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Being in a relationship with that special someone is great, planning activities with them can be stressful. There are numerous factors in a healthy relationship, and exploring different activities together is one of them.

These dates allow you to learn new things about your partner, including the things you like to do with each other. This article will not only discuss different date ideas for you and your girlfriend, but it will also give you essential tips on how to make your relationship last.

While doing fun activities with your partner is great, it is essential to remember the details that go into planning. These factors range from yours and your girlfriend’s preferences to proper communication. Ultimately, your date activities will come down to the relationship dynamic and what makes both of you happy.

However, you have to know your partner to choose the right date activity.

How Do I Plan a Fun Date?

Whether you plan a surprise or ask directly, it’s important to know your partner how they enjoy themselves. Know what your girlfriend’s interests and hobbies are and understand why she enjoys them, is vital for the success of the date. This is especially true if you are planning a surprise for them.

Surprises only turn out well if the recipient enjoys it. This means making sure the surprise doesn’t interfere with another important event, and that the person will appreciate whatever the surprise is. In other words, consider both of your needs. You need to think about this for every event in your relationship, from surprise dates to planned vacations.

You need to make sure the surprise meets your standards while respecting hers. This principle applies to planned dates as well, even when you openly talk to your partner about date ideas.

However, do not compromise if you cannot stand the activity. If she enjoys the zoo, but you don’t like animals, go to a different attraction. Here are other tips to maximize your chances of a successful date:

  • Plan an activity you will both enjoy, otherwise it will be miserable.
  • Turn off your phone, or at least minimize your time on it. You’ll have more meaningful interactions, and she will not be angry for being distracted.
  • Do not bring any friends or family members along. This is couple-time, so save bro-time for later.
  • Do not afraid to try something fun, silly, or out of the box. It will help you both cut loose and relish your inner child.
  • Don’t spend money for the sake of it. There is nothing wrong with promotions or other deals, so don’t break the bank trying to impress her.

What are Some Fun Activities to Do with My Girlfriend?

There is a multitude of things you could do with your partner, but you should always choose based on both your preferences.

For example, if you are both active, a nice tandem bicycle ride through a park is a good idea, or maybe a couple’s CrossFit class if you want something more extreme. Or if you two are more laid back, a relaxed day of exploring the town or having a picnic are good options.

Here is a list of popular couples activities, which feature high and low energy options:

  • Put a sexy twist on party games like Twister
  • Visit each other’s hometowns
  • Binge watch a TV series or a movie marathon
  • Create a scrapbook together
  • Make love in different rooms of your house or apartment
  • Sing karaoke together
  • Take a trip together
  • Read a book together
  • Do charity work together
  • Go camping
  • Take a hot air balloon ride
  • Sky dive or some other high-adrenaline activity
  • Take dance classes together
  • Have breakfast in bed
  • Recreate your first date

Should I Plan a Trip with My Girlfriend?

If you and your partner are comfortable with each other and know each other well, you could consider planning a long-term trip together. Whether it is driving across state lines or flying across the ocean, planning a trip together could be a great bonding and eye-opening experience as a couple.

However, only do this if you have the time and flexible finances. Even if you budget the trip, the costs of travel are unavoidable. For example, the cost of airplane tickets can be devastating for your budget, depending on where you travel.

While it helps to book during off-season periods, the plane ticket is almost always going to be expensive. Along with the cost of food, you will most likely have to pay for some form of housing unless if you are lucky enough to stay with friends or family.

It is vital to consider all this because the logistics of travel are stressful, especially when coordinating different activities. Here are the most important things to consider when traveling with your significant other:

  • Plan ahead and book activities early
  • Compile an itinerary to keep organized, which includes flight numbers to car rental bookings
  • Consider booking off-season for cheaper prices
  • Prepare yourself for jet lag, including taking time zones into account when booking the flights
  • Have a game-plan for when you land, so you can eat and sleep comfortably
  • Remember to leave room for spontaneity and not stress out over unforeseen circumstances
  • Vlog or photograph your experiences, but don’t let the camera take over your journey

Overall, planning a trip is fun but can be overwhelming. Divide and conquer these reservations to equalize the responsibilities, which will help with the stress of the bookings. In addition, separate bookings will help divide the financial burden of the trip. 

If you don’t share finances, discuss who is paying for what before making any reservations and cover each other when needed.

How Do I Choose Activities for My Girlfriend?

