How to Attract a Libra Man


If you have a Libra man in your life, you likely know that he is very special. If you want to attract one of these kind-hearted men, you need to know how to attract him. What attracts other men will not work for him.

Characteristics of a Libra Man

Libra men have very specific characteristics. They are very kind and considerate of others. However, if you are not careful, you can easily hurt their feelings. Knowing their characteristics will help you to appreciate your Libra man.


He is kind and not afraid to tell the people he loves how he feels about them. If a Libra man wants to be with you, you will know. He will send you nice messages and tell you exactly what is on his mind.


Your man is very adventurous. He loves to go out and experience new things. He also likes to drive fast, and he is daring.


Your Libra love interest to shower you how he feels with his affection. He will hug you, rub your back, and give you kisses often. He will also give you gifts and take you out for a night on the town often.


Libra men are very charismatic. They are always conversing with people they meet,  and they make friends easily. Everywhere they go, they will strike up a conversation. They are very magnetic, and people flock to them.


In addition to having a magnetic personality, your Libra man is very well-spoken. He can rub elbows with the best. However, he is also able to relate to people of all classes. No matter who he is speaking to, he will make them feel comfortable.


A man with a Libra star sign is sentimental. He likes to reminisce and he likes to go to places that are important to him. He also likes sharing sentimental moments with the lady he loves.

Things Libra Men Enjoy

Libra men enjoy life to the fullest. They have a great balance between their professional life and their personal lives. They are good at balancing their finances, but they take their fun just as seriously as their work.


Music is an important aspect of a Libra man’s life. He loves to listen to his favorite songs in the car and is not afraid to serenade you. Many Libras make their living as musicians. However, even if he is not an accomplished music man himself, he will probably surround himself with others who are in the business.

You can expect him to go to concerts often or spend time in a studio with his friends. He will also want to take the woman that he loves with him to enjoy this passion of his.


Your Libra man loves driving nice cars. You can expect him to have at least one nice car. However, he likely has more than one in his garage. Furthermore, he is very particular about his cars. They are always clean and in pristine condition.

He will enjoy taking you for rides. He loves to go for a drive even if he does not have a destination in mind.

Nice Clothes

His wardrobe is of the utmost importance to him. He is great at picking out the most stunning outfits. He will always have matching accessories. No matter where he goes, even if it is just to run errands, he will dress to impress.

His pride in his appearance comes from looking good and from the quality of the clothes he wears. He will also always smell great, as he is likely to have a vast collection of colognes.


If you like to travel, you are in luck. Libra men love to go on vacation. When you ask your Libra lover to go anywhere with you, he will have his bags packed and be ready to go. When you get to your destination, expect him to take the opportunity to hit the town. He loves to explore in a new location, and he is never afraid to try new things.

Pleasing Others

A man who is born with the Libra star sign enjoys pleasing others. He is considerate of others and he likes to put a smile on their face. He also uses his contacts to help others get ahead in life, and he is always looking for ways to be helpful.

Cooking and Crafting

Cooking and creating things is a great passion of a Libra man. If you enjoy a home-cooked meal, you are in luck. Your Libra man will gladly cook for you and you can expect whatever dish he makes to be incredible. He is great at creating new recipes and recreating a recipe he follows.

How You Should Treat a Libra Man

Libra men are very soft and sentimental. So, you must treat him well. You also need to create a lasting bond with him. That is the only way to win his heart.

Get to Know His Family

When you are dating a Libra man, he will likely put you in situations with his friends and family to see how you interact with them. If you do not fit in with the other important people in his life, your relationship will not work. He is likely to introduce you to his inner circle pretty early on because if you do not get along with them it is a major deal-breaker for him.

You should also show concern for the people in his life. Ask him how people are doing and keep up with what is going on with them. Showing that you care about the other important people in his life is a sure way to his heart.

Converse with Him

You have to converse with a Libra man. He loves to talk. Getting to know him is the absolute best way to attract him to you. When he feels that you are his friend he will be yours forever. Talk to him about:

  • His childhood
  • His work
  • His family
  • His friends
  • His passions

Enjoy Social Settings

Your Libra man enjoys being in social situations. You need to be part of the party when you are around other people. He will enjoy seeing you talking to other people, especially his friends and family.

