How to Be Ready For Your First Date


Going out on a date is exciting and can sometimes be magical. The preparation can cause butterflies in your stomach, which adds to the charm of your date. We all have an insane need to look our best and impress our dates. Sometimes you could get carried away with your hair, makeup and even what you wear.

One thing that must be at the forefront of your mind though, is that he asked you out without the grand hairstyle or makeup – he likes you just the way you are.

What you need to be is yourself!
No matter what kind of hairstyle you choose or the makeup that you put on, make sure that you’re comfortable in your own skin. The extra glamour is a confidence booster, so celebrity makeup artists Sarah Clarke offered these 10 tips below on how to look on your first date.

How To Be Ready For Your First Date

1. Don’t change your hair color
Like I said before, he likes you just the way you are that is why he asked you out on a date. Changing too much like hair color might be a faux pas. A simple blow-dry or curls will enhance your look and not change it dramatically.

2. Don’t do a facial before your date
Getting a facial will bring out your color, give you a smooth skin and make you look more vibrant. But not a day before your big date. Beauty experts generally recommend that facials be done a few days before, just in case you experience any breakouts.

3. Consider the occasion
It’s really important to consider where you will be going to or the event as you dress up. You don’t want to overdo it, and you definitely don’t want to look too simple. If you’ve never been on a date before and suddenly realized that you are underdressed, then you know what I mean. The best way to be prepared is to go with a small makeup bag, just in case you are not dressed up enough.

4. Carry out an after shower routine for your date
We all have our bedtime routine for a reason. It works the same way for a date. An after shower routine for your date will prepare you. You should decide on how much moisturizer, oils or perfume to put on. You want your skin to stay moisturized on your date, so focus on the problem areas like your elbows, knuckles, knees and all areas that can go dry and scaly from bad weather.

5. Focus on looking like yourself
Whatever makeup choice you decide on, make sure that you look like you! If you wear too much makeup and lose the essence of who you are, your date might get weird. Remember he already likes what you look like, so you should focus on enhancing your looks rather than changing it.

Makeup is great for boosting your self-confidence. So use it to enhance your looks by adding a few colors here and there. Your first date is not the best time to experiment or go for a full makeover. In this case, less is more!

Basically, there will be a lot of eye contact with your date so you want to make sure that your eyes are popping. You must ensure that they are brilliant and sparkly. Your eye makeup should not be too much. Keep it simple and don’t change it too much.

7. Pay attention to your makeup base
A lot of women get it wrong with the makeup base. Your skin is one color, so you must choose the right color for your base. This is a terrible flaw in many women’s makeup and some men will notice it.

Pluck it, prime it and conceal it…whatever you do, remember to create a perfect canvas and an even look. If you have oily skin then use an oil-free primer. If your lips are usually dry, then use a lip balm before applying your lipstick. Ensure that your base is perfect for a flawless makeup overall.

8. Enhance your best features
This might sound like the opposite of my “do not over makeup tip”, but it is crucial that you enhance your best features. A good blush like Nars Orgasm is perfect for any skin tone. The idea is to create a natural healthy looking glow if your complexion is one of your best qualities.

For ladies with long lashes, it’s a good idea to enhance and lengthen your lashes with a great mascara that will add volume. Whether it’s your eyes, cheekbones, or nose, try to accentuate your looks by wearing the perfect makeup.

9. Touch up your makeup discreetly
Some men find it very unattractive when a woman touches up her makeup in public. You must exude an aura of confidence at all times. So even if you have smudged makeup, you should be able to pull it off without showing that you are self-conscious.

Leave all makeup touch-ups to the little girl’s room. If your face is oily, if your mascara has run off or if your lips are chapped and dry, you must try to present the illusion that you are all natural and not high maintenance.

10. Don’t use too much perfume
The number one thing you must not ignore is your perfume. You should use a fragrance that is seductive, sensual and alluring – but not too much of it. We all want to smell good on our first date, but we don’t want to choke our date.

The best practice is to spray the perfume into the air and walk through it. This will reduce the effect of the fragrance and will overpower its intensity.

Above all, remember to be yourself, relax and have a great time.

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