Funny Old People Who Don’t Understand Facebook


Technology is constantly changing. It’s nearly impossible for even the most technologically savvy web users to keep up, and it’s no wonder that some members of the older generation feel a little out of their element when posting online.

Plus, even if our beloved grandmas and grandpas have mastered some aspects of social media, they tend to see the world through a different lens than their younger counterparts. This combination of a unique perspective and a lack of social media know-how leads them to pop up on our social pages with hilarious—and often wholly inappropriate—comments that leave us scratching our heads… and laughing uncontrollably!

In the “Old People of Facebook” community on Reddit, users share screenshots of the funniest Internet fails committed by their elders. While the name implies that it’s all about Facebook, the subreddit focuses on faux pas from all over the web.

We’d say we love our elders in spite of these gaffs, but frankly, these funny gaffs make us love them even more.

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Yorum Yaz

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