Cheesy Valentine’s Day Pickup Lines to Try on Swimmers


The pool is an excellent avenue for romance, and swimming is a unique sport where opposite sexes practice together while wearing next to nothing. This togetherness creates an opportunity for dating, love, and eventually marriage. If you are without a valentine this Valentine’s Day, try one of these uber-cheesy swimming-inspired pickup lines on a swimmer, and you might get lucky.

Are You the End of Practice? Because You’re Always on My Mind

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Use this pickup line if you find yourself next to a potential love interest near the end of your practice session or workout. As you both leave the pool, this line could serve to spark further discussion.

Are You Tapering, Because You Are Everything I’ve Been Waiting For

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Tapering in swimming refers to reducing your swim workouts and exercises in the days before a big competition. So, use this line if you know your love interest is set to reduce their workout regimen, giving them extra time to go on​ a date with you.​

Is Your Name Flip Turn? Because I’m Head Over Heels for You

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 Yes, this one’s cheesy. But, it just may work: Use it if you know your swimming love interest competes in an event the requires the flip turn, such as freestyle.

Girl/Boy You Make Me Need Anti-Fog Goggle Spray

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Use this one if the object of your desire uses goggles, which most competitive swimmers do. So, this is a good line to use with any competitive swimmer, male or female. 

Are You the Black Line? Because I’m Lost Without You

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The “black lines,” of course, separate lanes and help guide swimmers to stick to the straight-and-narrow as they race. This is a good line to use if you can say it with a smile; otherwise, it may sound awkward. 

You Can Quit Swimming After Your Dreams, I’m Right Here

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This may be the cheesiest line yet. But, if you can say it with a sense of humor, use it right after your love interest has finished a particularly energetic swim. 

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 This is a good line to use if one — or both — of you are butterfly swimmers. The butterfly may be the most grueling swim stroke, so if both of you compete in this event, you’ll likely form an immediate bond.

My Love for You Is Like a Mile, It Goes on and On

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Well, don’t use this line if your intended is a sprinter. Clearly, this line will work best if you and the swimmer you want to meet are both distance swimmers. 

Are You Tired? Because You’ve Been Swimming Through My Mind All Day

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This is a cute line. Use this with just about any swimmer after a tough workout. It’s sure to get a laugh.

Are You My Race Suit? Because You Are Tight

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Be careful with this pickup line. Use it only if you know the swimmer you’re talking to appreciates the compliment about his/her body figure. 

Are You a Dive Set? Because You Leave My Knees Weak

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 Any swimmer who starts a race from a dive position — which is just about any competitive swimmer — may appreciate this line. You’ll also likely cause the swimmer you’re approaching to subconsciously think about how her knees feel weak when in the crouching position ready to dive into the pool.

Are You a Breath Control Set? Because You Take My Breath Away

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This one may not be the best line, but any swimmer will relate to it. In swimming, proper breathing is a significant part of this competitive sport.

You Are Like My Snorkel, Because You’re Wrapped Around My Mind

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 This line doesn’t relate to competitive swimming: Competitive swimmers don’t use snorkels. But, it is a cute line if you can’t think of anything else.

You Are Like My Paddles, Because I Feel Like You’re Attached to Me

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This is a cute line. Swimmers sometimes wear paddles when training to increase resistance.  So, your love interest will likely relate to this line.

My Coach Told Me to Warm-Up, I Had to Talk to You for Five Minutes

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This may be one of the best lines on the list. After all, what can the swimmer you approach say? No, the coach didn’t say that? Even if he does, that can be a great way to start a conversation.

Is Your Swim Suit Felt? [No] Do You Want It to Be?

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This line is pretty forward. Use it only if you already have a rapport with your intended love interest. Or at least, use it only if you know they won’t be offended. 

How’d You Like to Go on a Long Romantic Warm Down and Split the Lane?

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This line is a good one to use near the end of practice. It includes several terms that are familiar to any competitive swimmer.

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