DAILY NEWS: Fortnite Account Merge is finally Live, Free and More.


Hardcore Fortnite gamers make sure they have an active profile on all possible platforms. Up to this point, they haven’t been able to share their in-game currency between different console-platforms. All of that is changing in the coming weeks.

Sony was hesitant with the whole “cross-platform” movement. Players couldn’t carry-forward their V-bucks and certain other items, as it was only to be used within the PlayStation platform. It was only until late last year that Sony allowed mobile players to join “mixed input” lobbies. Now, players from all platforms can join the same lobby and make use of features such as “Voice Chat” making Fortnite the most social game available in the market.

It’s Official, You Can Merge Accounts

Epic has posted in this blog, the terms and conditions on how “Account Merging” works.

In simple words, if you purchase a V-bucks bundle from the Sony’s “PlayStore” you can still make use of those v-buck even if you login via your mobile device, Xbox or PC.  Here are the key points to remember while merging two accounts:

  • Sony and Xbox Fortnite accounts can be merged and used as one common account.
  • It takes up to two weeks for the v-bucks to reflect in both accounts.
  • If both accounts have different 3rd party accounts linked to it (like Facebook), the account mentioned as the secondary account will have all its associated accounts un-linked.
  • Accounts created after the 28th of September are not eligible for merging.

“Account Merging” is only beneficial to older accounts. Players were complaining that too much money was being spent for V-bucks just because accounts were different for each platform. Epic had been teasing this news since last November and promised an update early this year, and here it is.

Cuddle Hearts Wrap Free as a Part of “Support a Creator” Campaign

Valentine’s day is coming up in a week and Epic has planned to gift its users some free goodies. They are making use of the “Season of Love” to showcase and promote their “Support a creator” campaign.

First, users have to enter their favorite content creator code in the “Support a Creator” section. Once this is done, players will receive a “Cuddle Hearts” wrap and it should reflect in the account once the 7.40 update is available for download. Users will have time until Feb 27th to redeem this gift.

Wait, it Doesn’t End There

Week 10 challenges are out now and Epic has decided to include “Overtime challenges” in its next update. V7.40 is all set to include challenges that will allow users to unlock additional cosmetic items such as “Valentine” wrap and a “Vine” contrail. BattlePass users will have access to unlock extra styles “Onsies, Trog and Poder” outfits.

Season 7 is coming to an end in a couple of weeks time and the countdown to unlocking all the BattlePass tiers begins. The extra set of challenges will surely help users gain “BattlePass Tiers” quickly. Feb 15-17th and 22-24th have been declared “Double XP” weekends and users will be awarded 2x XP on those days. Take full advantage of these weekends and get those tiers unlocked.

Which BattlePass Tier are you at? How confident do you feel about reaching tier 99? Comment below.

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