How SEO Plays The Silent Promoter Role For Businesses?


Last Updated on August 21, 2021

It is no rocket science that to survive you have to perform optimally be it in a sport or business. If you are not in the best of your form you cannot compete and this is where the downfall starts. For a business, it is crucial to continuously explore different sales channels to increase revenue.

After all, revenue is what helps in expanding business operations and integrating advanced technology to simplify business processes. Business demands aggressive product campaigning, breakthrough marketing strategy, right exposure, dedicated team, seamless communication, and utilization of effective marketing tools. SEO, the short form for Search Engine Optimization, is one such very effective marketing tool for businesses and is universal in its approach.

But before going straight to how business can benefit from online SEO tools it is vital to know the important factors that make or breaks a business in the modern world:

What Factors A Business Needs to Survive The Steep Competition?

It is no wonder that a business needs exposure because until a business doesn’t become vocal for its product and services it will not be able to attract customers no matter how good or unique or innovative it’s product or service is.

  • Business Need Online Presence:

As said above a business need exposure and going online is one step forward in penetrating the biggest customer base any business can get. Having an online presence through a website is mandatory for a business to survive.

  • Business Need Local Visibility:

Besides going online business must have its local visibility. If people cannot find it online it is losing a lot a business that adversely affects the revenue.

Now that you know what a business needs to survive let’s move on to know how Dutch SEO agency SmartRanking can play a silent promoter role in the growth of a business.

How SEO Helps Business?

  • SEO helps a business gets the exposure it needs.
  • SEO helps a business get local visibility.
  • SEO helps a business be more visible on Search Engine Result Pages for its business-related keywords.
  • SEO helps a business boost its reputation online.
  • SEO helps a business target a much larger audience.
  • SEO helps a business go global without investing in infrastructure development.
  • SEO helps a business utilize different sales channels and increase sales.
  • SEO helps businesses receive more inquiries.
  • SEO helps a business get more client feedback and suggestions.
  • SEO helps a business develop more customer engagement.
  • SEO helps a business explore the unexplored trajectory.
  • SEO helps a business become more flexible and easy to reach.
  • SEO helps a business become more customers centric.

How SEO is Different from Traditional Marketing Mediums?

How to Boost Your Brand’s Presence with a Powerful SEO Strategy

SEO is very different from the traditional marketing mediums which include newspapers, magazines, other print media, TV, radio, etc. The first thing which differentiates SEO from traditional marketing mediums is its universal approach. SEO helps a business get exposure from world-over whereas traditional marketing mediums are more geographically restricted.

SEO is very economical if observed from the marketing budget of the traditional marketing mediums. SEO is within the reach of small businesses because it is very affordable. The exposure SEO provides to a business is unmatched.

Besides this, the one factor which makes SEO so effective is the shift of customer’s preference in the present modern world. People nowadays search online for anything before visiting a physical store. SEO helps a business show up in the search results for its business-related keywords. The reviews about the business further simplify things for the customer to create an image of the business and reach a buying decision.

What Are The Factors That Makes SEO So Effective?

  • SEO helps in providing a better user experience
  • SEO is a primary source of leads for a business
  • SEO is a breakthrough and effective long-term marketing strategy
  • SEO helps a business to gain market share
  • SEO increases the closing rates for a business
  • SEO delivers higher conversion rate
  • SEO makes cost management easy
  • SEO exposes a business on social media and provide more followers
  • SEO optimizes a business website and make it lightning-fast
  • SEO influences local customers to visit a physical store after searching online.
  • SEO helps a business build brand credibility
  • SEO helps in establishing brand awareness for a business
  • SEO helps a business website become responsive and mobile-friendly
  • SEO synchronizes all online marketing activities like mails, content marketing, social media, web management, etc.
  • SEO makes a business market leader in a relatively short period of time.

Can Business Really Benefit From SEO?

Landing Page SEO - A Complete Guide to Success

In simple words, YES! Any business can benefit from SEO because people search for everything online before reaching to a buying decision. Smartphones with internet connectivity have also surged the number of searches people make regarding a product or service.

If a business shows up in search engine result pages it ought to get a lot of traffic and inquiries which indirectly boosts the sales.  SEO is the most prolific marketing tool a business can get its hand on in order to generate better revenue.

SEO helps in creating brand awareness which is very important to survive the steep competition. Local searches comprise a lot of inquiries and SEO helps a business improve the conversion rate.


For a business to survive the steep competition it should utilize all the channels to upscale the sales. SEO is useful in the same way traditional marketing tactics are. With growing competition and the availability of so many alternatives to the customer, it is profoundly necessary that a business must not leave any stone unturned to increase sales.

SEO is not only an economical way to get visibility on the biggest platforms like Google and other search engines but also cater to a relatively larger audience from around the world. For smaller businesses, SEO is no less than a boon because with a little budget they can get the exposure equivalent to investing millions of dollars on hiring media and PR agencies.

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