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A recent update to Warzone has seen the ttk in-game significantly sped up to match Cold War. Players aren’t in agreement about whether this is good or bad, but a sped up TTK is something you can look to take advantage of. So, you could look for the fastest TTK weapon in Warzone. When you’re picking a Warzone weapon you have a lot of factors to consider, like how they handle, their current balance in the meta, and your personal preference. Their ability to actually get kills is one of the most important when making a decision though. The fastest TTK weapons in Warzone are a notch above the crowd in this department, and definitely stand out when you’re choosing a loadout. 

Time to kill deals with how long a weapon takes to kill a player. However, this isn’t an entirely statistical measurement. TTK in Warzone is more of an average, dealing with comparing shots to different body parts, with different resistance like armor. There’s also the type of weapon to consider. Snipers can often kill very quickly, but they;re not as fast to use as an SMG or AR. This complicates things a bit, and it’s why you need to build a great full loadout rather than just picking the high tier guns. However, if you are looking to maximise your TTK, then starting here and building a great loadout around it is a good thing to look at. These are the fastest TTK weapons in Warzone:

The Fastest TTK Weapons in Warzone

1. AS Val

The AS Val isn’t the most used weapon in Warzone, but it has a bizarre damage output and with it a ridiculous time to kill. The AS Val is the Warzone weapon with the fastest time to kill, it can blast through opponents in armor very quickly, even without landing headshots. In terms of an average time to kill from all types of shots, it easily comes out ahead.

The AS Val does have some definitive downsides however. For a start, its magazine capacity isn’t great. However, these are all factors that can be fixed with a decent loadout.


Fastest TTK Weapons in Warzone

The FFAR is a recent addition to Warzone, but it is already one of the strongest ARs. This weapon is a center point of the Warzone meta, so it has a bit more popular support than the weapon in the top slot. The FFAR has a very quick time to kill, but it isn’t quite as maneuverable to closer ranges than some of the others here. In terms of stats though, it is easily the second best for fastest TTK weapons in Warzone

The fastest TTK weapons in Warzone are great but you’ll need a good loadout to get the most out of it. In the case of the FFAR, the best loadout can make it easier to use and more manoeuvrable.

3. AUG 5.56

Fastest TTK Weapons in Warzone

This is an SMG that has been in the game since the beginning with Modern Warfare. While an SMG, it has considerably stronger TTK than many heavy weapons. This SMG does have some drawbacks though. In terms of all round stats, it has been overshadowed by some of the Cold War SMGs that have made their way into the game. TTk isn’t everything, but the AUG is one of the fastest TTK weapons in Warzone. This is the best AUG loadout in Warzone, which lets you make the most out of this weapon’s power.

4. MP5

Best MP5 Loadouts in Cold War

Cold War has made SMGs a big part of the game’s meta and that has extended over to Warzone. The fourth fastest TTK weapon in Warzone, the Cold War MP5 is an impressive weapon. it’s had a number of balance changes since launch, but nothing to knock it off of its pedestal. This is a great starting point for SMGs in Warzone if you’re looking to increase your TTK.

5. MG-34

The MG-34 is the highest LMG on this list, and it shows that even those weapons can pack quite a punch. This is one of the fastest TTK weapons in Warzone, but not exactly the most popular. LMGs are a little niche. However, if you’re looking for something different out of your Warzone then this weapon is a great opportunity to get things in-line. 

Should You Use These Weapons?

Those are the fastest TTK weapons in Warzone. However, time to kill isn’t everything. It is one averaged out stat compared with quite a few others in tnre game. This list is a great starting point if you’re looking to build an optimized loadout, but just picking the top weapon isn’t going to be the easiest way to build a winning loadout. Our guides to Warzone and its loadouts can help you find a more balanced weapon, and playstyle:

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