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Creative Fantasy Football Names 2021


Revis to Beaver

Ginn and Juice

Over the Hillis

John Abraham’s Parole Officers

Drayton Florence and the Machine

Bordering on Uncomfortable

Chung! Chung! Chung!

Can’t keep a Blackmon down

The Arian Brotherhood

Devin the Mul-Hester

Corn Julio

Every day I’m Russell’n

A Blackmon stole my Marcedes

The Courtesy Flush

If I’m, Then Goodell’s

Team Ramrod

Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles

Marshawn Lynch’d the Redskins

Bust a Kaep

Breeeeees Nuttzzzzzz

To Hell in a Hank Baskett

Amendola Dola Billz Y’all

Henne Nut Cheerios

Vicks Vapor Rub

Scratching Your Cotchery

Munchen on Bundchen

I Have Osi D

Dustin Hellen’s Keller

Trigger Happy Bunnies


Suh Me

Skeltons in the Closet

Kibbles N’ Vicks

Harvin a good laugh

Ben’s Windshields

rd Down and Orton of incompletions

Big Ben’s Prom Dates

Golden Tate Bridge

The Jersey Leshoure

Cowboys and Illegal Aliens

Miles to Austin City Limits

White Cassell


The Celek Few

Bernard is Scott Free!

When Life Gives You Clemons

Suck my Koch

I’ve got a huge Peterson

Brandon Jacobs’ Boss

I’m thinking RBs

Make a decision and Owusu-Ansah

The Jersey Sanchize

Welkers Texas Rangers

More Cushing for the Pushing

MendenHall & Oates

The Marshall Fucker Band

New York Manningham Sandwhich

The Sears Hightower

adrian’s big ol’ peterson

Shanahan Job

Don’t Kick My Boys Called Suh

Snakes on Reggie Wayne

Jay Cutler’s Vagina

Baby Back Cribbs

Franks Gorey Movie

The Boldin the Beautiful

Succop to the boss

Joe Buck Yourself

Pugh Pugh Platter

Every Kiss Begins with Clay

America’s Fantasy Team

McNair’s Shotgun Offense

Teach Me How To Dougie Martin

Russel Sprouts

Smoke a Bowe, Drink a Forte

Newton’s Law of Motion

Something to Ponder

Get Your Britt Together

Arrelious Windy Outside

We’ve Got Leaky Cups

Shooting Stars

Teach me how to Dougie

Purple Monkey Dishwashers

Plaxidentally shot myself

Let’s get Rasharded

I’m gonna make it Wayne

Corn on the Kolb

Talib it to Beaver

Manziel in distress

Sensabaughdy For More Beer

When in Romo

Vick is my dog

What You Talkin’ Bout Hillis

Cam Insider Weekly

The Wasps

Robbie’s Gould Diggers

Pete Carol’s Bubble Gum

Suh Girls, One Cup

The Big Legursky

Patrick “Whatchu Talkin Bout” Willis

Fort McCoy

Spaethed and Neutered

She Gives Woodhead

James Starks of Winterfell

Make It Wayne

Quit Playing with your Peter Son!

Clowney, the Circus Centerpiece

The Asomugha-someness

Welker Texas Ranger

Kalil Me Maybe

Suck My Ditka

De more de maryius

Chicken and Steak Fujitas

A Rivers Run Suh It

Jacquizz Show

The Big Tebowski

Brady and The Tramp

Taste the Dwaynebowe

Wilfork on the first date

Under Extreme Burress

Show me your TD’s

Get off my Ditka

The Ball Hawgs

New Orleans Taints

Snyder’s Cash for Clunkers

Still Witten The Bed

The Revenge of the Dogs

It’s a Harbaugh life for us!

Don’t Touch my Johnny Manziel

Don’t Be a Butkus-er

12 Items or Bess

Asomugha to Mouth

Merry Until I listened to Berry


Fine Me and I’ll Suh

The Knights who say giovanNI

Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe

It aint easy bein’ Breesy

Drivin’ with Donte’

Flock of Eagles

John David Booty Call

Who turned off my Tebow?

Hernandez’ Hitmen

Eight to Fiver


God Bless Amukamara

Breaking Bademosi

Champ Bailey’s and Coffee

Along Came Collie

My Mornhinweg Jacket

Jerry Ball Sack

Dark N’ Lean Green Machine

I have Crabs and VD

Orton Hears a Who

Arian Foster The People

Cromartie Plus 8

I’m gonna Jacquizz all over yo’ Tates

Foxboro Murdersquad

Its Mike Vick in a Box

Weggie Rayne

Too much junk in your Crotchery

Ponder in the butt

Harder Better Foster Stronger

The Road Wilfork

Titsburgh Feelers

Jackson, Jacks off

Vilma, the Bounty Hunter

What goes in Vernon Davis, stays in Vernon Davis

The Gould Standard

A Thrown Ball Catches No Moss

Ming the Mercilus

Where? Oher there!

