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Brazil is one of the hottest countries to visit for its low inhibitions, hot dates, and tons of passion. Today, we’re going to look at what you need to know about dating a Brazilian man. Brazilians have a unique culture and attitude towards dating. And these ideals follow them, even if they’re no longer in their home country.

So ladies, warm up that scrolling finger and get ready to learn all you need to know about dating a Brazilian man.

Brazilian Men Are Passionate

It might be just me, but I think we rarely hear of a Brazilian man being boring and without passion. It’s quite the opposite. Brazilians have a hefty reputation for being extremely passionate, both in and out of bed.

In Brazilian culture, being touchy-feely and sensual is normal behavior, even between casual friends. If you’re unfamiliar with dating a man that wants to keep his hands all over you, even casual and decent PDA, dating a Brazilian with wandering hands could come as a culture shock.

But public displays of affection are normal behavior for Brazilians. So get used to it and enjoy the devoted attention. I know plenty of women who complain because their SO doesn’t show some sweet love.

This passionate loving follows a Brazilian to the bedroom. Some say Brazilian men are the loudest lovers during sex, so if you’re used to quiet and discreet sex, you’ll be caught up by surprise if you decide to hook up with a Brazilian man.

But regardless of the shock factor, you’re sure to have a great time. Brazilan men are fantastic lovers. Supposedly the best in the world. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

It’s All About that Fam

Many women experience horrid nightmares about the dreaded MIL (mother-in-law). Others have a deep-rooted fear of the whole family.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to being hesitant to meet the fam. In America, once you bring a partner home to Mom and Dad, it signals that you’re serious about each other. If the wedding date isn’t already marked in the calendar, it won’t be long once you share your families.

In Brazil, these rules don’t apply. Brazilian men show no hesitation at showing up at their parents’ door with a chick they’re only casually dating.

The good news about dating a Brazilian man is you won’t get shunned by the family. You won’t have to suffer through the dreaded family dinners, dodging snide comments from the matriarch or rude and amused glances from the siblings.

As a matter of fact, when you show up to family events clinging to your Brazilian man’s arm, you are immediately part of the mix. As soon as you walk in the door, you become familia (family).

When you date a Brazilian man, you also date the entire family. We don’t just mean the mother, father, brothers, and sisters. We mean the fam – parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, and all of their significant others.

So when your Brazilian man-candy asks you to Sunday dinner, come prepared. Mentally, you’ll need to be ready to meet a bunch of people you probably won’t remember the names of (but do your best, you’ll see these people a lot).

And prepare your stomach, because you’ll be doing a lot of eating. Your hunny’s momma and grandma are going to serve you a bit of everything they’ve prepared. It’s disrespectful to refuse.

You Will Enjoy a Partnership

Once you form a relationship with a Brazilian based on love, you’ll have a permanent partner at your side, thick or thin.

Brazilian men have a passion for life that you can’t help but infect. Life will never be boring with a lover from Brazil. Expect every day to be an adventure filled with culture.

Whether you’re going on a tour of the best local haunts or spending a day at the beach sipping drinks and playing volleyball, every day will be full of passion and fun.

And with such large, extended families, there will be plenty of times when you tag along to celebrations and parties. Tons of yummy homemade food, cold tropical drinks, and local beers, music, and dancing. It’s a regular part of life.

Just because there’s tons of fun doesn’t mean that a Brazilian man doesn’t know how to be serious. These men know how to love, how to make you feel alive, and they’re great for support when you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to bring you out of the dumps.

You can handle anything with a Brazilian man at your side.

Be Ready to Pay

In America, it’s customary for the man to pick up the bill at the end of the night. But with widespread equality, it’s not uncommon to see a female cover the costs or throw in half to pay for their meal.

In Brazil, there are no set rules on propriety and equality. Some men will insist on paying the bill after a night out, especially on the first date.

