Fit Body Fit Mind wins a clean bill of health with BizGiver $2000 prize


“Small Business is all about punching above your weight, biting off more than you can chew and then chewing like mad until hopefully you get the opportunity to make a difference to a community.”

Fit Body Fit Mind, a Victorian health and fitness small business has won the 23rd BizGiver Grant from FE and will be receiving a brand new washer and dryer totalling $2000.

It’s the little things that make a business stand out.

It could be the secret herbs and spices, the value for money or the excellent customer service experience that has patrons coming back every time.

For Fit Body Fit Mind it’s the cold towel service to cool you down after each hard workout, similar to the hot towel service you’d find aboard luxury flights.

“We got the idea from Chinese restaurants and flying,” explains owner Sheridan Smith, “After a tough session we reward our members with a cold wet towel to cool them down.”

Originally the business defining service was a limited one as washing had to be taken home to be washed late each evening and towels would run out early in the day, but with their new washer and dryer Fit Body Fit Mind can now offer it to each member after every workout.
Smith defines what her business does as ‘so much more than just personal training’.

Fit Body Fit Mind has created more than just a growing successful business in their two short years in business; they’ve created a thriving tight-knit community with members’ achievements celebrated across their social media accounts, members socialising in their branded “FBFM” gear and participating in charity events.

It’s an environment like this that has lead to their finalist nomination in the Australian Small Business Champions Awards, be voted ‘Most Trusted’ on the Mornington Peninsula and now voted the winner of FE’s Small Business Grant BizGiver.

“We want to honour that Aussie entrepreneurship that so often gets overlooked at the early stages and a grant like this can really be the boost they need to allow their business to grow and to take a step up to the next level,” states Michael Gottlieb, co-founder and Managing Director of FE “for businesses like Fit Body Fit Mind, that growth can come from the dedication to the customer and attention to detail.”

“We’re committed to our member’s experience, which includes a wet cooling towel after a workout,” affirms Smith “so winning this prize will help us stay committed to that experience. It also means washing towels at midnight will be a thing of the past!”

A wish will be granted by monthly in the form of a specific product or service valued at up to $2000. Businesses must have a valid ABN to apply but don’t need to be an existing FE customer to enter.

Wishes can be submitted online via

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