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Scorpio women are an exciting and unique conundrum. While the intrigue and mystery of a Scorpio are often attributed to men, these traits apply to female Scorpios, too. Unfortunately, the female Scorpio is much more likely to cause you heartache than the male Scorpio, so watch out! We’ll explore how you might want to go about dating a Scorpio woman in this article.

The Conundrum of the Scorpio Woman

If you think Scorpio men are a conundrum, then you’re in for a shock when getting to know Scorpio women! Scorpio women add the confusing and emotional nature of women onto the stymying habits of Scorpios. However, Scorpio women are incredibly deep, passionate, and loving.

Unfortunately, because they were born under the Scorpio star sign, the emotional nature of Scorpio women tends to be all-encompassing. They can be easily dragged under by the depth of their emotions, though they do their best to hide this from other people. Unfortunately, they can also drag others under in the process, too.

Unlike Scorpio men, Scorpio women tend to be surprisingly clear of intention. Their increased attenuation with their emotions means they have very little tolerance for faking and leading people on. They value honesty, and if you ask for their intentions, they’ll give them to you simply and clearly.

However, this doesn’t mean that a Scorpio woman’s intentions still can’t be incredibly confusing. Sometimes, even the Scorpio woman doesn’t know what she wants, and this can only cause issues if her mate wants to know her intentions. In this case, she will still do her best to say what she’s looking for honestly, but this doesn’t help if she’s fundamentally wrong about herself.

In contrast to other water elements like Pisces and Cancer, the Scorpio woman’s emotional attenuation comes with her deep connection with her sexual desires. While the other water signs might be bashful or shy about their more carnal emotions, Scorpio is not. This gives Scorpio a deep, sensual depth that many of the other Water signs lack.

Unlike the Scorpio man, however, the Scorpio woman isn’t as interested in entangling herself in drama. Because of her deep emotions, she tends to fall deeply in love with her partners. While she can love many partners at a time, she doesn’t move on quickly. She won’t initiate relationships with others unless she feels a genuine interest in her sincere heart.

As a result, Scorpio women tend to be easily hurt. This can develop into jealousy, vindictiveness, and inability to trust if she repeatedly falls for the wrong people. A relationship with her tends to be fraught with anger, sadness, hurt, and other raging emotions that Scorpio feels in the depths of her heart. However, if you can see through her pain and reach the sensitive individual within, you’ll be left with an incredibly beautiful and fulfilling life-partner.

Befriending Scorpio

Befriending a Scorpio woman is not hard. She enjoys the company of friends, and she’s quick to make connections with other people. However, a Scorpio woman is free with her thoughts and emotions about people, too. If she has a problem with you, she’s not afraid to tell you so. That won’t necessarily keep her from being friends with you, depending on how much she disapproves, but it will keep her from falling in love.

It’s not hard to please a Scorpio woman. She values the better traits in others, such as honesty, intelligence, humor, and general happiness and zest for life. She can be vain, but she will also fall for people based on personality, not appearance, if she has the chance. The same thing goes for friendships, too; Scorpio will form the closest bonds with those that she respects and gets along with well.

As far as befriending a Scorpio goes, the best strategy is to simply be yourself. Much the same as any Scorpio, presenting her with a false persona will only gain her ire, regardless of whether she discovers it early or later on in your relationship.

If she gets the impression that you’re giving off a false persona early on, she’ll simply avoid developing a friendship with you; if she figures it out after she’s already invested her time and energy in you, you’ll surely earn her ire (as well as wound her deeply).

Scorpio Women in Relationships

Once you’ve succeeded in catching a Scorpio woman’s eye, the next step is to date and get to know each other better. When you’re in a relationship together with each other, you’ll quickly get to know what a gift (and a challenge) a relationship with Scorpio truly is. The benefits surely outweigh the challenges, but of problems, there are many.

The first barrier you’ll run into is Scorpio’s sensual nature. Scorpio will expect any partner of hers to keep up with her in the bedroom, and preferably, be a match for her, too. She doesn’t mind taking control in order to get what she wants, both in the bedroom and in the broader sense of your relationship.

Of course, this isn’t to say that Scorpio minds working for what you both want, both in the bedroom and in a broader sense. However, if you’re not giving her what she wants (or needs), she isn’t one to let it go. She’ll make sure she gets her time in the sun, but in return, she’ll make sure that you do, too.

As long as you can keep up with her physical passion, your problems will most likely stem from a more emotional place. Since Scorpio feels emotions so deeply, they tend to pull her under and overtake her. She’s prone to bouts of passion, excitement, sadness, and depression in the same measure. As such, she needs a partner who’s stalwart and unmoving, or at least able to weather (and balance) the storm of her emotions.

