Document Management: Why Freelancers Need The Cloud


Last Updated on April 8, 2016

Freelancers are usually “on-the-go”, “get-it-done” type of people. They’re running in a thousand directions, working on multiple projects, and trying to reign in new opportunities all at once. Even the best of them have a tough time staying organized and keeping everything in check – especially without overloading their most sacred possession: their computers. Luckily, the days of self loathing are quickly coming to an end thanks to the newest technological feat: the cloud.

Document management in the cloud solves every freelancer’s two biggest issues: organization and memory space. Organization is paramount. Freelancers are known to have hundreds, if not thousands, of documents, PDFs and other image files floating around in the small wonder we all know as a laptop. Try though they may to keep everything in order, the likelihood of being overrun by files and folders isn’t that obscure.

Unfortunately, our computers these days also don’t help with any of those traditional paper documents that we all have strewn around from when an idea struck at an inopportune moment or a meeting when our computer died. Going back and forth between paper documents and virtual files can be utterly confounding, further straining our already limited time and existing chaos. All of this only leads to one thing: missed opportunities. And all freelancers know that missed opportunities mean losing potential income.

Because there is so much content bee-bopping around our computers, even those with significant memory space can quickly become bogged down.  Given their heavy usage and a freelancer’s continuous saving of files, even new computers can become old memory-filled hunks in only a year or two.  What’s more, as a freelancer’s computer approaches it’s capacity, it begins to slow down and create circumstances that hinder success.

We’ve all been faced with the rainbow wheel of death at least once in our life and it only takes one instance when a freelancer loses work that was saved to send someone over the edge. Even worse, for a freelancer’s computer to crash with no potential for recovery is nothing short of cataclysmic.

With cloud based document management all of these problems are solved, and at an extremely low cost when one considers the value of a freelancer’s ability to produce content on time. First, organization with a document management system is a streamlined thing of beauty. Not only are your electronic documents easy to find and keep track of, but with the simple addition of a scanner, all of your paper documents can also be organized in your system as well.

What’s more, the very nature of the cloud allows you to store all of your documents with easy, instant access to them but without having to clog up your computer’s memory. In other words, you can keep your computer shiny, new, and fast for a lot longer. Of even greater excitement is the fact that files stored in the cloud can be accessed from any internet-enabled device. For the freelancer on the go, being able to glance at a file on a moments notice from their smart phone or tablet is a huge advantage.

In short, by replacing traditional computer-based organization with a cloud-based document management system, freelancers can cash in on all those formerly missed opportunities. Stay on deadline, keep your publishers happy, and forget touting your computer everywhere you go. Remember, a happy freelancer is a more creative one!

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