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Last Updated on February 15, 2021

Making a website is quite easy and fast these days.

People are often found to live up to this trend by building up their websites.

Websites are not hard to make. It does not always have to require any technical knowledge.

A web host is more of a service which allows individuals to publish a particular website on the internet.

Some simple steps are enough to make up a website.


Step 1: Choose the right platform for yourself

Make sure you choose the right platform for your website. If you want to build a mobile friendly and a functional website for yourself, a proper place is needed for you to build one.


Step 2: Get a domain or webhosting

To set a place for yourself in the world of internet you need two important things.

  • A domain name, which is your web address (
  • A webhosting site, i.e., the server which would be connected to your site on the internet.

Owning your domain would be far more professional, and you can have a personal server to yourself which is very affordable.

If you are looking for a free site to start up your webpage, then the site is the perfect place for you.

You can create your webpage with ease and would get provided with some special benefits and features which are specially enlisted for all the newbie aspiring bloggers and marketers.

All you have to do is name your domain and 000webhost would sure to make your website becomes live on the internet. 000webhost is a free webhosting provider with some premium deals for large scales businesses.

The free one is for smaller websites such as blogs, web design, and freebies, etc., whereas the premium one comes with paid plans – Silver and business. It supports all PHP, MySQL databases, and cPanel.

Your site won’t be bombarded with any advertisements. As mentioned earlier, 000webhost comes up with some excellent features for free.


Features And Benefits:

000webhost features

Here is a preview of the features which are going to be very useful for you if you have any plans in starting a website.

1. Best free webhosting service provider

If you are planning to host your website for free, then this is a suitable option for you. Usually, website making charges a certain amount of money, but this service provider would do everything for you in just $0.00. Thousands of people are coming up with their webpages for free. Just add in your necessary details and sign up to be a part of the 000webhost family.


2. Free Website builder

Free Website Builder

000webhost is the most effective site for you to host and create your website hassle-free. The steps are very easy.

At first, select a proper template for your website. Add your suitable content, blog, etc. and then publish it. In just one simple click you can create your website folders such as gallery, contact form and your subpage.

Apart from blog writing and posting contents, you can also design your website in your free way without being dependant on any third person. It is very much possible for novice individuals to create their website without having any knowledge of web designing.


3. Make easy money online

The most advantageous part of webhosting is that you can make easy money here. This site is perfect and most reliable in any sphere of the opportunity it has to provide you.

For example, they would give you a chance to partake in their special affiliate program and make money by promoting their products.

All you have to do is sign up and get your link, promote it and then start getting paid. You can earn $5 by referring to 5 users, $10 by referring to 10 users.

Payment would be made through PayPal after when you reach a certain amount of money, say $100.


4. Huge Disk Space and Bandwidth

Disk space refers to the amount of space assigned to you by the web hosting provider. 000webhost has a relatively fair amount of space capacity to keep your necessary website files such as texts, images, audio, etc.

Bandwidth is the number of people who would access in your website.

They would be able to view your photo or listen to an audio or download your file.

This site has no such boundaries for bandwidth sources. People can access and leave anytime they would want to.


5. Support and uptime

High uptime availability is necessary for any website launched on the internet.

The providers are hosting 000webhost guarantees a 99% uptime which is quite high.

This enables your website to remain active for almost all the time. Moreover, 000webhost guarantees their uptime percentages by letting you check through the live monitoring system.


6. Full time Email Support

Your free web hosting provider, would provide you with free email services so that can you can make a setup for your website (

This email service should include POP3 and SMTP access so that you can make a setup for your domain.


7. Pricing

Apart from the smaller websites available on this site there are larger scale sites as well. There are two types of premium offers – SILVER and GOLD (business). These are deals which are more or less affordable.

Hence, what are you waiting for?

Visit the 000webhost site and find yourself amazed by the astounded features they have to provide you for free.

People who are into blogging more often are into website building trends because they want to manage their image for a long run properly.

Millions of people have used this very reliable webhosting site, and it has amazing feedback and has been rated 4.5/5.

More eager visitors are flocking in almost every day which proves its high Google ranking. Choosing 000webhost is your choice, but undoubtedly, it’s one of the best and most used webhost that can offer you impressive features for free.

Promoting business and taking it to the next level is now super easy with

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