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Dating in the modern world often means trying out online dating sites. It opens you up to more opportunities to meet people, and it is much easier than trying to meet people the old-fashioned way.

This is especially true in Lebanon, where there is not a massive pool of singles from which to choose when trying to find a partner. Dating sites in Lebanon are typically worldwide sites that cater to Lebanese people or people of certain religions that are common in Lebanon.

We want to help you find the right dating site that fits your needs. We provide you with reviews of three of the more popular ones available. In addition, we want to offer some advice on dating in Lebanon, including the challenges and societal pressures.

3 Top Dating Sites in Lebanon

All of the three dating sites we’ve chosen are international. They do cater to people of Lebanese descent or specific religious members. Keep in mind that in most cases, the majority of members on the site will not be from within Lebanon. The majority of users are often from the U.K., Canada, and the U.S.

Arab Lounge

Since 2003, Arab Lounge has offered dating services for people in Lebanon or of Arabic descent. It is one of the oldest sites available.

You can sign up for free on the site, but it does also offer paid services. Free accounts will have limits to them. You will have limited messages and can only read notifications sent from premium members, not respond. You also will not get access to the video and text chat options.

The site does have a large membership, but it does not seem to have a lot of active members. There are generally under 300 people active online at any time. This might limit your ability to connect with someone.

The platform is very easy to use, however. It provides a clear layout and makes it simple to navigate the site. However, if you have an issue, customer service isn’t very responsive.

Sign up can take a long time, but it is because the site seeks to offer in-depth profiles for every member. You can answer questions or skip them, but keep in mind that the more questions you answer, the better matches you will get through the system.

One of the standout features of Arab Lounge is its Photo Slideshow. This is a setup similar to Tinder. You can swipe on people and make quick connections based on their photos and limited profile information.


  • Large user base
  • Photo Slideshow feature
  • Very easy to use platform



  • Not many active members
  • Very long signup process offers a way for you to meet other Arabic members. The platform provides an excellent overall experience with exceptional customer service. It has a high ranking among international dating sites and is quickly growing.

The platform is easy to navigate and offers some unique options, such as the ability to hide your profile or to go offline. This can give you some privacy when you want it. It also allows you to see who has viewed your profile.

As with most sites, offers free and paid memberships. Free membership allows you to contact others and use the advanced search features, which help with the usability of the free plan. However, with a paid membership, you get more contact options, including instant messaging and chat.

The website does have a great FAQ section. It is beneficial when you are learning how to use the site. It also offers excellent advice on how to make your profile better.

A standout feature of is that sometimes the platform will upgrade free members at random to a paid account with no charge. It appears the upgrade is permanent.


  • Random free upgrades
  • Excellent FAQ section
  • Can hide profile or go offline for privacy



  • Messaging is too limited for free members
  • Mostly members outside Lebanon


Muslima is slightly different than the other platforms on our list because it caters to Muslims from around the world. This may not be a good fit for everyone in Lebanon due to religious differences, but it is a nice option for those who value their religious beliefs.

Muslima has an extensive membership base with people from all over the world. It is one of the largest Muslim dating sites available. It’s also quite respected for having a solid base of real users who interact and keep the site active.

The platform does not clutter up its space with advertising. It is straightforward and simple to use. You can easily customize your experience, including filtered searches, and set email notifications so that you will only get notifications when you want.

Joining the platform is relatively easy. You provide some very basic information about yourself to sign up. Membership is free for basic use, but it also offers premium options. If you have concerns about communicating with free members, it is simple to identify paid members.

The standout point about Muslima is that on the free membership plan, you can still respond to messages, which is not typical for most dating sites. Usually, at the free level, you can only read messages, but you cannot send a reply. The ability to reply makes this one of the most usable sites if you don’t want to pay for membership.


  • Free members can respond to messages
  • Customizable platforms
  • Simple signup



  • Only for Muslims
  • Not a lot of filtering of signups for fake accounts

Here is a detailed review article on Muslima dating Site.

Your Guide to Dating in Lebanon

If you are new to the dating scene, you may be unaware of the different aspects of dating in Lebanon. Various aspects of Lebanese culture, such as social expectations and gender issues, can impact how you approach dating, so it is helpful to brief yourself on these things.

One thing to start with is that online dating is somewhat taboo with more traditional Lebanese, which can create some tension with family members if they discover you are using online dating sites in Lebanon. Because of this, dating sites may not be as popular as they are in other countries.

Another thing to note up front is that fake profiles are rampant on all dating sites. You should expect to spend quite a bit of time weeding out the fakes. A common scam of fake profiles is to message you to try to get you to upgrade, but once you upgrade, the person disappears.

You can often spot a fake profile because it will not have as much information as a real one. They also typically use suggestive photos and may only have one picture on the profile.

Society’s Impact on Dating

Society and cultural aspects will always influence the dating habits of members of that society of culture, and Lebanon is no different. 

There are people from all types of backgrounds, religions, and political leanings. This can create some issues when dating because you may hit it off with someone only to later discover you have some fundamental differences in your beliefs.

These backgrounds often influence ideas that society in Lebanon have towards relationships and dating in general. While males and females can be friends and mingle, serious relationships outside of marriage are often something elders frown upon.

