Divorce for Men | Everything You Need to Know Before Your Consultation


Divorce for men is much different than divorce for women. That’s because of various critical factors that go into the final judgment. Meanwhile, many lawyers either don’t realize this or just refuse to communicate it all together. So, it’s important for you to get prepared for battle by understanding this reality. 

Then, you have to schedule a consultation with a divorce attorney to go over the details of your case. This is when you get the chance to be completely honest about yourself. Keep in mind that your lawyer must respect confidentiality laws, which means whatever you say stays in that office. 

5 things to ask your lawyer about divorce for men

Most of the time, lawyers offer a low-cost consultation for new clients. Some even sit down to talk for free. Either way, prepare for an enlightening meeting by asking the following 5 questions:

  1. How many divorce cases have your firm won in favor of men?
  2. Should I expect to communicate with your team often, and how?
  3. What sort of communication should I have with my spouse during the proceedings?
  4. How can I keep the peace between my ex and me at this time?
  5. What should I be doing and/or avoiding right now?

If you have children with your spouse, keep in mind that you’ll probably have some questions about them as well. Also, remember to use your resources wisely because divorce is proven to be harder on men than women. 

Why is divorce for men more difficult?

As it turns out, men take divorce a lot harder than women usually do. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but guys tend to react differently than gals and the evidence proves it. In fact, men typically suffer from one or more health problems as a direct result of their marital breakdown. 

Stay healthy and be on the lookout for these signs of trouble:

  • Weight changes
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Anxiety
  • Financial strain
  • Identity loss

Remember, the way you handle these issues might affect your outcome in divorce court. So, be sure to ask your attorney about ways to cope without damaging your case.

5 factors that can affect your case

Just because you’ve got a good lawyer and a level head doesn’t mean you’ll win in divorce court. There are countless factors that the judge considers before making a ruling. That’s why it’s almost impossible to predict the outcome. 

However, you can increase your chances of success by discussing the details of these important things with your lawyer:

  1. Property Division – Go over the ins and outs of your shared property and give some background info on how/when they were acquired.
  2. Income Disparity – Talk about your salary and future job prospects but don’t forget to give employment and education history too.
  3. Childcare Duties – Discuss the schedules and try to come up with a feasible way to see your kids and still maintain your job.
  4. Economic Quality of Life – Tell the lawyer about your lifestyle habits so you can maintain the status quo.
  5. Marital History – Pour through any previous marriages and then talk about all milestones in the current one.

The information gathered during your consultation will be what the lawyer uses to build your case. So, be as honest as possible and understand that attorneys can’t break or change the law on your behalf.

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