Four Accessories Every Woman Should Own


Everyone’s style is different and calls for different types of clothing and accessories in their closets. However, there are a few universally versatile accessories out there that will make every woman feel like her wardrobe is complete, her look easily accessorized, and that she is never without that finishing item to create a great outfit.

Here are the four accessories every woman should have in her closet.

One Statement Handbag

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To keep things easy, most women will carry one purse, usually in black or another neutral shade, to ensure that they will get the very most use from it and to avoid the need to change handbags all the time. This makes a lot of practical sense, but it can also get really boring.

Instead, consider one statement handbag that can add some punch to an outfit. Doing this does not mean that you have to sacrifice function for fashion. You would be surprised how functional statement bags can be and how they can easily become an everyday bag.

Considering a statement handbag that you can carry with most of what you wear? Try a green handbag. Green is considered a colored neutral and complements virtually all colors without clashing. Not a fan of green? Look at versatile accent colors for your statement bag like yellow, turquoise, and teal.

Long Gold or Silver Necklace

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Having an understated long gold or silver necklace in your wardrobe can help you finish any outfit quickly. Accessorizing can feel overwhelming and just another thing to do. However, a long necklace polishes your look in seconds.

A long gold or silver necklace can be used with work dresses, suited looks, summer dresses, a top, and jeans, or whatever else you are wearing. Plus, the length makes it versatile because you can wear it long or decide to wrap it for a more layered, shorter look.

Nude Shoes

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If there is one shoe color that universally works with just about everything in the closet it is a pair of nude shoes. For colorful prints and patterns, nude shoes will work, no matter what colors are in the outfit. Additionally, if you are wearing prints with bare legs, nude shoes will make your legs look longer and leaner through the power of optical illusion. By not breaking up the legs with a dark pair of shoes, one continuous leg line is created, which is what creates the slimming effect.

Don’t stop with wearing your nude shoes with bold brights and colorful patterns. Nude shoes, like nude pumps or work heels, pair well tailored with pants and suits for work and can instantly elevate a work outfit. To create a look that can take you from cubicle to corner office, style nude shoes with an outfit to create instant authoritative and professional sophistication.

Buy a pair of nude shoes and you will find yourself shocked by how quickly they become your go-to pair. 


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Back to the first tip about having at least one long necklace in gold or silver, you can expand metallic beyond necklaces and get a lot of mileage from these accessories. 

Metallic accessories, like sandals, handbags, ballerina flats, belts, and more, will work with everything in your wardrobe while adding more excitement at the same time. With metallic accessories, you get the best of both worlds: fashion and function. 

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