But many women offer to pay the bill or at least cover half of the costs. Brazilian dating experts say that it’s customary for the lady to offer to pay, especially on the first date. Don’t be angry if the man agrees. In Brazil, it’s common for everyone to pay for their way.

The majority of the time, men will decline a lady’s offer to pay and will cover the whole evening’s date, including the price of dinner, drinks, and clubbing (or whatever activities you do).

First dates are often at no cost to the lady. For gay couples, it’s typical for them to split the bill, each covering their half.

Sweet Talk Is a Perk

It’s hard to stay uptight and self-conscious when dating a Brazilian man. These fellas know how to sweet talk their ladies, making you feel like the only woman on Earth.

Some of the biggest perks of dating a Brazilian man are the undivided attention, the willingness to listen to everything you say, and hearing the sweetest antidote in the world.

It’s hard to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground while in a relationship with a Brazilian. Their undivided adoration of you makes it easy to float into the clouds and dream of large weddings, lots of babies, and tons of passion and sex.

A note of caution to remember – Brazilian men act like this with everyone. You can expect the same attention and affections from a man on your first date as the twelfth.

When their eyes are on you, it’s easy to feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. No one else exists while you’re around. Once you’re not, it could be a different tune.

Learn the Language to Get Brownie Points

Brazilian men are not snobby about who they date. It doesn’t matter to them what ethnicity you are or what language you speak.

But if you really want to make your Brazilian man melt into a puddle of loving goo, learn to speak his native language – Portuguese.

You don’t have to feel self-conscious or embarrassed if you mistranslate a word or stumble over pronunciation. Brazilian men will laugh off the mistakes and praise you for the attempts.

And don’t try to speak without an accent. That distinguishing feature sets you apart from the locals, making sure you stay prominent in your date’s mind. Given all the beautiful women in Brazil, you’ll certainly need to bring all you’ve got if you want to lock down one man.

When you attempt to learn your lover’s language, you are signaling that you embrace your SO’s lifestyle and culture. It’s sure to increase your intimacy and gives you a shared activity to do together.

Have some fun with learning new words by convincing your Brazilian partner to give you some hands-on tutoring. Correct answers get a reward (use your imagination), and if you say it wrong, your partner will explain the error, judgment-free. You may even be able to barter a kiss for effort.

There Will Be Exercise

If you’re the slouchy, introvert type (you’re my peeps!) that thinks the perfect date is staying indoors not doing anything, well, a Brazilian might not be the ideal mate for you.

Many Brazilian men enjoy taking their dates on exploration trips. Yes, that means lots of walking (sometimes hiking) and plenty of time outside.

A perfect date for Brazilian men is outdoors, enjoying all the beauty that Brazil has to offer. With a private tour guide next to you, you’re sure to see spots only the locals know. Some places that may seem out of this world.

Open your mind to adventure, and you may end up getting to explore lush forests, breathtaking mountain views, and even waterfalls hidden from the world. Paradise on Earth, just for the two of you.

So ladies, pack your favorite bathing suits, some comfortable shoes (use some common sense and wear supportive tennis shoes instead of heels or flip flops), sunblock, and mosquito spray.

Even if your relationship doesn’t work out, at least you saw some cool sights and got a great tan and some fun exercise. Who knows, you may discover an unknown hobby that inspires you to take hiking trips around the world. There’s plenty to see on this floating hunk of space rock.

Gain a New Outlook

Brazilians are a happy lot of people who tend to look on the bright side of things. Their optimistic attitude is sure to wear off on you.

When you date a Brazilian, you learn to live in the moment and be happy with what you’ve got, even if it’s not what you planned.

A bad day doesn’t exist when you date a Brazilian man. They’re sure to help you see the positive side of things and minimize the negative. No matter the situation, you can’t change it, so you mind as well make the best of the results.

Learning how to share this optimistic point of view can help you live a simpler and happier life. You learn to stop sweating the small stuff. You can’t go back in the past, and things don’t always go as planned.