It is common for children to live at home until they marry. Premarital sexual relations and living together before marriage are not something the society looks favorably upon. It is very common for parents to remain active and controlling even into adulthood.

It is not uncommon for families to push marriage on a couple if a woman becomes pregnant. They consider it a matter of honor. Even so, there are still single mothers in the country.

In addition, LGBT communities within Lebanon are not prevalent. There are LGBT clubs and organizations fighting for the rights of the community, but they often face backlash. NBC News explains that in 2021, the government blocked the gay dating app Grindr.

The basis for such a block is a law in Lebanon that states homosexuality is being contrary to nature and requires punishment. Activist groups are continually fighting against such persecution and managed to push this law to the backburner where most authorities do not honor it.

Arranged marriages still happen in Lebanon in some circles, but it is not incredibly common. It is more in specific communities where people place importance on matching religious beliefs or socioeconomic statuses.

In general, a person’s financial situation does impact his or her ability to marry. The Lebanese opinion usually is that you should be financially independent before you marry, so many people will wait to marry until they have a stable career.

Another thing to keep in mind that could significantly impact dating is that Muslims do allow polygamy. If you are dating within the religion, it is something to note. If you are open to dating anyone of any faith, then make a note of this so that you do not end up with a surprise.

Gender Roles and Dating

Lebanon used to be very favorable to men, but this has undergone some changes in the recent past. Women have more rights and protections under the law, including more protection from honor killings and domestic violence.

Lebanon provides equal civil rights under the law to women and men. Women are often independent and strong willed. They like to make their own way and tend to be opinionated. Women in Lebanon also typically have a high level of education.

Despite this, women in relationships tend to take a more subordinate role. The husband or father is usually the head of the family and the one who makes decisions and rules the household. It is common for Lebanese men to feel they have to be successful and strong. They will often act protective of women.

Religion will often influence the way someone feels about gender roles, which can make dating tricky. Some religions may give more power or recognition to men over women. Men from these religions may act a certain way toward women or have certain expectations, which can harm your relationship if you don’t have those same views.

The ideas a person has about these roles can color everything from how they treat you to how they behave in the relationship. In general, gender roles can be quite confusing in Lebanon. The government seems to be moving towards more equality, but many families are stuck in the past.

It is essential to have open conversations in your relationships to ensure you and the other person have the same viewpoints when it comes to your gender roles.

Dating Habits and Customs

Every culture has its own unique aspects that influence dating or impact dating. In Lebanon, there are various things that you will want to know and understand as you enter the world of dating.

Too Much Diversity

In general, diversity is a good thing. However, when it comes to dating in Lebanon, diversity is a hurdle. It is tough to find someone you connect with that also shares your belief system.

If you start a relationship without checking out the other person, you could run into beliefs that do not match up, and this is a huge issue here. Lebanon is quite the melting pot. You cannot assume you know anything about anyone’s background.

It makes being upfront and open about yourself and your beliefs incredibly important as you embark on the dating scene. This will help you to avoid heartaches in the future.

Small Pond

To begin, Lebanon is not a big country. There is a relatively small group of singles, and you all probably know each other or at least have friends in common. You may even be of distance relation. So, dating here can take some care in making sure you don’t have any troublesome connection.

Coming on Too Strong

Another thing you want to realize is that for many men, things become too much if a woman acts too interested or comes across as too into the relationship. Lebanese men may take this as the woman is too needy or clingy. It can be a turn-off. Of course, not all men will feel this way, but it is prevalent enough to mention.

Appearances Are Everything

Appearances are a big thing for the Lebanese. This does not mean the way you look or how handsome or beautiful you are. Rather, “appearance” refers to how you handle yourself and your public image. In Lebanon, the expectations are that you will always try to impress others by putting your best self forward.

You will ensure that when you are in public or presenting yourself to a potential partner that you will be clean and groomed. You will behave respectfully and in a way that others will look up to. In short, you will always seem as if you are well put together.

Concealing Things

As mentioned, you are going to meet people who are much different from you, even if they also live in Lebanon. They may have different cultural or religious backgrounds from you, or they may have a belief system that is not like yours. Due to this, it is not uncommon for people to hide their relationships.

This is especially true if you are dating someone who is from a different culture or whatever. If they are not someone your family would accept readily, then you may feel it is much better to keep the relationship a secret for as long as possible.

Many couples do this today because they are open-minded individuals and do not mind dating outside of their own social circle, but they know their families would not be as accepting. It just allows you to avoid the stress. However, if you are not into concealing your relationship, then this is something that could be a deal-breaker for you.

Fear of Commitment

It is widespread in Lebanon for people to have a fear of getting into a relationship. For whatever reason, they may give you all the signs that they are interested in you, but if you make a move, they will rebut it.

Issues with committing, for whatever reason, tend to be something you will see a lot. You probably should not take it personally and chalk it up to an issue with the other person.

Wrapping Up

Dating in Lebanon is a challenge sometimes, but it really isn’t much different from trying to date anywhere else in the world. There will always be things about the society or culture that will provide roadblocks, but if you want to find love, nobody ever said it would be easy.

Arming yourself with knowledge about the dating scene and what to expect can help tremendously. Also, knowing a few things about some of the dating sites in Lebanon will at least give you a leg up on getting a start with finding your next partner, and who knows, perhaps this information might lead you to discover the love of your life.

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