Part of choosing activities is knowing which ones your girlfriend will like. You can figure this out through communication, which is the best way to level expectations. Competitive activities like beach volleyball can be fun but can bring out aggressive behavior, which could potentially sour your experience. Either way, make sure it’s an activity both of you will enjoy.

If you’re open to it, you might want to consider joining a group activity or class to learn a new skill. These activities could include a cooking class, a walking tour, a fitness class, or anything else that will stimulate the senses. However, only go this route if your girlfriend does not mind your date being in a group setting.

If group activities aren’t viable options, then you can plan your own adventure. By taking your girlfriend on an excursion you planned, you will learn more about each other and will most likely open up unexpectedly.

You could also take the chance to make this more romantic, by walking by different shops that have significance to her or ending the date by watching the sunset. It may also help if you have a surprise or two during the date itself.

These surprises will help calm you down after a high energy activity or break the flow of a bad mood. For example, you could book a couple’s massage after a long hike, or have flowers sent to the restaurant.

Whether you book a group adventure or a private excursion, make sure that it is exciting and ends on a positive note.

How Do I Prepare for the Date?

Even if it’s a surprise for your partner, make sure they dress for the date. If you take her horseback riding, it’s not going to going to end well if she wears a dress and high heels. Even if the date is in a fancier setting like an art museum, it’s best to understand what the appropriate dress code is and be comfortable with it.

Don’t bring your work with you, and make sure she doesn’t either. Whether you have a nine-to-five job or work on a contract basis, set aside time for the date. Make sure there are no strict deadlines or big projects looming for either of you or reschedule work if necessary, so neither of you are stressed.

We all have to work, but there is no reason we have to let it take over our lives. Giving yourselves time together not only is great for your relationship but sets a healthy boundary between business and pleasure for your personal life.

How Do I Make the Date Special?

During the date, be sure to give your partner all of your attention. Even if it’s in a group activity, be sure that your focus is primarily on her. As mentioned before, turning off your phone or limiting your time on it will help. According to a recent Nielsen Company report, the average American spends at least 10 hours a day on their phones.

Whether it’s for social or work purposes, you’re preoccupied whenever your eyes stare at the screen. It’s not going to serve your date well, so disconnect for a while. However, not before telling your friends and family that the two of you will be preoccupied so that you won’t be disturbed.

Be sure to have meaningful conversations with her throughout the date. To show her you are invested in the discussion, ask questions. It might help to paraphrase what she said to help remember the conversation later.

Be sure to initiate some form of physical contact, but also respect her boundaries. Sharing a quick kiss in public is nice, but a full make-out session may be a bit much for a lot of people. By respecting her limits, you are fostering trust and deepening your relationship.

Trust is monumental in any relationship, regardless of its nature. Trust grows in different ways, including following through on any promises you made for the date. Whether the date is a surprise or not, she is trusting you to show her a good time and that you consider her feelings when you’re planning these activities.

Lastly, remember to relax and not to sweat the small stuff. Even if you schedule the date down to the last minute, there’s a strong likelihood that things will go sideways. For example, you plan a hike, and the weather is pouring down rain. Instead of panicking or getting upset, improvise by coming up with an indoor activity or snuggle together and watch the storm.

Remember that the day is about spending the day together. As long as you’re enjoying each other, then the activity is extra.

How Often Should I Plan Activities with My Girlfriend?

Some couples need to have regular dates to keep their relationship fun and fresh, while other couples only need the occasional night out. It ultimately comes down to your relationship dynamic and the upkeep it needs to be healthy. However, there are several things to keep in mind if you want to commit to regular date nights.

It can be challenging to keep coming up with exciting ideas for regular dates, so it’s best to keep it simple. First, make sure you understand your partner’s expectations and know how much energy you’re willing to expend.

Having regular dates is pointless if it becomes too exhausting to keep up. An excellent way to do this is to let the person planning the date, set the expectations. Consider taking turns, so the stress of the planning is mitigated, and the variety of activities will widen.

Regardless of who is in charge of planning, be open to whatever the date idea is. There are numerous sources of inspiration for date activities, such as Groupon or EventBrite. Don’t be afraid to use these sources to look up local events in your area.

On that note, you should also talk about who will pay for the dates if you and your partner do not share finances. Typically, the person who plans the date pays, but discuss this with your partner.

Remember to make small gestures between date nights, so there’s not so much pressure on the event itself. In other words, if both of you are looking forward to the date and not doing anything special in the meantime, it may be pretty stressful if something goes wrong.

