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If your birthday falls between July 19th and July 25th, you were born on the Cancer-Leo cusp. This cusp translates to having an extensive collection of character traits that can either make or break you! Born on the Cusp of Oscillation, you are an impressively prominent individual.

Cancer and Leo are two extremely distinctive zodiac signs. Governed by the sensitive Moon, Cancer is very susceptible while Leo, brave and proud, is led by the fiery Sun. While the influence by both the Sun and the Moon can be very challenging, it can also be amazingly valuable.

You will be blessed with two powerful gifts if you can oscillate well among these forces. The first gift is the knack to sense and figure out your emotions and those of others, and also how to articulate and work on them accordingly.

Cancer-Leo Cusp: The Cusp of Oscillation

You are referred to as the “Cusp of Oscillation” because of the changes, routes, and shifts that your personality is likely to take throughout your lifetime. You are like the oscillating fan that is stationery yet it is not in the same position.

You have a great regular habit, which is re-appraising your ethical components and viewpoints.

It is probable you will get stuck in a specific location. Even when you’re actually in a particular place, you possess a remarkable aptitude to transport and transform yourself. While your mind has the power of moving through time and space, your physical or local limitations are never a barrier.

The two elements of the water, the sign of Cancer, and that of fire, the sign of Leo, abound to forge an incredibly intriguing and enchanting individual. The liquid side of your personality helps to control any burn when your fire gets a bit too hot. Likewise, your hot slant warms you to the core when your watery elements prove cold and uncomfortable.

At some points, you tend to swing like a pendulum, and that is what makes you such a charming personality. In all angles, it may appear like this, yet that is one striking way that you ensure balance in some way.

When Fire Meets Water

Emotional identifications and reactions are a notable point to fire up your observation. They are useful areas that merit your importance. The Cancer side of your personality encourages deep feelings and emotions; you experience your opinions in the core of your being.

No doubt you’re prone to mood swings and jealousy. With the fiery and impulsive natures of the Leo, you can have in your hand a potential recipe for emotional disaster. When you feel frustrated, engage in activities like yoga, exercise, and meditation, and they are great ways to dowse your feelings.

In times of duress, take time to remember the consequences that can emanate from acting out. Learn about your feelings in a respectfully and efficiently manner and work through them.

Most times, it can be hard to keep track of the fast-moving emotions that are working together with the element of fire and water. These feelings can take you from eager to happy to tired to productive in an hour; this is one of the components that add to your mesmeric personality.

Cancer-Leo Cusp Strengths

Some of your strengths include;

  • Creativity
  • Passionate
  • Cheerful
  • Expressive
  • Loving
  • Devoted

Since you’re born on the Cusp of Oscillation, you control an innate impulse to cultivate and support others. It is effortless for you to be concerned about your associates, even unfamiliar persons for that matter.

This approach will propel a sense of confidence in the people knowing that they can deliberate with you or have faith in you to keep their secrets and give them sensible counsel. And you certainly can! There are enough empathy and charisma in you to steer others in the proper direction.

Your noble conducts are not limited to only minor, private connections. You are inclined to make immense changes! You possess the leadership characters to rally other people to dedicate their time to serving their communities and the world at large.

Cancer-Leo Cusp Weaknesses

Your cosmic balance is pretty sensitive due to the adverse influence you have from two distinct signs. For you to be your most exceptional personality, you have the task of checking your mood regularly to ensure that you’re nourishing both features of your character.

If you fail to guide your balance and it is thrown out of whack, you will become overly dramatic, sensitive, and hostile. To move between these two vibes can make you a complex person for who friends and family member can get along.

However, once you can demystify and put forth the superior parts of your Cancer-Leo impacts, you become a fantastic individual to have around.

Some of your weaknesses include;

  • Dramatic
  • Dependent
  • Volatile
  • Self-absorbed
  • Overly sensitive

Cancer-Leo Cusp Sign Dates and Definition

The Cancer-Leo cusp is all about physical and emotional movements. The greatest challenge for you is finding balance when you have to swing from one emotion to another. On the upside, life is never dull as a Cancer-Leo.

Even with this Moon-Sun combo, you might appear shy when people first meet you. By the end of the night, you could be hogging the microphone at the karaoke joint.

As a Cancer-Leo cusp, you can be sensitive when it comes to criticism. You also pay great attention to detail and tend to have a good memory. For many people that come across you, you are so self-confident that you appear to them as someone living in an imaginative world.

You have a deep attraction to food. Your creative instincts in the kitchen can work wonders with a small meal. Not only do you enjoy the fun and communal gatherings, but you also hate being lonely most of the time. As a devoted partner, you are creative and generous in your affairs with others

The Cusp of Oscillation crafts you to be nurturing, sensitive, proud, traditional, inspiring, ambitious, generous, passionate, realistic, expressive, and emotional. In your dealings with people, you tend to suffer from hypersensitivity, self-centeredness and have dependency problems.

Your sign can be at odds with Cancer’s want for seclusion and Leo’s need to be the center of interest. If you can strive to achieve satisfied stability, you will be much luckier. Unless you stray from your partner, your signs hardly disrupt since they are devoted and affectionate.

While Leo can put up with some sensitive staining, Cancer can’t. This antagonistic nature means you may be aching extremely inside and putting on a brave countenance. While Leo adores making a splash, Cancer prefers to stay on the angle of making their attendance known through their works.

Relationship between Cancer-Leo Cusp and Cancer-Leo Cusp

The Cancer-Leo cusp is subject to wide swings of mood. With a relationship such as matching the same Cancer-Leo cusp together, the mood swings usually magnify to a point where they are intolerable.

However, partners can reach a workable dynamics, particularly if what they are doing together has to do with psychology, art, music, and emotions. The combination of Cancer-Leo cusp relationship can be invaluable to any family, professional or social group when it has to do with the human psyche and creative process.

In a Cancer-Leo cusp matched relationship, partners always cry out for stability in their relationship. Still, they are likely to find it in each other. Emotions in this kind of relationship can swing from wild excitement to depression.

Ultimately, it can turn to cold. The eventuality in order can be either a breakup or a breakdown.

Should both Cancer-Leo cusps try marriage? Both of them will need the steadiness that comes from a solid financial base. They also require firm career commitments, a stable domestic situation, and adequate pay and benefits.

Even with all these, there is no guarantee of success of their marital union unless they can strive for some emotional balance.

As friends, Cancer-Leo cusps must learn to understand and adjust to the dynamics of their relationship. This accord may be very difficult. Disaster looms when one of them is either too depressed or too upbeat. This situation can be incredibly frustrating.

At home, a Cancer-Leo parent or sibling relationship can lead to lively moments. It can also lend an air of unpredictability and instability to the family life.

Work relationship between Cancer-Leo cusps can be excellent so long the partners resist themselves from overreacting to each other’s mood swings. The balance of a decrease in emotional interaction and an increase in objectivity is essential here.

Concluding Thoughts

You are an ambitious individual with the talent and drive to back up your motivation. If you can learn to harness your many admirable and creative qualities, your wit and courage can take you farther than you can imagine.

As a Cancer-Leo cusp, resist yourself from focusing on what others are doing. Instead, focus on the events in your life and learn how to manage them. Keep trying until you find your center.

Your cusp is an astrological placement that you should always celebrate. When you learn to love all of the many aspects of your unique personality, you will see your not only path unfolding and blossoming before you, doors and windows of opportunity and fortuitousness will also open for you.

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