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Last Updated on May 28, 2021

[heading color=”black”]Introduction[/heading]

For the last two years, FE has provided valuable and inspirational content for our awesome readers. To take things further we decided to create an E-book. Unlike others, we won’t mention any names here, we didn’t want to take our previous articles and turn them into an E-book. From a personal perspective, that is very lazy and provides no value to the reader. If you want to check out our previous article, just check out the archive. We decided to research “Business Branding” and provide an outlook on how you can successfully achieve it.

Turning a company into a household name is a very important task to many businesses. Many companies fail in their industry because they don’t know how to make their products or service into a brand that customers know and rely on. Many practices must take place in order to make things happen. When you practice consistent techniques you can build a name for yourself and a brand that everyone can trust.

Branding is not just a shiny new logo, it consists of many different things. It’s very common for a company to be told  that a logo is the way to go with a brand. Misled into practicing the wrong techniques, companies often steer right into failure and then scratch their heads trying to figure out what just happened. This book will teach you the right branding techniques for a business, how to use the media to your advantage and free things you can do.

Branding is up to you. You must live by your company’s ethics and show that your brand is real. Your personality may be affecting your brand in a good way or having a negative impact on your entire business. There are many things that you can do to become a household name. Becoming a household name requires trust and credibility of a customer. While some businesses have formed this over a 20 year span you can use many different techniques to make branding occur quickly.

[heading color=”black”]Table of Contents[/heading]

Chapter 1 – What is Branding?

Chapter 2 – Branding Basics

Chapter 3 – Audience

Chapter 4 – Logos

Chapter 5 – Building Recognition

Chapter 6 – Competition

Chapter 7 – Establishing Brand

Chapter 8 – Establishing Company Identity

Chapter 9 – Media Consideration

Chapter 10 – The Competitive Edge

Chapter 12 – Reinforcement of Your Brand

[heading color=”black”]Who should read this book?[/heading]

Business Branding is targeted at anybody is is trying to build a strong brand. Don’t let the title fool you, this book is not just for beginners. The book focuses on branding methods and practices that have been found to be effective and successful throughout years.

The goal of this book is to inform you about different tactics that will help you succeed in the future. Strategy can be applied to every aspect of branding, and having a process in place can help produce great things.

[heading color=”black”]Things You Will Learn[/heading]

· Learn how to take advantage of free branding techniques
· Learn how to make the media and public relations outlets work for you
· Learn quick ways to build a brand for your business
· Learn all of the things you need to do in order to create a product that is memorable to the customers
· Learn how to make your company memorable to the customers
· Learn how to build brand recognition and stand out of the crowd
· Learn how to gain the competitive edge on your competition
· and much much more!

[heading color=”black”]Reasons to Buy[/heading]

Wouldn’t it be great to have an easy reference guide downloaded to your computer and be accessed at any time?  The advantage of an ebook is that it takes up no shelf space, can be easily emailed, stored on your memory stick and be read anywhere you please. Why would you waste time doing research, when the work has already been done for you? Just click, read, learn, and apply the knowledge to make your business a respected brand.

With so many businesses on the web, creating a brand that sticks with customers is absolutely vital. Big and small companies all need to practice branding techniques in order to be successful. The importance is that you differentiate yourself against the competition and show the customers why you are the best option for them.

Hiring a professional for branding techniques can cost thousands of dollars. Some marketers don’t even provide the right kind of techniques, leaving you stranded behind the competition. Stop wasting your money and instead check out Business Branding. This e-book is only $4.97. Currently the global economy is not so hot, and we completely understand that. For the price of a $5 foot-long sub, you can buy this informative book and keep it forever!

[heading color=”black”]What is Included?[/heading]

We don’t want to leave anybody behind,  so this download includes the most popular digital book formats including  PDF, Mobi and ePub. Purchases are per-person and can be used on unlimited devices. Please don’t steal or lend your copy, we’ve really worked hard on this. It’s only $4.97.


We decided to throw in a couple goodies along with the E-book. We created five beautiful business card templates that you can use for your future projects. This pack originally would cost you $30 or more, but instead you get it for free with this E-book! So what are the templates you ask? Check them out below:

Note: Every PSD file is fully layered and edible. The following business card templates are 3.5×2 inches, 300 dpi, CMYK and print ready. Oh, and don’t worry about the bleed area, we’ve got that covered for you. All you have to do is change the name, phone number, email address, location, website and other contact details presented on the business cards.

If you don’t have the fonts presented, don’t worry. We have an easy to read text file included in each folder that specifies what the fonts name is. They are all free and can be easily downloaded.

[testimonial by=”Srdjan Kirtic – Creative Director |” image=””] “The book is a great starting point for anyone interested in branding world. The topic is well covered and explained in a simple and easy to understand language, broken down and followed with direct and necessary steps that anyone who`s serious about branding should consider taking. It is indeed a blueprint guide for beginners, both designers and business owners.” [/testimonial]
[testimonial by=”Andrian Valeanu – CEO |” image=””] “This book is an important information resource for your business. Because the company brand is an important step for keeping it going, this book describes in details all the aspects of a brand and how to work on it in order to promote it. The book is useful for both professionals, as well as for those who are newbies in the business world, but would like to have their own company.” [/testimonial]

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