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If you’ve never dated a Libra woman before, get ready for romance and adventure like you’ve never experienced. Libras have a steady emotional balance, a strong sense of fairness, and excellent conversation skills. As a romantic partner, they’re intuitive, attentive, and ready to introduce you to a world of art and culture.

However, getting to know a Libra woman isn’t always easy. Connecting with a Libra on an emotional level requires a specific approach. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at what a Libra woman wants in a lifelong partner, and how that partner can be you.

The Personality Traits of a Libra Woman

If you’ve never dated a Libra woman before, get ready for a life-changing experience, because they have a wide variety of wonderful personality traits. Here’s a closer look:

Balanced Temperament

If you had to pick a single defining trait of Libra woman, it would be their balanced temperament. After all, the sign’s symbol is the scales, representing balance and equality.

Libras can look at the world with a balanced perspective. They’re slow to pick a side or take a stance. Instead, they prefer to assess the situation from multiple perspectives before determining their position on the issue.

Displaying relatively moderate views, without holding particularly extreme opinions on most subjects, contributes to the Libra’s top-notch social skills. Their low-key, balanced temperament appeals to just about everybody.

Exquisite Taste

Libras love the finer thing in life. They enjoy paintings, sculptures, music, and other works of art. With excellent taste in arts and design, they feel a strong need to surround themselves with beauty.

They tend to love all types of art. You’ll find their homes decorated with tapestry, Persian rugs, antique vases, original paintings, and more. Many Libras have an appreciation for classic art, and often know quite a bit about art history.

At the same time, Libras don’t need the fanciest and most expensive types of art to feel happy. They have an excellent ability to find beauty in simple, everyday items. They enjoy a fun song on the radio, a picture picked up at a thrift store, a vase of flowers, and other simple expressions of art and beauty.

Pleasant Conversation Partner

If you’re looking for the Libra at the party, look for the woman that everyone is eager to talk to. Libras are vibrant conversationalists. They have an easy rapport with just about everyone, even Capricorns and other signs that typically act relatively reserved around strangers.

Note that Libras don’t necessarily dominate the conversation. They’re usually not the loudest, funniest person in the room. Instead, they’re naturally gifted in the art of conversation. They intuitively understand how to listen, respond, and draw the conversation out of others. With an innate knowledge of both verbal and non-verbal conversation, they make others feel naturally at ease without saying much.

Strong Sense of Fairness

The scales that symbolize the balance also represent justice. Libras have a strong sense of fairness. It’s a natural extension of their ability to see the world from multiple perspectives.

Their sense of fairness makes them excellent negotiators, diplomats, and collaborators. They excel at understanding the needs and wants of multiple parties in a dispute. Aside from entering careers where the ability to negotiate is a key skill, Libras are often the first to step forward and attempt to resolve problems between family members.

A Love of Love

Libras love the act of falling and being in love. If she’s not currently in a relationship, she’s at least interested in the potential of entering into one. Romance and love are one of her highest priorities in life.

Additionally, they often strongly believe that love never dies. While the initial getting-to-know-you phase is a delight to Libras, they also love the idea of a long-term, long-lasting relationship. They prefer a life of romance, where the flames of love never extinguish.

Confident in Their Sexuality

The Libra signs are ruled by Venus, and Venus has a strong influence over sexuality. Libra women are confident in their sexuality and embrace their sex appeal. However, because they have such a highly tuned sense of social situations, they also display their sexuality in a way that’s appropriate for the occasion.

Easygoing Charm

Once a Libra woman commits to you, you’ll never find a better social partner. She’s charming and comfortable in just about any social situation from a formal dinner with your parents to a kegger with your friends.

They’re a great match, whether you love or hate social engagements. If you’re a social butterfly, you can rest easy knowing she is perfectly comfortable and capable of turning a roomful of strangers into a roomful of friends. On the other hand, if you don’t like social situations yourself, she’s an excellent social life jacket to help you feel at ease in new situations.

How to Win the Heart of a Libra Woman

Do you know a Libra woman you’d like to date? Although they’re often wonderful in long-term relationships, they’re not always receptive to a man’s initial advances. Prepare for a fairly long period of courtship, when your behavior, appearance, and attitudes will likely be heavily scrutinized.

Although slow to fall in love, once a Libra woman has decided you’re the one, she’ll remain committed to the relationship through thick and thin. If you stay patient and embrace the techniques below, soon you’ll find yourself in a fulfilling relationship with the Libra in your life.

Stay Stylish

Libra women love arts, beauty, and fashion. She has exquisite taste in clothes and an excellent eye for what looks good. What you wear on the first few dates will have a tremendous impact on her opinion of you. You always want to dress your best.

If the idea of using fashion to win over a woman causes you to break out in cold sweat, don’t worry. She doesn’t expect you to completely match her fashion know-how and style. Instead, you’ll look great if you follow these basic tips:

  • Keep your clothes clean
  • Keep them free from wrinkles
  • Keep your style subdued

The last tip is especially important. Just as Libra women don’t like loud, over-the-top communication, they also don’t like guys who dress in loud, showy ways. Avoid bright colors, overpowering colognes, gold jewelry, and similar fashion faux pas.

