Careers in the Ice Skating Industry


After spending years on the ice, figure skaters may be interested in a career in figure skating. This article lists some careers in the ice skating industry.

Ice Show Skater

Many young people begin thinking about college as their high school years come to a close, but some skaters decide that before, during, or after college, that they should take some time to use their skating skills professionally. Performing in a traveling ice show, like Disney On Ice, gives skaters that chance. There are also professional performance opportunities at resorts or on cruise ships. 

Full-Time or Part-Time Figure Skating Coach

Figure skaters pay about $20 to $30 for a twenty-minute private figure skating lesson. Thirty-minute private lessons will range from $30 to $45. It is possible for a figure skating coach to make a lot of money if he or she is able to build up and maintain a large private student base.

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