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Has your dating experience been lackluster? Are you desperate for some romance, passion, and excitement in your life? If so, you may want to consider a guy from Argentina.

Whether they’re teaching you to tango or whisking you away for a spontaneous date, Argentinian men have a lot to offer. Of course, you may want to know what you’re getting into, so read on to learn everything you need to know about dating an Argentinian man.

Common Characteristics of Argentinian Men

Before we can discuss what it’s like to date an Argentinian man, it helps to discuss the common characteristics that set them apart from other nationalities. What makes Argentinian men so special?

What do Argentinian Men Look Like?

Unlike other South American countries, Argentinians have strong ties to France, Poland, Russia, Germany, and the Scandanavian countries. During the late 19th and early 20th century, Argentina saw mass immigration that forever altered the country and its people.

Thanks to the intermingling of so many nationalities, Argentinian men usually have fairer complexions than their South American counterparts. They also tend to have round blue, green, or blue-green eyes, and blonde or light brown hair, often with a reddish tint.

Argentinian men smile often and easily, which only enhances their youthful appearances. They tend to look several years younger than they are, making it difficult to guess their actual ages.

They Pay Attention to Their Style

Other than soccer jerseys, Argentinian men pay close attention to their attire. Even when they don a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, these men like to look nice. You won’t find baggy clothes, sagging pants, or sweat suits in public places, especially for dates.

To put it plainly, Argentinian men invest in their appearance, and that means fitted clothing. These men pay attention to grooming and aim for a refined look, even in casual circumstances.

What Are Their Personalities Like?

Though these characteristics don’t apply to every Argentinian man, they generally represent pervasive cultural norms. Argentinian men are open, passionate, and energetic.

A True Gentleman

Argentinian men are known for acts of chivalry, but not in a cold, reserved way. Expect theatrics and energy as they go out of their way to impress and woo you.

In terms of integrity and honesty, it’s tough to be an Argentinian man. They tend to stand by their beliefs, and you won’t likely sway them. Argentinian men are direct and open, but they would sooner over-exaggerate a compliment than insult somebody in a conversation.

Devoted and Resourceful

If you want a loyal partner, you could do far worse than an Argentinian man. They’re charming and devoted to friends, family, and their favorite soccer team. Expect an Argentinian man to fiercely protect loved ones, including partners.

Argentinian men tend to be educated, driven, and independent with a smooth self-confidence that draws people in. They’re open and adapt to nearly any situation with an almost childish fervor that’s surprisingly captivating.

Their Family Matters

Family is everything to an Argentinian man. They set aside time for their relatives and consult their parents on everything. Some may see this as coddling, but it’s a part of Argentinian culture.

While Argentinian mothers can be domineering and overprotective, they devoted a lot of time to raising their children. Argentinian men hold a deep respect for their mothers and often look to them for approval.

Perks of Dating An Argentinian Man

It helps to know the common characteristics that set Argentinian men apart, but what does that mean for your potential relationship? These stylish, passionate, and romantic men have a lot to offer any lady, so let’s discuss some of those perks.

You Know Where You Stand

If an Argentinian man is interested in you, they won’t dance around the point with coy comments or passive actions. Argentinian men happily let you know they’re interested in a way that’s sure to make you melt – even if you don’t feel the same.

Argentinian men may be social and charismatic, but they don’t make a habit of buying drinks for the house. If you happen to be the recipient of a drink or two from an Argentinian, he’s into you.

Prepare for Passion

From stolen kisses to passionate public displays of affection, an Argentinian man is sure to set your skin on fire. They flirt and openly express fondness and affection for friends and family, so imagine how they treat romantic interests!

Don’t expect a slow roll with coy exchanges. Argentinian men move quickly from fun flirtations to embraces and kisses. It’s part passion, part attraction, and all energy!

Embrace Spontaneity

Midnight dinner dates are normal for Argentinian men, so be prepared for anything. They’re bold and exciting people, so it shouldn’t surprise you that they embrace spontaneity, which only adds to the fun.

It would not be surprising to find yourself shifting gears more than once over the course of a date. Your Argentinian man is exciting and full of energy he wants to share with you, so be prepared to get lost in a wave of experiences.