One of the feelings that define Scorpio is the desire to belong. She wants someone that will offer her a place to feel wanted and loved, and she needs a permanent place to call her home. Whether that home is in your heart or in a physical place doesn’t matter to Scorpio as long as she belongs to you as much as you belong to her.

This isn’t to say that Scorpio doesn’t have her own dreams and aspirations. A Scorpio woman who’s secure in her relationship with you will be just as happy traveling the world alone and following her dreams as she will be staying at home and raising a family. However, without that special place for her to return to, her desire for deep emotional security will never truly be fulfilled.

The reason at the root of all of this is because Scorpio truly loves herself. She might be insecure and unsure of herself at times, but underneath all that is a deep love and respect for herself. However, that love for herself wants validation from someone else, too, and once she has that, she will feel secure enough to really pursue her own dreams.

The one time to be very careful of your Scorpio is when she’s hurt. Because she feels emotions so profoundly, she tends to lash out in hurt and anger. If you’re not aware of what she’s doing, this fight could escalate on both sides and lead to deeply-hurt feelings. As long as you keep a level head and know that she doesn’t truly mean what she says in anger, you won’t have any problem calming your Scorpio.

What a Scorpio Woman Needs

Just like any other woman, Scorpio has needs. If you don’t fulfill her needs, it will result in strife between the two of you. It’s rare that a Scorpio woman will leave you if you’re already deep into a relationship with her, as she’s immensely loyal to those she’s close to, but she isn’t afraid to if things get too bad, either. Scorpio women are intensely invested in the happiness of those around them, but even that isn’t more important than their own satisfaction.

More than anything, in a relationship, Scorpio is nothing if not practical. She doesn’t expect you to work miracles, though she will fall in love with you a little more each time you do. As long as you earnestly and honestly try to fulfill her needs, she will appreciate and respect that, though that respect for you will grow based on just how well you do.

Partners of Scorpio should avoid the trap of being desperate to satisfy her. While Scorpio women can seem like an enigma sometimes, she’s surprisingly easy to please. If you worry yourself unnecessarily about pleasing her, you’ll just psych yourself out.

This doesn’t mean you should be unconcerned with satisfying her, of course. Your Scorpio will be able to tell immediately if you ever slack in your duties to her. However, going too far in the other direction is a death sentence, also (and unnecessary). If you’re in a relationship with a Scorpio woman, she has immense faith and trust in you, and she knows you’ll give her what she needs.

Scorpio Woman Traits

If you’re looking to date a Scorpio woman, you’ll likely want to be aware of her more troublesome traits ahead of time. Scorpio women are desirable and passionate, but they can have some stumbling blocks, too. Preparing yourself for these traits before starting your relationship will give you a leg up on your competition.


Scorpio women are incredibly caring about those important to them – this has been made clear throughout this guide. However, Scorpio women could care less about what the rest of the world thinks. Even Scorpio’s friends only get a certain level of deference from Scorpio women.

As compared to a Scorpio man, Scorpio women are slightly more concerned with the level of care that others have for them – especially when it comes to friends, family, and lovers. However, they’re also more faithful to these feelings than their male counterparts, too.

The truth behind Scorpio’s uncaring facade might surprise you. While their level of care for those around them is generally low, this isn’t always true. When interacting with those they want to impress, Scorpio women can get quite nervous about putting on an excellent performance. Even more than that, if a Scorpio woman doesn’t give off a good impression to someone they care about, they’ll beat themselves up about it for weeks!

Sex Appeal

As many people already know, Scorpios have some of the strongest raw sex appeal of any of the signs. However, Scorpios are well aware of this sex appeal, too. Part of this appeal comes from their mysterious personality, but part of this is intentional on Scorpio’s part, also.

As such, if a Scorpio woman (or man) takes an interest in you, prepare to be pursued relentlessly. A Scorpio who’s taken a liking to someone, especially a sexual liking, will go after them until they’re satisfied or until they get tired of it.


Scorpios, especially Scorpio women, value honesty incredibly highly. While they’re quite good at determining honesty right off the bat, it is possible to fool them. However, when they do figure out that you weren’t completely honest with them, they’ll be incredibly angry with you, and you’ll likely lose their friendship.

If you’re a terrible liar, a Scorpio woman will know right away. As such, unless you’re incredibly confident with your abilities, it’s best to avoid lying to them at all.


Scorpio women feel emotions exceptionally deeply. This doesn’t only go for love and sexual feelings, but also for everyday feelings such as:

  • Happiness
  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Pain

As such, Scorpio will be trying her best to feel those good emotions deeply as often as she can. As a result of this, Scorpios aren’t a fan of hanging around people who bring them down. They like people that can make them feel happy, satisfy their need for companionship, and bring good emotions into their daily life, not bad ones.

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