Different Ways to Use Audio Conferencing for Sales


Last Updated on April 8, 2016

Conferencing is the fastest growing communication channel for businesses. It helps them lower their calling expenses for distance calls.  Audio conferencing also sends a clearer message than most mainstream telephones with clogged channels.

While most people associate audio conferencing with internal meetings within companies and distance client meetings, audio conferencing can help grow any business’ sales locally and internationally. Apparently, only a few people really know about audio conferencing to date.

This article provides five ways to enhance your sales with audio conferencing services like Uberconference.

1. Close Sales Fast

Time is of essence when it comes to making a sale. Most people, especially post baby boomers, are impatient. If you keep them waiting for too long, chances are they will be finding your replacement. Audio conferencing can cut to the chase. It allows you to close a sale faster, without time-wasting constraints like travelling to a customer’s premises. Without it, you could keep the customers waiting or spend colossal sums of money. Enhance your sales with audio conferencing services.

2. Expand your Reach

Business growth borders around expanding your market share. Simply put, business growth is a game of numbers–sales numbers. With web audio conferencing, you can literally meet and talk to anyone, anywhere. This means you can meet anyone, anywhere and hold meetings with them about a product you’re selling without having to travel.

Do you have prospects you can sell to anywhere in the world? Well, you don’t need to worry. You can schedule a meeting, pitch your product or idea, and make sales to boost your business without having to travel in the comfort of your home with audio conferencing.

3. Schedule and Hold Sales Meetings

Most sales cycles revolve around meetings and more meetings. Pitching ideas and managing to convince customers to buy your product requires time. If your customer is far from you, conducting face to face sales meetings can be quite hectic because of the travelling, and costly because of the extra, recurrent travelling expenses.

With audio conferencing however, you can schedule meetings with potential customers wherever they are. And because of the affordability of audio conferencing, you can send demos to the clients and “present” your products or ideas to them. If you play your cards right–meaning you conduct a valuable conference meeting, chances are you’ll make a sale. You might even impress the clients wherever they are with audio conferencing, for them to order more from you.

4. Nurturing Leads


Regularly keeping in touch with your potential customers is the key to making sales. The truth is you might never really know when a potential customer or lead will want to buy from you unless you keep up with them. While regular telephone calls work just the same, they may be very expensive, especially when you want to save money, or keep your sales budgets low.

Audio conferencing gives marketers and sales people a less expensive option to chase these crucial leads. You can make presentations about new products or services you offer that solve their problems. You can also use audio conferencing to follow-up on potential customer inquiries and answer client needs or doubts. If you’re consistent enough with this, you’ll be able to make a sale that can further expand your business.

5. Conference Product Events

The beauty of audio conferencing, is the ability to have many people listening in and making a contribution. By using this special feature, you can invite potential customers for a briefing or demo of a product they might want to sell. Being able to hold these events will not only give you the chance to pitch to potential clients, but it will give you an opportunity to kill many birds with the same stone: introducing your product to the market and pitching to potential buyers. This will not only accord you some mileage before potential clients and bosses, but it will also deliver some much-needed sales.

Overall, audio conferencing is one of the best things that could ever happen to marketers and businesses, after the internet itself. By leveraging on cutting down the need for traveling to meetings, as well as unnecessary calling expenses, sales people can use audio conferencing to advance their careers and their bottom line.

Audio conferencing helps sales people and marketers respond faster to sales requests compared to attending face to face meetings. Audio conferencing also helps business people hold sales meetings, and nurture leads. The convenience in audio conferencing also helps you hold and invite potential customers to events which can yield sales.

As you can see, audio conferencing is definitely more than just cool modern communication technology. Enhance your sales with audio conferencing services.

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