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You want to buy the best gift possible for the women in your life, but what do you buy? I know how hard it can be to buy a gift for your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, cousin, friend, or any other woman. A lot of times you just don’t know what they want. And it’s really easy to get them a gift that offends them (think vacuum cleaner or waxing kit) rather than pleases them. That stops today. I have the best gift idea for ANY woman on your list. I’ve bought it for my friends, my family, and myself, and it has never disappointed. I’ll tell you why it’s such a good gift idea for her in a second, but first I’ll tell you what it is.

The Best Gift For Any Woman

It’s called Fabfitfun. It’s a seasonal subscription box. Basically, you pay $49.99 for a box and get over $200 worth of stuff inside. Actually, the fall box in 2016 had $239.99 worth of products inside!

You can also get an annual subscription which will give her 4 boxes in the year for a discounted price over just getting the individual box quarterly. It works out to $179.99 for 4 boxes (which at over $200 a pop value would equal about $800 worth of products for the year!).

If you are buying for someone like your friend, an annual subscription could be her Christmas and birthday gift, as well as a gift for two more occasions that you can randomly make up if there aren’t any. Just remind her on her special occasions that her Fabfitfun box that just came or is coming up was meant as her gift.

If you are buying for your girlfriend, wife, mother, or sister, you may get away with not buying anything else too. An annual subscription to FabFitFun will literally feel like you are buying them a gift every season when they get their box.

Fab Fit FunObviously, if you are buying a gift for a woman who will be in your life for a long time (that includes wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, and friend), the yearly subscription would be a great idea, and if you just want to get a one-time gift, then you can just get one box.

The women in your life will get stuff for beauty (fab), exercise (fit), and fun (fun) inside the box. Hence Fabfitfun.

And THAT is part of what makes this gift such a great idea for any woman! Every woman is interested in either beauty, exercise, or fun, and most are interested in all three things. That means that no matter what woman you are buying a gift for, there will be something in this box that will her happy. And if she doesn’t like something, she can make another woman in her life happy by giving it to her!

But that’s not the only reason this is such a great gift idea for her.

4 Other Reasons This Is The Best Gift For Any Woman

1. The Box Has Stuff She Probably Wouldn’t Buy For Herself

In the fall box, I got a bunch of stuff that I wouldn’t necessarily buy for myself, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want it! There are plenty of things I want to try but don’t want to spend the money on.

Skin Laundry Restoring Night Serum In Fabfitfun FallFabfitfun includes full-size products to try out. These products can range anywhere from a few bucks to over $50.

For instance, in the fall box, I got the Skin Laundry Restoring Night Serum (see pic), which is a $50 value.

That is something that every woman would want to try because it’s something that is meant to firm and improve skin texture, but a lot of women wouldn’t pay $50 for the product.

If you buy them the Fabfitfun box as a gift, then they will get this and more stuff for the price of just this one product!

That’s one of the reasons this box is so appealing to women and is the best gift for all women who don’t spend money on themselves at every turn. It has a bunch of stuff that they can try out without having to pay the full price for the product.

So why don’t all the women you know get the Fabfitfun box? A lot of women will buy other stuff over the Fabfitfun box because they can’t justify buying it (it’s too much of a treat and not necessary), which is why it is such a great gift.

When I first got this for my best friend, she was over the moon happy about it. She told me that she had been wanting the Fabfitfun box for years, but never actually took the step to order it.

In short, you will be getting her a bunch of stuff that she might never buy for herself but want. And that means that your gift will be original and appreciated.

For me, the biggest product in the fall box that I would definitely want but wouldn’t buy myself would be the Modcloth scarf! It would cost $34.99 and it can be used as a scarf, shawl, blanket, or whatever else the woman in your life wants to use it for. The picture is crap because my camera was out of film (yes I use film still) and my phone is cracked on one side, but believe me, this scarf is something every woman will use!

Modcloth Scarf In The Fabfitfun Box Fall


2. You Will Introduce Her To New Products

A lot of the stuff in these boxes is stuff that we just don’t know about. We’ve never heard about it. We’ve never seen it. And we don’t even know we need it yet, which is why it is the best gift for opening our eyes to new things that could change our lives! Like these things…

Toesox Toeless Fitness Stocks Fabfitfun box

They are Toesox Toeless Fitness Socks, and they are meant to help you stop sliding around while you are doing yoga or Pilates or anything that requires some balance without shoes. And even if the woman in your life doesn’t do yoga or Pilates, she can wear these to keep her feet warm as she does her nails, or to keep her toes cool as she walks around the house. It’s a surprisingly versatile gift.

3. She Can Be A Part Of A Community And Win Stuff

Fabfitfun has a community forum where the woman (or women) in your life can go and connect with everyone else who is excited about their upcoming box or the stuff that they got in their box.

There are also giveaways that blow my mind. The last giveaway included $1000 in Fabfitfun stuff. Your gift to her could be the gift that keeps giving if she could win a giveaway!

Also, there is a blog/magazine on the site that will keep her up to date on all things beauty, fitness, and fun. Guaranteed she will be reading that.

4. She Saves On Products She Likes

Mullein & Sparrow Mini French Lavender Body Oil Fabfitfun BoxLet’s say she really likes the Mullein & Sparrow Mini French Lavender Body Oil she got in her Fabfitfun box. As of now, there is a coupon in the exclusive offers area for her to receive 20% off not just that product, but site wide at Mullein & Sparrow.

Also, when future boxes come up, she can choose to include add-ons in her box. She can choose between items and products that have been in past boxes and get them shipped with her new box.

Important note:

After you buy her Fabfitfun, let her have control of the account. You may want to sign up with your email to pay for the box, but you can transfer the account to her email afterward so that she can get into it and look around.

That way she can take advantage of the add-ons and coupons. And, if you got her a yearly subscription, she can choose some of the things she wants to include in her box. (She can’t choose with a quarterly subscription – just yearly.)

For instance, in the fall box, we got to choose what color scarf we wanted (you saw I picked black and white), what coloring book we wanted, and what we wanted our coffee cup from The Created Co. to say!

The Created Co. To-Go Coffee Mug Fabfit Fun Box20160926_144909

This Really Is The Best Gift To Buy Any Woman On Your List

We got other things in the box too. Like a whole eyeshadow palette from Pure Cosmetics worth $50.

Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette

And a body wash sponge from Spongelle that made everything in the box (especially the scarf) smell amazing! It was rose scented, which most women will love!

Spongellle Bulgarian Rose Fabfitfun Box

And some eyebrow gel from the BrowGal.

The Browgal Clear Eyebrow Gel Fabfitfun

There were even some bonuses that were sponsored but didn’t cost us any extra, such as Cottonelle Cleaning Cloths and Secret Outlast Clear Gel.

The bottom line is that this gift is fun to get, full of stuff that she might like, and will be unlike anything else she gets.

Not only are you getting her products that she would want to try, you are also getting her a fun box that comes in the mail and makes it feel like Christmas every time she gets it!

And even if someone else gets her a Fabfitfun box, I don’t think she’ll mind. That just means she will get two of everything!

This is it! Unless she hates gifts or she hates beauty, fitness, and fun products, she will love it and you for it. It is the best gift you can get any woman.

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