Cute Things Girls Do That Guys Love


Girls don’t have to do much to get a guy’s attention. Sometimes, guys think a girl’s cute, and they can’t explain why. However, there are sweet things girls do that guys love. We’re going to talk about them here in-depth. Instead of talking about the top 10 signs she wants you or what a girl wants in a relationship, we’re going to focus on the cute things girls do that guys love.

Cute Things Guys Find Irresistible

Are there certain things you notice guys love more than others? Or, are you curious to know about what they are?

Here are some things guys think are the cutest:

  • Opts not to go for the “no makeup” look
  • Has a passionate side she loves to show
  • She plays with her hair
  • There’s a faint smell of perfume
  • She nibbles on her lips mindlessly
  • She isn’t afraid to express individuality
  • There’s a certain innocence to her smile
  • Her opinion is secure, and she’s not scared to share it
  • Even though her world is crumbling, she feels invincible

Signs She Wants To Be Your Girlfriend

Are you in a new relationship? Chances are she’s sending signals – signs she wants to be your girlfriend. These signs could be challenging to decipher if you’re trying to figure out how to date a shy girl. For example, you may be wondering, “why is she ignoring me?”

Or, you may be looking for signs she’s losing interest or signs she’s not the one. When, instead, she could be trying to do cute things to get your attention.

For example, when a woman says she hates you, can it mean something else. Even though that’s not cute and often why relationships fail, she’s in the throes of learning, “how to make a man fall in love with you.” That sometimes means listening to bad advice from friends when trying to figure out cute questions to ask a guy.

So, what’s a guy left to do?

How To Break The Ice With A Girl

Figuring out the dating game is wrought with one challenge after another. Especially when you’re learning how to talk to girls online without freaking them out and how to be romantic with your girlfriend if you have no experience with this at all.

Each time she’s doing something cute—using expressive gestures, diving into a cheeseburger with no regrets, or laughing loudly in public without caring—those are opportunities for you to introduce yourself. Yes, she might have ketchup on her cheek, but who cares?

She feels comfortable being herself, and that’s when you know nothing fake is going on with either one of you. If she’s with friends, don’t feel intimidated. You’ll have to get to know them eventually, anyway.

Break the ice by asking open-ended questions. For example, are there weird questions to ask a guy she’s always wanted to ask? Find out, and give her the opportunity!

Learning how to break the ice is challenging for some, especially if you’re shy and learning how to talk to girls. Don’t let that stop you, though. You’re a guy, and you know what are guys attracted to, so use that information each time you see a girl being cute and approach her.

That may lead to exchanging contact information. So, what next?

Learning  How To Text a Girl

You love the way she stands on her toes to reach things or touches her hair randomly. However, when you’re texting, you have to guess if she’s biting her lip or wearing comfortable sweats. Learning how to text a girl involves not only figuring out what to text a girl but also daydreaming about all the cute things she does.

When you’re deciding the cute things to say to your crush, avoid coming off too strong. Think about this in the same way you would if you were coming up with phone conversation topics. Instead, figure out which “emojis guys use when they like you,” so she knows you’re sending the right signals. She shouldn’t question, “does my crush like me,” when texting with you.

She may be looking for ways of figuring out how to know if he’s texting someone else. That’s one of the many signs of jealousy you should be wary of when you’re looking for signs of guilt after cheating or if you’re worried that they’re going to be too controlling.

The last thing you should want to be doing is figuring out how to make her jealous. If she believes you’re “a catch” and she hs to compete with other girls over text, that’s a mistake. Not only will this make her not trust you, but she’s always going to feel like your attention isn’t going to be on her. Your goal is to attract her attention, keep yours on her, and gain her trust.

Then, when you score your first date, the two of you can figure out more fun things to do together.

Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

Guys aren’t the only ones who are trying to figure out the topic of “fun things to do with your girlfriend.” Girls are also trying to learn things to do with your boyfriend. So, whenever your girlfriend is doing something cute, like playing with your hair or touching your chest, those are signs she wants to learn how to be a better girlfriend, or she might want you to learn how to be a better boyfriend.

What are some things boyfriends should do to make sure you’re know how to be a good boyfriend? Here are some suggestions:

  • Go to an outdoor movie or drive-in theater
  • Check out a comedy club
  • Visit the planetarium
  • Journey through a corn maze
  • Shop at a farmer’s market
  • Set up a home brewery
  • Pretend you’re tourists in a nearby city

Try to change things up a little bit by learning some bedtime stories for girlfriend or spoiling her with a massage after a tough day. She could be learning about “how to make your boyfriend happy,” too. So, there may be opportunities for new adventures or trips. In the meantime, focus on her by learning cute ways to say good morning and never letting her wonder, “is he losing interest?”

