Ditch These Online Marketing Trends for Business Success in 2014


Last Updated on April 8, 2016

Year 2013 has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous online marketing trends. Whether it’s a startup business firm or an established enterprise, following result-proven online marketing tips has always remained the prime concern of every corporate professional.

With customers and search engines becoming smarter day by day, the need for analyzing online marketing strategies has become crucial for ascertaining guaranteed business growth. Low-quality and spamming web marketing techniques can easily put off your potential customers and lower your business success rate. Through this post, I’ll be putting some light on online marketing trends that need to be avoided in order to ensure consistent business success.

Prior to making you familiar with the worst online marketing trends for 2014, let me introduce you to some essential aspects related to promoting a business via the World Wide Web.

What’s the role of Online Marketing in business success?

Internet has emerged as a powerful tool for promoting business products and services. It’s become quite convenient to share information via the web. This is simply because the population of internet users has increased in the recent years and this trend will continue in the coming year 2014 as well. Web surfers in different time zones find it convenient to share their business information via social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Popular internet technologies such as Gmail, YahooMail, Hotmail, Skype etc, have played a crucial role in strengthening the work relationship between clients and service providers.

A targeted internet marketing strategy is all about marketing and promoting a business to let it obtain maximum exposure all over the globe. It’s been found that a business promoted and marketed well on the internet is capable of gathering the trust of maximum targeted patrons. Web marketing techniques are also crucial for enhancing the search engine visibility of a business website. In other words, imbibing online marketing features into your website can help it in being crawled by all the major search engines including Google, MSN, Bing etc.

Now, let’s take a look at the worst online marketing trends you should avoid in 2014.

1. Posting Classified Ads, asking customers for their resume

This is a trend commonly followed by novice entrepreneurs. Here, people post classified ads asking the customers for their resume, without giving them any idea about the available business opportunity. This usually lays a bad impression on the customers and they tend to walk away.

2. Excessive YouTube marketing

A majority of online entrepreneurs believes uploading promotional videos on YouTube can aid in gathering maximum customers. This is not correct. Using Youtube to pitch your product/service can make visitors leave your video without visiting your official website. It’s always recommended to load your website with genuine testimonials posted by satisfied customers. Doing this will help you gather the attention of customers who are genuinely interested in your products/services.

3. Sending promotional emails on a consistent basis

Never ever do this if you don’t want your business to suffer in 2014. By sending frequent emails regarding your products/services, you’re likely to piss people off. They’ll easily get irritated by receiving continuous emails from your end and choose to refrain from dealing with you. Never spam people you don’t know because if you do this with an email autoresponder, the chances for your being ignored permanently, tend to grow.

4. Flooding blogs with comments

As per this online marketing strategy, entrepreneurs leave generic comments on blog posts. These comments solely include links to the site they’re trying to promote. Although this can be undertaken manually, most of the business professionals use a software program that tends to spam the blog. Overloading people’s blogs with comments (here, I’m referring to links of websites) is perhaps the most disgraceful form of online marketing that should be avoided for attaining business success in 2014.

5. Staying blind-folded when it comes to outsourcing your SEO and online marketing requirements

Marketing a business via the internet is undoubtedly a tedious and time consuming process. It’s due to this reason that most of the capitalists prefer outsourcing the process. Here, it’s quite unfortunate to find that many of them will simply hire the cheapest person to perform the job. Following low-quality marketing strategies can always leave a black mark on your company’s reputation. By hiring an inexperienced web-marketing professional, you can end up creating a marketing profile that’ll permanently damage your online rankings and hurt your business presence.

7. Massive Article Marketing

Most of the veteran online marketers feel business promotion via massive article marketing works best. This is not true. Creating dozens of slightly modified versions of an article and then posting them across the web can easily hamper your business marketing efforts. Today, search engines like Google and MSN have become real witty in finding duplicate content posted over the web. Hence, using a paid service for shooting out hundreds and thousands of copies of a generic article can result into adverse effects on yours as well as your company’s reputation.


Marketing your business online can take a tremendous amount of effort if the right strategy is not been followed. As an entrepreneur, it becomes utmost crucial for you to follow the correct online marketing trend that’ll prevent your site from getting penalized. You should opt for value-added marketing campaigns to ensure business growth that’s untouched by any penalties.

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