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Last Updated on December 11, 2021

One of the many pleasures of being a human on this planet is the variety of choices and personalities we all have. This creates unending combinations of preferences. Not only can we shape who we become in the world, but what we are inspired by.

Motivation is one of the most compelling reasons we do anything. It is the reason we open our eyes in the morning or wait until it gets dark to start our day. Motivation comes from inspiration.

There are millions of points of motivation for humans on this planet. When we experience motivation, our bodies create chemicals which flood our system and make us feel inspired.

From this place of inspiration, we tend to take action because we are a pleasure-seeking species. If you are having a hard time finding your inspiration these days, keep reading for a little motivation.

Perhaps the most fun and care-free way to experience inspiration is through pleasure-seeking. We have evolved into a species that has time and space to spend time seeking pleasure instead of surviving.

In this growing time of leisure, we have created so many activities that are made simply to envoke inspiration. Going into and connecting with nature is a huge source of inspiration for many people.

It might be watching a sunset at the end of the day or watching the full moon rise in the quiet sky. Witnessing the world around us provides us with a sense of connection and serenity. Feeling calm and at peace makes it easier for inspiration to strike. Most of the activities we do that inspire also incite a sense of peace.

Since the beginning of mankind, we have learned to make fermented drinks. Whether this was for preserving food or a safe way to hydrate, it has become one of the most popular ways to relax and enjoy the off moments.

Wine culture is one built on leisure and luxury but is also accessible to almost anyone in the world. Drinking wine has become synonymous with other activities that birth inspiration.

It is a part of many cultures as a daily activity to celebrate the end of the workday. Many join wine of the month club as a way to experience new tastes and flavors. Experiencing new food and drink is one of the most popular ways people find and explore inspiration.

Food exploration and creation is a major source of inspiration. Taste, exploring flavors, textures, and structure are some of the people’s favorite past-times. Even though food is something of survival, the quantity of variety and mixing of cultures makes it an art form.

We not only love to create food that tastes good but looks beautiful. Some would say that beauty is the strongest source of inspiration that exists. What we consider beautiful can be as infinite as the universe.

The topic of beauty and what it can inspire has transformed art, sciences, architecture, industry, nature, and family. Many have tried to define beauty, but why it incites so much inspiration is because of its subjectiveness.

For some, the sight of a downhill skier flying over the snow is a beautiful site. For others, the sound of an operatic aria can inspire mathematical genius. Inspiration can lead people to do amazing things.

Birds eye view of Kathmandu, Nepal

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Many times it is a necessary feeling in order to accomplish something. Money can be motivational in getting work done. Listening to a record from another time can inspire famous works of art or keep us trekking up a freezing mountain in Nepal.

The most motivating moments of inspiration come when we need it most. Often we get inundated with life’s demands and accomplishments. Obtaining success has depleted our natural ability to be inspired by the small things. Returning to the simpler aspects of life make finding inspiration easier and more accessible.

Helping others who are in need can also be one of the easiest forms of inspiration. When we take our attention off our own desires and wants and put it on others, we are again reminded of connection and relationship. Being social creatures we need to connect and form a relationship. This connection is the root of inspiration.

The beauty of motivation and inspiration is that it tends to snowball and create even more. Sitting to relax with a group of friends over a new bottle of wine, going on a new adventure, or experiencing something blood pumping or exciting often jolts inspiration. It can also be as simple as becoming aware of your breath and presence or reading a few good words.

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