What Happens When You Meet Your Soulmate

She tosses her hair up in a messy bun, is passionate about her hobbies, and love reading in bed. These are examples of some of the cute things that are unintentionally sexy about her. Now, the question remains, what happens when you meet your soulmate?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you know the pros and cons of living together before marriage?
  • What about the advantages and disadvantages of marriage?
  • Are you ready to learn how to confess your love if you haven’t yet?
  • Do you know the signs of true love? Or, the difference between love vs. in love?

When you’re with a girl, and she’s doing a lot of cute things that get your heart pumping, it may be confusing. Initially, you may think you’re in love and might be wondering how soon is too soon to say I love you.

That’s part of why dating sucks. You’re learning things like how to hug a girl, how to treat a woman like a queen, and how to fight for your relationship. Throughout all of that, she might not be thinking of you as a “soulmate.”

What do you do? Do you continue moving forward with the relationship? Ultimately, even if you’re not “soulmate” material, she’s probably still into you. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be spending time with you.

Let’s look at things from HER perspective.

Signs He Wants To Ask You Out

Did you know that each time you wear your boyfriend’s clothes, don’t wear any makeup or have pleading eyes, your boyfriend finds that irresistible? You’re cute without realizing it’s happening. When you’re wondering, “is he into me,” or “what does it mean when a guy touches your face,” don’t worry. He’s head over heels.

Now, if you’re single and wondering things like how to tell if your boss likes you in a romantic way or signs a guy likes you but is trying not to show it, then that’s different.

First, having a crush on a married man is dangerous. Do you see signs a married man likes you more than a friend? If so, ignore them because those are things husbands do to destroy marriage. The last thing you want to figure out is how to deal with an angry husband or marriage counseling questions.

Instead, focus on signs a guy likes you but is intimidated. What’s he doing? Is he giving you extra attention each time he thinks you’re cute? These are signs he wants you to be his girlfriend. He may be figuring out random questions to ask a girl or ways to be more attractive.

Let’s look at the signs he wants to ask you out:

  • He’s asking all your friends’ questions about you
  • When he’s with you, he can’t stop smiling
  • Each time he’s around you, he’s trying hard to ignore you
  • He finally broke down ask asked for your contact information
  • You’re talking to each other on social media
  • He wants to know if you have a boyfriend
  • Whenever he’s around you, he tries touching you somehow
  • He’s jealous whenever you’re talking to other guys
  • His body language says it all
  • He goes out of his way helping you solve your problems

How To Become His Girlfriend

When you’re trying to figure out, “is he falling for me,” or not, don’t manipulate the situation. Learning how to stop being manipulative means, you’re not learning how to friendzone a guy or talking to him about, “why am I still in love with my first love” as a way of getting him to confess his feelings.

Becoming his girlfriend involves making him a priority, instead of figuring out ways of how to make him think you don’t care about him. For example, if you see signs of insecurity in a man, don’t take advantage of him when you’re figuring out how to get over a player.

If he’s exhibiting signs he’s playing hard to get, then those are opportunities when you can be flirtier. Don’t come on too strong because he also may be showing signs of a broken-hearted man. When you’re trying to figure out, “does he like me more than a friend,” ask yourself:

  • Is he showing signs he wants to be exclusive?
  • If you’ve been on a couple of dates, is he showing you signs he wants to break up with you?
  • When you’re spending time together, do you see signs he doesn’t care about you?
  • Is he showing signs he wants to say I love you?

Figuring out how to become his girlfriend involves more than figuring out how to kiss a boy and how to tell if a guy is jealous. You’re also learning deep questions to ask a guy and signs he wants to say I love you. You’re also looking for signs you are dating a broken man.

What Makes a Man Attractive

Just like men, women find many things cute and attractive about guys. No matter if you’re figuring out how to attract an alpha male or how to attract a rich man, you have to find him attractive first. Remember, just because a guy compliments you because he thinks it’s cute because you’re wearing a baseball cap or you’re using his name, that doesn’t mean you have to date him.

Look at what’s attracting you to him. Instead of trying to figure out how to tell if a younger guy likes you or how to make a Pisces man fall in love, think more analytically. What are the qualities you’re looking for in a man? Should he be hardworking and have investments? Stop asking yourself questions about why do older men like younger women and focus on what you find attractive.