So, learn to roll with what life throws you instead of trying to force things into your perfect box. You may be surprised at the blessings that present when you approach life with an open mind.

They Love Nicknames

It’s common for men to form nicknames for their lady companions in Brazil, even if they’ve just met. Hearing anything foreign rolling off a sexy exotic man’s tongue is enough to make a lady’s toes curl.

But when it’s a sweet endearment directed solely at you, well, that’s enough to cause a flock of butterflies in your stomach to stir up, pulling your feet off the ground.

Each Brazilian man will have their favorite nicknames to use, and it’s a smart idea for women you’ve just met. You don’t have to remember their name or worry about calling them by the wrong one.

Common nicknames most Brazilian men use include:

  • Meu Amor – My love
  • Querida (Querido for men) – Darling or sweetie
  • Meu Anjo – My angel
  • O Amor da minha Vida (reserved for serious relationships) – The love of my life
  • Minha Vida (also for serious relationships) – My life
  • Meu Mundo – My world

I don’t know about you ladies, but I’d become putty in the hands if I heard a sexy man saying any of these phrases to me. There’s just something primal and arousing about hearing your lover whispering in your ear in a foreign language.

Brazilian Men Are Dance Masters

This category won’t apply to all Brazilian men, but certainly the majority – Brazilian men like to dance. If a fun time for you is cutting a rug on the dance floor to Latin music, a Brazilian might be your soulmate.

Most men love to pull their ladies onto the dance floor for a quick dance number that will leave you panting for breath and needing a cold shower to cool down.

Many of these dances have an undercurrent of erotic suggestiveness, which isn’t surprising given that most Brazilian men are masters at the art of seduction. Everything they do and say is sure to get your blood pumping.

But nothing works as fast or strong as two bodies molding together, moving as one on the dance floor. Even the men who say they can’t dance may surprise you with a move or two that gets you in the mood for love.

They Are Incredibly Sociable

Brazilians are a friendly bunch, and they’re easy to be around without awkwardness. Don’t be surprised if they charm your friends and family as much as they have you.

Going out and being seen is something most Brazilians live by. Forget quiet nights spent in the house. Your Brazilian man is sure to talk you into putting on some clothes and heading out to mingle in public.

As for where your Brazilian man takes you for a date, it might differ, based on the man’s personality, the time, and perhaps your preferences, but there’s always something they’ll want to do.

Brazilian men love taking their female companions out to fancy restaurants and killing a few hours tossing back drinks at the bar (pace yourself, you probably won’t be able to keep up if you’re not used to their liquor).

But they also love to party and may drag you along to more than one siesta a week, whether it’s with a bunch of friends or a large family get-together for a celebration. Anything is an excuse for a party in Brazil!

No matter where you and your exotic partner go, he’s sure to fit in, and you’re sure to be impressed. He’d be happy chatting with your friends or family, as Brazilians love to learn about other cultures.

And as a natural conversationalist (given there isn’t a language barrier), a Brazilian man will keep the conversation flowing easily and naturally. You’d swear they’ve known each other for years.

And with impeccable manners and respect for their elders, your Brazilian man is sure to charm your challenging mother’s pants off and get your stern father’s stamp of approval.

Your parents will love your man’s devotion to you, and your siblings, friends, and other female family members are sure to turn green with jealousy.

There Are No Hard Feelings

One of the best things about dating a Brazilian is that arguments will be few and far between. And when a disagreement does occur, it’s quickly resolved and forgotten.

Now that doesn’t mean a Brazilian man won’t lose his cool. This culture is highly emotional, and they have no qualms about expressing how they feel, openly and honestly.

They’re sure to lay it out in simple terms, so you have no misunderstanding of the issue. But they will also provide you with a resolution or terms that can help settle the matter.

Once an argument is over, the disagreement won’t come up again. It’s over and buried, and you can move on as if it never happened.



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