To be a suitable match for your Libra man, you have to get to know the people who are close to him. You do not have to worry about him being jealous of you talking to other people. He is a very trusting person.

Give Him Space

Space is something that all Libras need. They like to spend time doing things with their friends alone. They also usually have many friends. So, you should expect him to spend time with them frequently.

You do not have to worry about him cheating on you as long as he is happy in the relationship, but if you try to keep him all to yourself, he will look for a way out.

Give Him Thoughtful Gifts

He loves fine things. If you give him a gift, he will hold on to it for a long time, and it will make him feel special and loved.  Below is a list of gifts you can give to your Libra man that he will appreciate:

  • A photo of the two of you
  • Something that you make
  • A nice accessory
  • Cologne
  • Concert tickets

Be Romantic

He loves romance. If you make a candle-light dinner for him he will be smitten with you. You can also write him sweet notes, spend important days with him, go on dates, and show him affection frequently. He also enjoys it when you are close to him in public. It shows him you are not afraid to show others he is your man.

Create Traditions with Him

Celebrating the holidays and creating traditions with your Libra man is an excellent way to attract him. He loves tradition and family. If you cook for him or celebrate with him, he will surely be yours. He wants to know that he can have a happy home life and traditions are a big part of that for him.

Tell Him How You Feel

Telling a Libra man how you feel about him should be easy. He is not turned off by a woman telling him that they love him. He needs to hear that. You can expect him to tell you how he feels, but if you do not tell him how you feel he will have doubts about the relationship.

So, even if it is not easy for you to put the words together, you must find a way. It will go a long way in attracting a Libra man. In a relationship with someone born in this star sign, words are just as important as your actions. Remember, he is a great conversationalist.

Things You Should Not Do to a Libra Man

Just as there are things that you should do for your Libra lover, there are things you should avoid doing. If you treat him harshly he will not put up with it for long. He desires an equal in a relationship, but he does not need someone in his life if they are not willing to treat him well.

Do Not Shut Him Out

Shutting your Libra man out when you are having a difficult time is one of the worst things you can do. He wants to be there for the woman he loves. He believes that being in a relationship means you go through the good and the bad together as a team.

Do Not Be Pessimistic

Your Libra man will stay by your side through thick and thin, but he wants you to have a positive outlook on life. He wants you to see the best in people and situations. He is exceptional at finding the good in every situation and he will expect you to do the same.

Do Not Cheat On Him

You can’t cheat on a Libra man. He is all about justice. If you cheat, he will quickly leave the relationship. He is not a man who will beg for you to come back. When he is done he looks toward the future.

Do Not Take Him for Granted

If you take a Libra man for granted, it will hurt him deeply. He needs to feel accepted and appreciated. He works hard to gain your approval, which makes it even worse when you do not give it to him. When he does something kind for you as he will often, you need to make sure you give him ample praise.

Do Not Get Jealous

Your Libra man loves talking to people, including women. However, it is important to remember that as long as you treat him right he is unlikely to stray from you. You have to understand that he needs to talk to other people. If you are jealous it is a turn off to him because this is something he is very passionate about.

Do Not Be Overly Aggressive

You want your Libra man to chase you. Some mystery goes a long way with him. He enjoys hunting you. However, he does not like a woman who is constantly after him. If you are overbearing he will quickly feel claustrophobic in the relationship.

Final Thoughts on How to Attract a Libra Man

If a Libra man catches your eye, you are wise to do whatever you can to attract him. He is a very kind and unique lover. He will always do his best to make you feel like royalty. The woman in his life is his queen, and he will want you to treat him like he is your king. Remember not to take him for granted.

Also, keep in mind that the scales represent him and he is all about balance and justice. You can’t get away with treating him badly for long. He is mild-mannered, but he is not a pushover. If you fail him, he will not lash out at you, but he will move on with his life.

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