Here are several examples of what makes a man attractive:

  • A great sense of humor
  • Whether or not he’s kind
  • If he practices good hygiene
  • Whether or not he has facial hair
  • How confident he is
  • If he’s using good manners
  • His ability to protect
  • How responsible he is
  • How connected he is to his feminine self
  • Whether or not he’s independent
  • If he knows how to have fun
  • If he knows how to appreciate a woman

How to Get Him to Commit

You’ve been dating for months, he’s showing signs he’s the one you will marry, and you have a place together. You’re trying to figure out how to get him to propose. Is this a good idea, or will it scare him away?

Look for signs he wants you back but is scared, as well as any potential signs you will never get married. That way, you know for sure what your future holds. If he’s not ready to get married, it doesn’t matter how much time you spend learning how to be a submissive wife or how to make my husband happy.

Here are some examples of how to get him to commit:

  • Avoid discussing the topic of commitment too much
  • Try not to convince him to commit to you
  • Share your feelings about how good you feel with him
  • Let him know what you want for the future
  • Don’t be afraid about keeping your options open if he can’t commit

How to Leave Someone You Love

If you believe your significant other isn’t ready to commit and that isn’t enough, it may be time to learn how to leave someone you love. There are several reasons love is not enough for a relationship. Learning how to end a long-distance relationship is painful and challenging. It involves learning how to be single after a long relationship and, under some circumstances, how to move on without closure.

If you see signs he doesn’t deserve you; then it’s time to move forward. For example, if he doesn’t know how to respond to ‘I love you’ or how to be happy after a breakup, then he’s not the right guy for you. It’s heartbreaking figuring out what to do when he can’t say I love you. It’s equally as challenging to learn how to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you back.

However, sometimes, when you end things, it creates sparks in the relationship he didn’t realize were there. He may start missing the cute things you do and realize how much he appreciated the person you are.

Here are some tips regarding how to leave someone you love:

  • Avoid a lengthy and awkward conversation, but be honest about your decision to leave
  • Don’t do it over text–make sure you’re doing this face-to-face
  • Don’t expect or try to convince your partner to agree with or understand your reason for leaving
  • You may feel to urge to stay friends, but resist that
  • All discussions should have boundaries–set them immediately
  • Make preparations for what’s going to happen following the separation
  • Avoid questioning your reason for leaving

How to Tell Someone You Miss Them

After a breakup, learning how to tell someone you miss them takes courage. Sometimes you want to figure out how to get him back fast while he may wondering, “why is my ex texting me?” Don’t confuse the situation. If he starts missing you, let him make the first move.

For example, if you live far apart, let him learn ways for how to save a long-distance relationship. It’s challenging to learn how to forgive someone who broke your heart, but it isn’t impossible. You may be wondering, “should I block my ex,” and “how to stop obsessing over a guy.” Instead, focus on mean things you should not say to your ex.

When you’re figuring out when to give up on a guy, think about whether or not it’s worth it to learn how to write the perfect letter to my ex. You never know, he may miss you so much that he’s taking the time to determine the best ways for writing an apology letter to girlfriend.

Here are some tips on how to tell someone you miss them:

  • Missing you is similar to blinking—I do it automatically.
  • Unless you’re in my world, there are no sunbeams.
  • I always smile when I look at your photos.
  • My days are empty whenever you’re not there to help fill them.
  • Hearing you laugh is the sweetest medicine.
  • I miss you more than jelly misses peanut butter.
  • I only miss you when my heart’s beating.
  • As soon as our goodbyes were said, I started to miss you.

What Happens If You’re Married?

Does this advice still apply? Do couples still think what each other does is cute? Or, do these things fall by the wayside after a few years? Wives, you can determine various signs that your husband still loves you. Married couples can also see signs your marriage is falling apart.

Wives, what can you do if you see signs your husband doesn’t love you? Or, if you’ve already made this determination, separated, and see signs he wants you back but is scared?

First, just like a relationship before marriage, take things slow. There are times when both men and women need to learn how to stop being a nice guy or gal. The main reason is that, if there are signs of cheating or other foul play, your heart is on the line.

Do you want to set yourself up for another heartbreak? Just like when you weren’t married, and you were looking for signs your girlfriend is cheating, or your boyfriend was unfaithful, those same tactics must apply to your marriage.

Wrapping Up

There are dozens of cute things girls do that guys love. They include everything from making a pouting expression with her lips to offering to cook a meal. Some of these things are considered cuter to guys than others. For example, a guy might think it’s more attractive when a girl is wearing glasses than how she dresses or wears her makeup. Some guys prefer girls who don’t wear any makeup at all!

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