How Cheap Backlinking Services can Destroy Your Business


Last Updated on November 26, 2021

You’re probably thinking you need to get as many backlinks as possible to try and boost your site’s rankings, right? Wrong. The reality is – Google actually penalizes sites which use spammy or “fake” looking backlinking strategies.

This means that cheap services which offer what might seem like unbelievable results could actually harm your site’s chances of ranking highly for a particular keyword. Those blogs or web sites which have been penalized and put on Google’s blacklist could find it almost impossible to recover. Once you’ve been flagged for improper conduct, your business could be ruined.

There are plenty of cheap services available on the internet, some offering thousands of backlinks for as little as $5. Not only that, but some even get your links “live” overnight, or within a couple of days. Such services can seem attractive to those trying to boost their site’s incoming links in order to improve backlinking services. They seem too good to be true. That’s because sometimes – they are.

Whilst some backlinking services can work well and can be found at competitive prices, you need to be extremely careful when picking the right one. Using the wrong backlinking strategy could destroy your Google rank and therefore ruin your business. Most sites rely heavily on search engine traffic, and that’s why search engine optimisation is so important. That’s also why you need to take extra care when building backlinks.

Google wants to see organic growth that looks natural. Very few sites become overnight sensations, so if your site suddenly gets 10,000 backlinks in a day – something isn’t going to look right. The best backlinking strategy follows a more realistic looking pattern. One where you achieve backlinks over a number of days and weeks.

Another important factor in getting the right kind of backlinks depends on the quality of the site the links come from. Cheap backlinking services often rely on automatic spam pages that are placed just for the sake of providing a backlink. Not only do some of these sites have zero visitors, but they also have next to zero authority.

One of the things Google looks for when deciding how relevant or important a site is for a particular keyword is by looking at the PageRank of those linking to it. Good quality backlinks come from higher PageRank sites, whilst those on pages with a PR 0 can be almost worthless (especially if nobody visits them).

Getting good quality links on relevant, authoritative sites is important. Not only will it look far better to Google (and therefore be far healthier for your site’s long-term ranking prospects), but you might also get a good amount of residual traffic. Additional traffic is good because it means you aren’t as reliant on Google (or other search engines). Diversifying the way you get traffic can be important and good for your buesiness.

Bottom Line:

Cheap backlinking services can actually cripple your site’s search engine rankings and ruin your profit margins. Focus on getting good quality links on authoritative, relevant sites – and you could see your business grow.

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