Libra women prefer classic styles. You don’t need to know all the modern trends. Instead, stick with the basics like solid colors and classic cuts.

Treat Her to a Fancy Date

Libras love luxury. Your first few dates should feature elegance, good taste, and classic sophistication. Some excellent options include:

  • Dinner at a fancy restaurant
  • Champagne at a rooftop bar
  • Lunch in a museum or art gallery
  • Dessert and a stroll through a park

Don’t worry if you’re on a limited budget. You don’t need a big bank account to impress a Libra. She’ll fall in love with your sense of style and refinement.

For example, a meal in a museum or drinks at a rooftop bar isn’t necessarily expensive, but they’re still sophisticated and fun. A Libra woman will love any occasion to dress up and enjoy fine culture and high society.

How to Act on a Date with a Libra Woman

Libra women often respond well to traditional romance. Treat her like a lady by opening doors, pulling out her chair, and displaying other signs of chivalry. Shower her with compliments, kind gestures, and small gifts.

A generic compliment here and there likely isn’t enough to win her over. Instead, you’ll want to give her specific compliments, especially those related to her sense of fashion and style. Examples include:

  • “Your beautiful dress matches your lovely eyes.”
  • “Your shoes are so glamorous.”
  • “I can’t wait to go to [location] because the prettiest girl in the room will be on my arm.”

Libra women are often highly observant. As a result, they appreciate good observational powers in others. Complimenting small details about her personality, looks, and style help demonstrate your eye for detail.

Also, try to showcase your intelligence, humor, and conversation skills. But don’t go overboard. As with your clothing, you want to avoid excessive displays of emotions. Don’t laugh too loud, shout, or act out of control. Libra women get uncomfortable if they feel associated with someone acting in an embarrassing way.

Finally, don’t act jealous of her interactions with others. Libra women value their friends and make time to hang out with them. If you try to force her to choose between you and her friends, you’ll likely find yourself single.

Give Her Space

During the initial courtship, don’t smother her with attention. She’ll likely want a few days away from you between dates. Don’t worry. She’s likely not losing interest. Instead, she just needs some time to consider her feelings.

Stay in touch with her between dates, but use a light touch. A romantic text or brief phone call is enough to hold her attention without overwhelming her. Also, consider sending her flowers or candy. Remember, traditional romantic gestures are often ideal.

What a Relationship with a Libra Woman is Like

You’ve followed the strategies above and are now in a fully committed relationship with a Libra. Now what?

Libra women often make excellent romantic partners. However, if you’ve never dated a Libra before, you might find yourself surprised at times. Here’s a closer look at what a Libra woman is like when you’re in a relationship with her.

They’re Committed

When Libras fall in love, they give 100% of themselves. Their passionate nature compels them to fall deeply in love. Note this often applies to more than romantic love. Libras commit 100% to friendships, careers, and interests.

Romantically, you’ll never have to wonder if she’s invested in your relationship. Once she’s in love, she remains committed to sustaining that love for life. Libras are often quite successful in long-term relationships.

However, that doesn’t mean you can just sit back and do nothing. If the relationship starts to lose its shine over time, as many long-term relationships can, the Libra woman will expect you to rekindle the flame. She wants her partner to recognize when the spark wanes and make romantic gestures in response.

Excellent Communication Skills

If you think a Libra has excellent communication skills with acquaintances and strangers, wait until you date her! Libras have amazing observational powers. She’ll notice your moods, needs, and concerns. Considering communication plays a key role in maintaining a healthy relationship, a Libra woman has a natural ability to solve many problems that arise when dating.

Days spent together are often filled with fun, warm conversations. She’ll almost always enjoy talking to you about mundane events. You won’t have to struggle to find subjects to talk about, even if you two are together for many years.

However, that doesn’t mean Libras are ceaseless chatterboxes. They’re often quite adept at reading the moods of their partners. She’ll know when you need downtime. Libras have an intuitive ability to read non-verbal cues.

Drawbacks to Dating a Libra Woman

Of all the signs of the Zodiac, Libras have the easiest time forming long-lasting relationships. While there are some drawbacks to dating a Libra, usually those drawbacks are fairly minor. Here are some Libra traits that could potentially cause conflict in your relationship:

Slow to Enter a Relationship

As discussed earlier, once Libras commit to a long-term relationship, they’re committed 100%. However, because they value relationships so much, they don’t jump into anything serious right away.

Even if you’re in an exclusive relationship with a Libra, don’t expect her to immediately jump into your life. For example, at first, she’s unlikely to accompany you to a wedding, attend Thanksgiving dinner, or otherwise engage in activities normally associated with couples.


Libras often live vibrant, active lives filled with beauty. When you enter into a relationship with a Libra, you can expect a packed social calendar, interesting conversations, and a deep emotional connection. Although they’re not always the easiest to get to know, they’re worth the effort, as the two of you can easily end up together for life.

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