Challenges of Dating An Argentinian Man

It can’t be all passion and romance all the time. There are some challenges to dating an Argentinian man that you should prepare to face. In fact, some perks that sound incredible may soon wear on you.

Say Farewell to Timeliness

As much as you may appreciate their laissez-faire approach to life, Argentinian men rarely arrive on time – anywhere. The one exception to the late rule is his favorite team’s soccer match.

“Running out the door” takes on an entirely new meaning when you date an Argentinian man. It no longer means getting into the car at that moment; instead, he’s probably just crawling out of bed. He’ll have to shower, prep, check his social media, and do a few more things before he actually steps out the door.

There’s A Fine Line Between Straightforward and Aggressive

You know where you stand with an Argentinian man, but it may leave you wondering if he understands the word “no.” Though the feminist movement made a lot of headway in Argentina, all bets are off when you hit a nightclub.

If you catch the eye of an Argentinian man, he’s apt to make a move more than once. Even after you rebuff him, he’s bound to return with a more elaborate attempt. Unless you forcibly shut him down, an Argentinian man will likely press his case repeatedly. You can’t be polite – eye contact, smiles, and polite conversation could be seen as an invitation to keep trying.

Constantly Wondering If He’s Interested or Not

Spontaneity is a perk of dating an Argentinian man, but it can also be a drawback. As quick as they are to suggest something fun and exciting, they are just as apt to bail on a function you were slated to attend together. Argentinian men also tend to date around, so prepare for some competition to win his heart.

Dating an Argentinian man is akin to a rollercoaster ride. Expect extreme passion that includes jealousy as these drama queens roll from charming flirtations to days of no-call, no-shows. He may treat you like a princess at dinner one night only to stand you up for a friend’s birthday party the next.

Sound flaky? Many women admit that Argentinian partners often forgot or canceled plans, especially for soccer matches. Of course, this is all a part of their spontaneity, so it may not bother you one bit!

Cultural Norms You Should Know Before Dating an Argentinian

Like every country, Argentinians have some unique cultural norms. It’s easier to avoid offending an Argentinian man (or his family) if you understand some of the more pervasive elements of your guy’s world. Respect that Argentina has a unique history and culture that’s separate from the rest of Central and South America.

Discussing Politics

Politics are a hot topic for many people, but bringing up Argentina’s political issues, especially Great Britain and the Falkland Islands, is a quick way to end a date. While you should be prepared to provide opinions on some political topics, it’s best to avoid the difficult aspects of Argentina’s history.

Additionally, if you are from the United States or referring to the U.S., don’t call it America. Since Argentina is a part of South America, they don’t appreciate it when people use the term Americans to describe United States citizens.

Respect Family Connections

Family is a fundamental part of Argentinian culture. It is good manners to inquire about the well-being of a man’s family. Not only does it show you care about him, it says you understand the cultural significance of family.

As a side note, you may find the daily calls between your guy and his family a bit annoying, but shutting them down could cause more trouble. When an Argentinian man calls his parents about small things, like how to do something or what to wear, it saves you from stepping into that role.

Communication and Social Etiquette

Argentinians favor heavy emotion and physical contact in conversations. They have a different approach to conversations than some cultures, especially North American and British.


  • Argentinian men may ask personal questions on a first date. It’s considered polite, so be prepared to ask some yourself.
  • As fiery as an Argentinian can be, they avoid conflict and confrontations in public. Expect tactful or indirect efforts to de-escalate heated situations.
  • Physical contact is an important part of any conversation, regardless of gender. Argentinian’s stand close to each other and make a lot of physical contact.
  • Accept interruptions during a conversation because it demonstrates an individual’s passion for the topic.

Dining, Drinking, and Dancing

The three Ds of dating an Argentinian can be a lot of fun, even if you don’t know how to do it. Argentinian men love teaching women to tango, a sultry, sensual dance that’s one of the country’s claims to fame. Likewise, food and drink are popular aspects of Argentinian life that may pose a problem for some people.

