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Origin of the Ivy League Haircut

The classic Ivy League Haircut is masculine and appropriate for all lifestyles. Photo © Chris Weeks for Getty Images.

The Ivy League Haircut (sometimes called a Princeton) is one of my all-time favorite haircuts. It’s stylish and masculine, but still versatile for a short haircut. This popular haircut, which almost never goes out of style, is named Ivy League because of its origin in the Ivy League schools. There is some debate debate on whether this hairstyle started at Harvard University or Princeton (as the haircut is sometimes called). Whatever the origin, the haircut remains popular as a stylish short haircut which is suitable for most men.

Styling an Ivy League Haircut

This is an Ivy League haircut with classic Caesar styling. Photo © Dmitry Fisher for

One thing I really like about the Ivy League style is that it can be quite versatile for a shorter haircut (in fact, it’s sometimes called the “convertible” haircut as it can convert from one style to another). The top can be combed to the side for a more formal look, the style can be worn with the hair brushed up to resemble a long crewcut, or it can be simply brushed forward as you would a Caesar haircut for the ultimate low style.

The type of styling product to use for this cut is a personal preference. In general, the finer the hair the lighter the styling product that will be used. For the side-parted, more formal styling, I like a pomade such as Grant’s Pomade to add some shine to the cut and allow you to create a very groomed, parted style. If you’re going with the crewcut styling or Caesar type styling, I would recommend a matte paste styling product for a more casual finish. The Ivy League can also be styled messy with texture (as Daniel Craig often wears) for a more casual, aggressive appearance.

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