers, joyful, adventurous, courageous people.  They enjoy meeting new people, going to new places, and having new experiences.  These daily excitements bring spirit and purpose to the Aries.

The Aries is big on education and self-improvement.  The curious nature of the Aries makes them lifelong learners.  As intelligent and independent people, the Aries takes it upon themselves to constantly learn, grow, and develop over time.  They are not the type who will remain stagnant.

Positive attributes of those born March 31st:

  • Fun
  • Intelligent
  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Logical
  • Flexible
  • Hard working

Negative attributes of those born March 31st:

  • Love change
  • Stubborn
  • Reluctant
  • One way or no way attitude
  • Competitive
  • Argue

Balancing the positive and negative attributes of the Aries can be difficult depending upon the strength of each characteristic.  One should encourage those born March 31st to not be stuck in their ways and refuse to compromise.  Occasionally a compromise is needed and the Aries will not ultimately win every battle.


When in a relationship with someone born on March 31st, be aware of their spirited disposition.  The spirit can be positive or negative at times.  The Aries is stable and reliable, friendly and approachable.  With these good qualities also come their predisposition for overexcitability.  Whether as a friend or a partner, be mindful of the possibility for the Aries to unload their spirit on to you.

Love and Compatibility

Those born on this day are magical, joyful, harmonious people that are easy to get along with and adore.  They are a generous and helpful group of people and take care of those around them.  As a partner, the Aries will act on instinct.  On occasion, the Aries may act upon the wrong instinct, but over time those born on this day will be able to tune into their relationship with you and act accordingly.

Some find that in their relationship with the Aries there are secrets and mysteries.  Those born on this date can be open and loving people but they also play their cards to their chest and move slowly when new to a relationship.  The Aries may not jump into a relationship as quickly as other signs because they are loyal and devoted partners who are patient.  Without the pressure to rush into a serious relationship, the Aries is able to confidently build a foundation for the relationship.

To establish a relationship with someone born March 31st, showcase your intelligence and charm.  The Aries is attracted to intelligent and charming people like themselves.  They wish for loyal partners that respect the relationship.  The Aries is not flighty or one to disregard their partner in any way.

To attract the Aries, one must also be creative and artistic, if not a little odd.  The oddity and move from typical and boring attitudes allows the Aries to remain interested in their partner.  Losing the spark early in a relationship is a signal of incompatibility.  Being creative and eccentric will make you more interesting in the eyes of the Aries and help keep the spark alive.

Those born March 31st are most compatible with people born on particular dates.  Those born on dates with the numbers 1, 8, 10, 17, 19, 26, and 28 find the most compatibility with the Aries due to their natural zodiac gifts.

The fire signs of Leo and Sagittarius are seen as mot compatible with the Aries.  If one can find a fire sign born with a lucky number in the date, this is the universe offering a sign that you are on the path intended for you.

Elements and Symbols

Those born on March 31st are born under the symbol of the Ram.  The Ram brings about the character traits of strength and courage in the Aries.  Those born on this day feel the impulse of placing physical presence and effort behind all they do.  This symbol demonstrates the power the Aries has to take charge of their own life.

The Aries sign represents those born between March 21 and April 19.  The person born March 31 is more likely to have the trait of the Ram given their date of birth is in between the dates in which the Ram symbolizes.  Those born closer to, or further from the beginning and end date may take on qualities from other symbols as well.  In this case, those born March 31 should relate well to the zodiac elements and symbols.

The opposite sign of the Aries is Libra.  Those born under the sign of Libra are well connected to the Aries.  Opposites attract among these two signs and when joined together, the two are able to bring out the best in each other’s strengths.

The element of fire is the element representing the Aries.  Fire brings and ends life, according to the power of the element and depending upon which other elements are brought in.  Just as the Aries can bring about life and death, so can fire.  One must balance their skills to bring the positive aspects of their life into the world.

The element of fire brings passion and enthusiasm to the Aries.  The fire element aligns with those born March 31st to bring them the excitement and optimism to make changes and overcome challenges with a good outlook on life.  While helping others, the fire of their personality can spread and aid in their leadership abilities.

The ruling house and body of the Aries are the first house and Mars.  The ruling house and body bring the influence of cycles, positivity, faith, and assertive thought.  The ruling house and body bring the elemental powers to balance the character traits and enhance positive attributes.

Ruling planet

The ruling planet of those born March 31st is Mars.  The ruling planet of your zodiac sign has a special power over your personality.  The universal pull of Mars brings you the confident and courageous demeanor you possess.  The fight and spirit in you are specially drafted from this ruling planet.

As a strong individual, you bring out an independent and unique sense about you.  The independence allows you to break out on your own, rely upon yourself and remain confident in most situations.   Relying upon yourself allows you the strength to focus on taking care of your own needs but incorporating the need of others as needs of help arise.  You are a very generous and gracious person.  You help all who are in need.

The universal pull of Mars also allots for the charismatic charm about you that brings others to love and adore you for all you are.  The lovable, trusting, communicator you are brings others to follow your light and energy.  You are very popular and accomplished, in large part due to your charm and influence.


Using luck to give yourself higher universal favor is a trick many people can use when understanding their zodiac symbols.  The universe has a way of bringing favor to those under the rule of certain planets and numbers.

Those born on March 31st have a lucky day of Tuesday.  Tuesday is deemed the lucky day because the day is ruled by Mars.  As Aries is also ruled by Mars, the day brings extra significance to those born on this day.  Do your best to schedule important meetings, celebrations, and picture days on Tuesday.  The universe will not only bring you the confidence to make use of the day to your advantage but the luck needed to ensure it.

The lucky numbers for the Aries are: 2, 5, 15, 19, and 24.  These numbers are used by the universe to show you the path in which you should go.  Following the path of numerology allows you to learn the secrets of the universe and understand the path in which you are lead.

To use these lucky numbers in your favor, look for people born with these numbers in their birth dates.  Those born on these dates will be most compatible with your personality.  Look for phone numbers, address, license plates and banking numbers that have these codes within them.  When looking to buy a house and choosing between addresses, look for the address with these numbers within them. The numbers are a sign that the universe wishes for you to be in a particular area.

The lucky color of the Aries is red.  Red often is associated with anger, but in this case, red is associated with kindness and passion.  Focusing on passion, you can put your interest in what suits you best.  Putting forth your focus and energy in your personal interests will allow you to do what you love and share your passion with others.

Wearing red will bring out the warmth in you.  Those around you will sense the warmth emanating from the red and react accordingly.  Red cars, walls, and decorations are also to bring you luck in life.  The red will project your personality to others and bring about positive changes throughout your day.

The lucky stone for those born March 31st is the diamond.  The diamond represents perfection and strength.  The diamond is a rare jewel that is exceptionally strong.  The diamond representation is similar to that of Aries.  With the commonality between the stone and the zodiac, the stone is sure to bring luck to those who wear it.

A lucky flower for the Aries is honeysuckle.  This flower brings about the motivation and confidence in those born March 31st.  Having honeysuckle around your home, in gardens, and in the workplace will bring out the most positive energy in you and allow you to be at your best physically.

The lucky metal for those born this day is that of iron.  Iron is strong, pure, forceful and flexible.  Those who wear this metal are surrounded by its energy and purpose. The iron also allows others to view the Aries in a positive light, furthering their luck in relation to people.

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