Fortnite Driftboard Introduced (Season 9) & v7.40 Content Update Notes


With Apex Legends posing a serious threat to Epic, the company has been on its toes in rolling out quick updates. In the past few weeks, Epic had managed to send out updates without forcing a downtime on its users. With the launch of Season 8 scheduled for the end of this month, Epic seems to be correcting a lot of their issues by rolling out multiple game update patches on a daily basis.

Epic had recently tweeted out the patch notes for content update V7.40. It includes the introduction of the “Driftboard”.  Epic had previously announced the launch of the Driftboard in its battle royale edition of the game but later had to postpone the launch as they had found various bugs just before release. Now The Driftboard is officially out and available in a custom LTM.

Fortnite Driftboard Introduced!

This new mode of transport is listed as a “Limited Time Item”, which means Epic might remove the driftboard after monitoring its usage and user feedback.  So far players are still not happy with the introduction of “X-4 Stormwing” but we’ll have to wait to see if the driftboard is a hit or a miss.

As per the patch notes, the driftboard comes with a boost and a jump option. Both can be combined to cover longer distances. Once a player hops onto the driftboard, the player gains both health and shield while riding it. Players do not have the option to build while using the driftboard.

The Driftboard can be found all over the map and is not limited just to the ice and snow area.  Players can use weapons, revive their teammates and loot while using the driftboard. We can expect creative maps specifically designed for the driftboard very soon.

New LTM Modes are Aavailable


A new mode, drifting, has been introduced into the playlist. This is basically a remake of the classic 32 vs 32 with a few new twists and a driftboard added to it.  Re-spawning is disabled in this mode as well as loot in the form of chests and ammo boxes. Instead, players have to search for red supply boxes which have weapons, ammo and a driftboard in it. Health and shields both regenerate at a relatively slow pace.

The circle is set to closer faster and all players are expected “drifting and shooting” moments after they land on the map. Remember to search for the red supply box.


In this mode, all forms of shooting have been disabled and no guns can be found. Instead, grenades and other such throwables have been included.  Players have to eliminate each other using either grenades,  clingers, remote explosives, smoke grenades, impulse grenades, and shockwave grenades.

Supply drops can be found in plenty in this mode and the circle closes way faster.

Apart from the inclusions of these new game modes, this update also includes a lot of hidden leaks for data-miners to uncover. Keep following our posts to keep up with the various news and updates in the world of Fortnite.

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