How Online Coaching can Improve Business Results


Last Updated on March 8, 2021

Today, given the strict requirements for business results, the old models of personnel management are becoming ineffective, namely authoritarianism in management, which is expressed in individual decision-making, setting tasks through coaching. 

Most often, managers tell the subordinate what to do, and in case of disagreement of the employee – try to convince. As a result, subordinates come to the manager to voice problems, without options for solving them.

One of the sources of competitive advantages of enterprises is the formation of potential, talents of employees. Staff development, including the hidden skills and abilities of all employees, becomes possible with the use of innovative personnel management technologies.

Online Coaching is a process of providing assistance done by coachers with counselors who are having problems in an effort to solve their life problems face to face or direct contact. The general purpose of coaching is to help the individual realize himself to be a whole human being in order to achieve happiness in this world and in the hereafter.

The implementation of online coaching services is part of the social rehabilitation process to develop the competence of professional social worker coacher, as well as gain the rationale in conducting research, formulation, and problem solving related counseling services. 

Based on the results of online coaching tools that have been done, it can be concluded that the main problem of people is a social mentality that has not been able to stand on its own and still depend on street life by wandering, begging, and gathering. With these problems, they need assistance and counseling both individually and in groups to increase awareness and also build their mentality so that they no longer depend on street life, because social mental problems is the root of the problems faced by gaping so it needs to be solved. 

Behavior changes to their mindset and creating new conditions in a more positive direction. The behavioral approach has the view that every behavior can be learned. The process of learning behavior is through maturity and learning. 

Furthermore, old behaviors can be replaced with new behaviors. The implementation of coaching services is done in two forms of counseling activities, namely: individual coaching and group coaching. 

Today, one of the areas of management is becoming increasingly popular – by online coaching tools, which have stood out in a separate area as a science of practical psychology, sports coaching (mentoring), management, philosophy, logic and life experience. 

With the introduction of coaching in domestic enterprises, business performance can be improved through the individual development of managers and employees who work both independently and in teams. During the crisis, when the importance of human resources is growing, the demand for this type of service, such as coaching, has increased.

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Specifically, the purpose of Client Engagement tools is to make the atmosphere more open and honest with oneself and others, learning to trust oneself and others. Develop to be more accepting of yourself, learn to communicate with others, learn to become more familiar with others, and increase self-awareness so that they will feel more free and firm in choosing.

Client Engagement tools provide ease in the growth and development of individuals, in the sense that group counseling gives encouragement and motivation to individuals to make changes by utilizing potential to the maximum so that they can actualize themselves. With the strengthening of the group, counseling bias is encouraged to explore the potential of self and its weakness. Group counseling can provide the sense of security that group members need to spontaneously and freely interact and take risks thus increasing the likelihood.


Thus, we can conclude that coaching is a way to create a society of people with an active life position who take responsibility for their lives by advising and supporting residents to achieve personal goals by trained professionals, including social workers, teachers, coaches, and others. To bring the relations of managers with subordinates to the level of “adult-adult”, to create conditions for sincerity and openness of all participants in the process;

To form the responsibility of employees for the decisions made and the result obtained. Enable employees to manage their work: allocate time, identify the necessary resources, which will reveal the internal potential of employees, create internal motivation, as well as increase job satisfaction; look at your life differently, improve its quality, get rid of internal barriers that prevent the achievement of goals, and learn to find their own resources for both managers and their subordinates.

Finally, we note that “even large companies” die “if management does not change its approach to personnel management.”

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