These gestures don’t have to be strictly romantic. Cook a meal or do some of the house chores she usually does, to show your appreciation for her.

Overall, date nights are a great way to keep your relationship fresh but sharing the responsibility and small gestures will make it last.

What Other Ways Can I Make Our Relationship Last?

Relationships are work. Even though relationships require time, energy, and compromise, but you’ll find yourself doing those things naturally with the right person.

When the relationship gets serious, certain topics will inevitably come up that are uncomfortable to discuss but vital for your unit as a couple. One of these touchy subjects is money. As previously discussed, the person who is paying for the date needs to be determined before confirming any reservations.

When you have separate finances, it is easy to split costs in dates, but it becomes more complicated in a serious long-term relationship. Before opening a joint checking account, have a serious discussion about money and the differences in how you two spend.

If you two have different ideas or strategies about saving money or how to spend it, this could become a severe problem in the relationship. It’s important to note that money is one of the biggest causes of divorce in America, so you share finances if you two are on the same page.

According to health psychologist Gretchen Kubacky, couples who pay the bills together often agree more on finances. When one person is paying all the bills, the other person is not as consciously aware of how their spending impacts the finances. By paying the bills together, the couple can thoroughly discuss how money is spent and will result in less conflict.

Another big subject to talk about is your sex life. Don’t be afraid to talk about preferences or to experiment. Spicing up your sex life can help you break from your routine, along with fostering a deeper level of trust and intimacy between you and your partner.

This includes having sex in new places, as well as role-playing as different people outside of the bedroom. It may also help to schedule sex but be sure to be spontaneous at times as well. Overall, be open and don’t judge each other when you talk about sex.

Ask yourself if you feel comfortable enough with this person to talk about deeply personal topics. Even if the subjects are hard to discuss, it is necessary to deepen trust and understanding. Each couple will have their way of approaching these topics.

One method is starting with something casual like what her favorite movie is and why, which could evolve into a discussion about happy memories. However, it could trigger a bad memory, and they will discuss how the movie became a coping mechanism for their trauma. Be prepared for either reaction and welcome it with an open heart.

Be critical when you need to be. Even if your girlfriend is more alpha than you, it’s important to speak up if you don’t agree with what she’s doing. It is especially important to feel not afraid to say it. Clear communication is a theme throughout this article, and not being afraid to speak your mind is a big part of it.

By criticizing each other, it shows the two of you feel safe and secure enough to communicate these points. On that note, don’t be afraid to argue. No relationship is perfect, and fighting is inevitable. Do not bottle up your feelings, or they may turn resentful.

Fighting is healthy for a relationship because it means you two want to resolve problems rather than avoid them. When the dust settles, and the air is clear, apologize. It sucks admitting you’re wrong, but it can mean the world to your partner. If you were in the wrong and admit it, it will show her you’re mature enough for the relationship and will encourage her to admit any wrongdoing in the future.

Remember to laugh and have fun together. It’s the little moments in life that count, so be sure to cherish each of them with her. Be sure to say thank you, no matter how insignificant it seems. Whether it’s weekly grocery shopping or picking up the dry cleaning, thank each other for every single trouble. The gratitude will be returned, and it will remind you to appreciate each other on a deeper level.

Celebrate your success just as much as hers. While it may sometimes feel like a competition, never try to outshine your partner. It just creates unnecessary bitterness and competition when you should be supporting each other.

According to one study from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the way a person responds to their partner’s success is more telling than how they handle a crisis. Researchers reportedly found that the way your partner reacts to your accomplishments strongly indicates the “strength of the relationship.

On that note, be sure to console each other in failure. Riding the highs of success is fun, but it’s much more telling to see how your partner reacts in the face of hardship. In other words, your partner should want to stand with you at your worst and not just be with you at your best.

Have each other’s back and remember that you’re her biggest cheerleader, and she should be yours.


Whether or not you’re in a long-term relationship, you will continuously discover new things about your partner. You’ll discover these gems through many dates and conversations, and each experience will enrich you.

Your relationship changes because people are constantly evolving, and dates allow you to keep up with each other. Remember to occasionally sit down and talk to each other about what you’re going through, which will help both of you unload your stress and be each other’s support system. Also, be sure to enjoy moments of silence and do not force the conversation if it’s not needed.

Overall, you are discovering new ways to be happy with your partner, and dates are a fun way to explore them.

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