Argentina produces a lot of wine and happens to be home of the Malbec, a red wine. They also made mate famous. The caffeinated tea is a favorite among Argentinians. If you plan to date an Argentinian man, be prepared to try both.

Vegetarians may struggle with dating an Argentinian man because meat, usually BBQ, is a staple in their diet. The country was once the largest consumer of red meat globally and home to some famous BBQ dishes. Your Argentinian man is likely a BBQ expert, so don’t expect to get anywhere near the grill at a cookout.

How to Meet an Argentinian Man

Now that you know the pros and cons of dating an Argentinian man, are you ready to meet one? Even though Argentines prefer dating foreigners, depending on where you live, it may be tough to actually connect with one.

Naturally, traveling to Argentina would be amazing, and the quickest way to meet an Argentinian. Making eye contact across a cafe or bumping into each other on the street are natural ways to pique an Argentinian’s interest. Bonus points for attending a soccer match or watch party at a bar!

If traveling to Argentina isn’t an option for you, online dating is a viable way to meet an Argentinian man. You have plenty of choices, including Tinder and Happn. Capture an Argentinian guy’s attention with a fun headshot and flirtatious profile. Expect a thoughtful, flirtatious compliment in your inbox if he’s interested.

What to Expect on a Date

The first rule for dating an Argentinian man is that a date isn’t a date until it’s well underway. Given their tendency to forget or cancel, it’s best to prepare for plans to fall through. That said, there are some key things to remember about dates with Argentinian men.


  • Expect it to be late, and midnight is not too late for dinner.
  • Enjoy charming compliments and get used to being called “mi corazon,” “hermosa,” or “gorda.”
  • Embrace public displays of affection, especially smooches.
  • Prepare for the possibility of checking into a telo if your relationship has reached that point. These pay-by-the-hour hotels are common and a cultural norm in Argentina.
  • Understand that there will be drama. Argentinian men love their drama and are quick to show passionate reactions, even to mundane things.


One thing’s for certain, date night is never dull with an Argentinian man! It’s an experience every woman should enjoy at least once.

How to Win His Heart

When you know your Argentinian guy’s the one, and you want to win his heart, there are a few steps you can take. You may have to compromise a bit, but if you’re willing, you could reap the rewards.

Adapt to His Lifestyle

Embrace spontaneity and flexibility. Accept that he’s going to break dates for soccer matches and flirt with other women. That doesn’t mean you need to roll with the punches; adapting to his lifestyle means giving him some of the same. What does that mean?


  • Flirt with other men the way he flirts with other women.
  • Forget or cancel dates on occasion.
  • Dress well and take extra care with your grooming to match his efforts.
  • Roll with the drama and create a little of your own by picking a fight over something silly.
  • Appreciate his chivalrous acts, even if your inner feminist is screaming to rebel. It’s part of an Argentinian man’s core being to open doors, walk you home, and pay for dinner.

Integrate with His Social Circle

Family is the most important aspect of an Argentinian man’s life. There is little they won’t do for family, and it’s common for an Argentinian man to live with his family. Winning over your guy’s family and friends is one way to win his heart.

Get Into Soccer

If it’s not painfully clear by now, Argentinian men love their soccer. There’s a good chance your guy already counts you among his team’s fans, but you may want to go the extra mile. Learn about the game, the teams, and evolve into a true fan of the sport.


  • Purchase and wear a jersey for his favorite team.
  • Score game tickets for your next date.
  • Learn a little (or a lot) about his team.
  • Be enthusiastic about his favorite team’s successes, even if you have to fake it.

Embrace Your Inner Drama Queen

Show passion that rivals his; that’s the bottom line. Argentinian men love drama, and the make-up can be well worth your while. It’s not enough to be patient with his antics; if you want to win him over, play his game by arguing over silly things and making him jealous on occasion.

Is It Time to Date an Argentinian Man?

Whether you’re seeking a fun fling or a long-term commitment, Argentinian men have a lot to offer. Their passion for life is tough to beat and easy to embrace. It’s lovely to feel beautiful and adored, even if it’s just for a date or two. Argentinian men can teach you a lot about life, love, and yourself.

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