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Fortnite’s latest season has seen the introduction of NPCs and Gold into the game. Gold has become a unique mechanic that you use to buy Fortnite excotic weapons and upgrade your own. In pubs, your gold rolls over from one game to another. You can stockpile it then spend one game just instantly cashing in for a full set of gold weapons as your loadout. Obviously, this causes problems in Arena. Arena mode and the in-game tournaments should measure the skill of players, not how long they’ve grinded for gold in previous matches. However, there is an easy way to get gold in Arena quickly in Fortnite. Using a slight exploit you can stack up your gold and take it into Arena mode.

This quirk has been in the game since gold became a thing. So it is really quite likely that it has already been used in tournaments that were for money. This causes some clear problems for Epic’s competitive integrity. It is debatable if it was intentional though. However, if you’re looking to get through arena mode then this guide might be able to help you. Pull it off right, and you should be able to get yourself a full loadout of the best gear using gold pretty quick in those important arena matches.

How to Get Gold in Arena Mode Quickly

The basics of this strategy is to take advantage of the quest system that is currently active in the game. By taking advantage of the timing of certain quests in the game, you can pile up the eventual gold rewards, and cash them in when you lunch into Arena mode. To try and circumvent players getting an advantage with gold, at the moment every arena mode game starts with 0 gold. However, it isn’t the case for quests. These carry over. This is how you can go about getting gold in Fortnite Arena mode:

  • Launch into a Normal Game
  • Land Somewhere with an NPC – NPCs aren’t guaranteed, but typically you can find one easily. A good choice is the NPC at the Lumber Mill by Weeping Woods, or the pirate ship.. Ideally you want to land by one who offers 1 hour quests.
  • Quickly Agree to a 1 Hour Quest – It has to be one with a time limit, not ‘within this current game’.
  • Immediately Leave the Game or Get More Quests- Just jump out of the game as soon as you’ve joined up, or dash to your next NPC. If it is going to take longer to walk there than to start again, start again.
  • Repeat – If you can do this fast enough, you should be able to pile up a crazy amount of quests active in your game. Within 10-20 minutes, you should have enough quests stacked to give you a serious amount of reward once you’re done.
  • Once You’ve got Enough, Leave and Join Arena – When you go into Arena mode, your quests will have carried on.
  • Complete the Quests – You will receive a ton of gold without having to run around to NPCs and waste time in Arena.

Is This a Glitch?

This feels like an exploit in the game, since it quite clearly circumvents the way that gold should work to be fair within the game. However, it doesn’t seem like Epic has a problem with it. Essentially it has gone unfixed and was found early in the Season. This system has been used in a lot of cash tournaments without any repercussions from Epic. 

It is possible that this is just because they’ve not gotten around to fixing it. They’re still yet to fix the missing gold glitch, so they might just have a problem with fixing the gold system. However, since this bug has already invalidated a number of their tournaments, it is probably not a bug that is going anywhere.

This is a good way to get Gold in Arena quickly, although it does take some preparation beforehand. The upside is huge though. You can quickly get an all purple or gold loadout in a competitive match by running through this Gold system. Our other guides to Fortnite can help you with other areas of your gameplay in Arena mode:

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