How DesignBro is Revolutionizing Company Logo Design


Last Updated on February 15, 2021

A logo is more than just a representative for your business in graphical form. Forbes notes that the perfect logo evokes feelings and establishes a bond between the brand and the consumer. In essence, a brand is the truest form of corporate art. It seeks to connect the user to the feelings and emotions of the company’s founder on a fundamental level.

However, logo design has lost a lot of its luster in recent years. A company logo design should encompass more of the business’s innate abilities and promises. Today’s logos tend to focus on the design rather than the experience and functionality. However, DesignBro is rethinking how companies should see their logos.

Customized Logo Design With Intent

What sets DesignBro apart from other logo design companies is their attention to the brand promise. Their custom-made designs approach the logo from either a modern or a traditional perspective. Developed by professional designers, DesignBro’s logos are comparable to anything else on the market, but with their own unique twist.

Given an idea to start with, these designers can develop dozens of concept designs for clients to choose which one best appeals to their brand. They offer a money-back guarantee for any logo they design, but in almost every case, there hasn’t been an unsatisfied customer yet.

Unique, Creative Content

DesignBro focuses on developing unique content by leveraging the personal artwork of pre-vetted design professionals. These designers have been involved in graphic design for years, and each client gets to experience a wide range of design efforts regarding their brand. 

Each designer works independently of each other, so clients are likely to get a massive variety of designs coming from each one. This uniqueness in design makes DesignBro one of the few places where a business can get a truly one-of-a-kind logo. While other companies rely on a single or pair of designers, DesignBro distributes each design to a different artist, ensuring a brand-new logo with each iteration.

The Process Of Brand Design

Clients start by developing a creative brief. The brief outlines what they envision or the company, from its goals and aims to the mood it seeks to evoke. From there, the design document is passed off to each designer who works to perfect a design and submit it to the client. 

Once all the designs are in, the client gets to choose one that they like. All of the graphic files in full resolution go to the client, giving them complete creative control over their use. This flexibility, combined with designers’ professional skill and focus on the uniqueness of the logo, makes DesignBro an excellent choice for logo design.

Experience and Professionalism With Uniqueness

DesignBro isn’t like other logo design companies or online logo makers. They don’t rely on a generic set of logos and stick on a brand to the front. Instead, they look at the things that make a brand up. In the most real sense of the word, DesignBro tries to bring back the golden age of logo design. 

Their pre-vetted world’s top 5% designers craft unique logos, focusing on the elements that a brand wants to communicate to the audience. In this way, the brand gets a logo that isn’t just a pretty picture on a background. It’s a unique promise couched in the professional artwork of a master.

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