Can you Use Vaseline as Lubrication?


A simple answer to the question, can you use Vaseline as lubrication is yes you can. However, whether it is safe to do so or not is a question that requires an answer that is not so simple. To arrive at the best answer you will need to consider a number of things such as its advantages and disadvantages when used in lubrication. You also want to look specifically whether you are intending to have anal or vaginal sex.

In this article, we want to look at the use of Vaseline as a lubricant so that we can come to a conclusion on whether it is safe. Before we look specifically at Vaseline, we will look at what the qualities of a good lubricant are. We will then look at Vaseline to see whether it meets these qualities or not.

Qualities of a Good Lubricant

Melissa White, writing for the Huffington Post says that sex without lubrication can be painful and uncomfortable. This is the reason why many women have times when they prefer additional lubrication. A good lubrication can enhance sexual pleasure by providing comfort during the great indoor sport.

Just picking any lubrication off the shelf is however not the answer as lubricants are not created equal. Good lubricants fall into two main categories; they are either water-based or silicone-based.

Silicone-Based Lubricants

Silicone-based lubricants are slick and can easily be used in water.  The difference between these lubricants and the water-based ones is that once you have applied them, there is no need for another application during the same round. These types of lubricants are also harder to clean up, needing soap and water to get rid of.

Water Based Lubricants

According to Cosmopolitan, the woman magazine, the best lubricant is water based. The main reason being that this kind of lubrication works best when you use it with condoms. This kind of lubrication is also easy to wash away. Another advantage is that this type of lubrication will not leave your sheets stained. Those who are prone to yeast infections can benefit from water-based lubricants that exclude glycerin.

What is Vaseline?

Now that we have an idea of what good lubricants are, let’s look at the qualities of Vaseline to see it will withstand this test.

According to the Vaseline website,  the jelly is made from a mixture of waxes. These waxes are mixed with mineral oils with the aim of producing a product that locks moisture into the skin. It is intended to prevent the skin from becoming dry and also helps repair the skin when it is injured.

Uses of Vaseline

According to the manufacturer of this product, Vaseline can also be used for beauty purposes such as making the lips softer and pronouncing cheekbones.  Mothers also like to use this jelly to prevent rush caused by diapers in children.

If you look at all the uses of Vaseline, as given by the manufacturer of the product, you will not find a single time where they say that it can be used as a lubrication. This is the first sign that while you can use this product as a lubricant, it was never made for that.


Why Vaseline Is Not God as a Lubricant

We have already indicated that we do not think that Vaseline was ever meant to be used as a lubricant, so, let’s try and make a case for our argument.

It’s Sticky and Difficult To Clean

There is no way you can get Vaseline on your sheets and still be able to sleep on them again. Vaseline is greasy and sticky. Compare it to water based lubricants and you will see that they are much better when looked at in this way. Vaseline does not only get the sheets dirty, it will also stick to lingerie.

Vaseline Is Not Slippery Enough

Compare Vaseline to silicone or water based lubricants and you will realize that it is not slippery enough. When you use a lubrication you want something that will decrease friction, not something that could stick and enhance it.

Not Good With Latex Condoms

Vaseline is not a great friend of Latex condoms. When used together, you can expect the condom to break without fail.  Condoms are just not manufactured to be used with Vaseline as a lubrication.

Vaseline Harbors Bacteria

Rebecca Adams, writing for the Huffington Post notes that Vaseline is not as harmless as we are made to believe. It can actually seal in the dirt and bacteria that should otherwise have been allowed to leave the skin. Harmful bacteria growing in the vagina can never be a good thing.

When It Can Be Good

Well, maybe you insist on using Vaseline because it is the only lubrication you have, here are some advantages that may make you feel better while you are at it.

It Is Cheap

When compared to other water and silicone-based lubricants, Vaseline is a lot cheaper. Apart from this, you are probably likely to get Vaseline from your local shop, then you are to get a silicone or water-based lubricant.

Does Not Dissolve In Water

Just like silicon-based lubricants, Vaseline will not dissolve in water. You will not need to keep applying some more while performing sexual intercourse like you do when you are using a water-based lubrication.

The Answer

So, can you use Vaseline as lubrication? If we attempt to answer the question, looking at what good lubricants should be like, we will conclude that Vaseline is not a good lubricant. It will not only mess your linen, it will also break your Latex condom. In this regard, we will say, you should not be using Vaseline as a lubricant. When we visited the website of the company which manufactures Vaseline, we saw no evidence that the manufacturers of this product ever made it to for use as a lubricant. They do not mention the term lubricant once on their website. This tells us that the product was never meant for this job. The evidence we have points us to the short answer, no.

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