Red Hot Julius Peppers

Hugh Jass Construction


Rexual Feeling

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Sherman Incompletion Act

Doug Free Willy

Plaxico’s GunClub

Straight Cash Homey

I Can’t Believe it’s Not Cutler

Armed Rodgery

Mikel row your boat Leshoure

Final Dez-tination

TD’s in your face

Reggie Wayne on them Hoes

In the Garden of Weeden

I am Vick and Tired!

Rice Rice Baby


Mark’s Dirty Sanchez

Ricky Williams’s Brain Cells

San Francisco ers

Rex, Suggs, and Gronk n Roll

Fourth Downs Syndrome

Hakuna Ma-Ngata

Chris Cooley’s Nuts

Locker Room Fantasy


Foster: Australian for Touchdown

Multiple Scoregasms

The Saggy Breastons

Morning Woodhead

Victory, It’s easy as RGIII

Manning Attack

Newtons Law

Some Big Ass TDs

My Vick in a Box


Forte Year-Old Virgin

What’s Eating Gabbert Grape

Ed Hochuli’s Tricep Extensions

Turner Ovie & Forsett

Kellen Me Softly

Forgetting Brandn Marshall

Softer than a Bradys bottom

Don’t Hassle the Beck


Ricky’s Lungs

Irritable Bowe Syndrome

Teenage Newton Ninja Turtles

Jacquizz on her Bush



Schaub on my knob

Kansas City Chefs

Scared Hitless

Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe

Flanker Sores

Sey no Mour

Sex Panther

Revis and Butthead

Two and a Half Mendenhall

The Original Whizzinators

Brady’s Bastard Son

The Smooth Love Machine

How’s My Assomugha Taste??

Orton hears a Jew

Mannings Cup

Buttless Chapas

I’m all Delone

The Truffle Shuffle

Touchdown Overdose

Old School

McClain & Braylon in ‘

A Thrown Ball Gathers No More Moss

Velvet Elvis Tease

All Hail Tebow

Champ Bailey’s and Cream

Victorious Secret

No Faulkin Chance

Corn on the Cobb


The Abusement Park

Ice Cold Bruschi’s

It Ertz when Eifert

Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Hernandez’s Hitmen

Wanna Gronk?

There’s an AP for That

Time to Grow up and become a Manziel


Touchdown Mountaineers

Tom Braidy

Tebows Young Bush

Hali of Fame

I Don’t Pull Out But My Couch Does

Building a Forte

Jaxoffin Jaguars

Cruz Control

Scobee Snacks

Pass the Blount

OJ’s Slashers and Dashers

Dwayne Bowe Trout


Jimmy Graham Crackers

Cam of Whoopass

The Neverending Torrey

These pretzles are Maclin me thirsty

Clay Brady, Marsha Mathews

Growing up with Colt

The Cleveland Steamers

I Vonta Suck Your Blood

Newton Cam On You

Dirty Sanchez

Turner, Ovie, & Jacquizz

Herzlich My Balls

Tonsil Shockey

Honey Nut Danarios

Nnamdefense Wins Championships

Who’s Your Manning

Wilfork for Food


American AllStars

Goodell killed the football star

Fourth and Long

Atlanta Airport Egg Throwers Union

Dark of The Kuhn

I Dream of Beanie

Where Tai Streets Has No Game

Joe Adams Family

Stephen Cooper Advertising

Danny’s Woodhead

The Playbook of Eli

Bench Warmers

Newtons Figures

Shopping at Lacy’s


Percy Whooped

Don Julio Jones Tequila

Maclin my way down Victory Road

What Would Jones-Drew?

Operation Patience

Benson Booze Cruisers

Eddie Royal with Cheese

Rated R for Gore

What’s Ocho’s Haynesworth

Hernandez lost his Tight End

Shonneshank Redemption

Moby Vick

Back that Asomugha Up

Forsett Down her throat

Is That Your Final Ansah?

Mike Hunts On Fire


Fitzgerald and the Tantrums

TDs Make My Vick Hard

Yesterday’s Corn

No the Helu didn’t

Spinal Tappers

The Monstars

Nate Potter and the Nocturnals

DeMeco Horny

Pink Panthers

Get a Kluwe

Taken to the Woodhead

The Stars of the Headless Horsemen

In Emery We Trest

Forsett Down Her Throat


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