Finding a Career You Are Passionate About


Last Updated on March 3, 2021

A career is something that people usually build over a lifetime. It evolves in so many ways as you discover more about who you are and what you want out of life. One of the things that most people want out of a career is to spend their days doing something they find interesting and are passionate about.

While this seems impossible for some because they feel obligated to put making a living first, it’s possible to do that and love your work. On that note, you’ll find a few tips below on how to find a career that you’re passionate about.


Think about your interests

The first step you should take if you want to find a career that you’re passionate about is analyzing your areas of interest. Write down a list of things that make you feel happy, excited, and fulfilled and consider which of them could be turned into a career. The reality is that passion often drives successful careers, so you want to find something that makes you jump out of bed every day.


Explore different careers

The next step to take once you’ve compiled your list of interests is to do research on prospective career paths. This is where you look at what each career would entail in terms of education, qualifications and daily tasks. Here are a few careers that you could find fulfillment in.



low angle photography of gray building at daytime

If you have a knack for designing buildings and have always been fascinated with structures and layouts, architecture could be a great career path for you. In order to follow this path, you’d need to first take time to get educated. You’d need to complete a bachelor of architecture program. You could also consider taking the IPAL which is suitable for students with a bachelor’s degree in any field or for anyone that’s already attained a pre-architectural undergraduate degree.


Sales Manager

For those who enjoy selling things, an ideal career path to take would be to become a sales manager. This is a fantastic role for individuals who enjoy interacting with other people and problem solving. You’d likely be managing a number of sales reps as well as helping them meet the company goals.



Physical Bitcoin Coin

You’ve probably heard a lot about bitcoin already but did you now that you could make a career out of it. If you don’t know what bitcoin is, it’s a cryptocurrency or form of electronic cash. What makes it interesting is that there is no need for intermediaries or administrators when sending money between peers.

In terms of how you can make a career out of bitcoin, you could try bitcoin mining. What you’d essentially be doing is confirming the accuracy of transactions and then writing them into a general ledger where there is a blockchain. The usefulness of this job is to verify transactions and thus ensure the integrity of the blockchain network.  




The medical field usually have some of the highest paid roles, and they can be amongst some of the most fulfilling too. If you like the idea of prescription drugs and are good at science and mathematics, you may enjoy this. To become a pharmacist, you’ll have to undergo years of education and get an undergraduate as well as a Master’s degree.  

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