How to Build a Video Marketing Strategy for your SEO Campaign?


Last Updated on April 8, 2016

Let’s cut to the chase! It’s pretty simple to follow a conventional, technical video strategy for your SEO campaign. Just optimize the YouTube channel, go through the richest snippets, and simply drive some links to your site very quickly. For those who are fixed in their ways, here is something you get to know how to amend and develop as new technologies are familiarized.

We all need to change our strategy according to the varying algorithm. Yet there is always an evergreen facet of online video marketing; one that both creative marketers (publishers) and SEOs often can’t recognize. And that’s what you are going to read in this post.

Goal-driven video marketing strategy – how to define and implement?

Why does many creative fails in defining and implementing video marketing strategy? Simply because they don’t really understand how the SEO works and they don’t know how to get rich snippets. To get the most of this, you to fully understand the results of embeds or directing to Vimeo and YouTube as opposed to a company’s site. This is the best way to get the most out of the content you invest in.

Okay, let’s discuss another scenario. Why do many SEOs fail to achieve the target with video marketing? Is it simply because they are typically expected to cut, edit and optimize the video? Well, that’s the concern.

Together with content creation and development, both technical and creative aspects of SEO play a key role.

At the begging, the goal driven strategy for video should be like:

  • Identify the business objectives.
  • Choose the right target audience, hosting, and marketing technique to achieve the goal.
  • Develop content that matches up the business goals and the target audience.

Things you need to hit with your video should be:

  • Richest Snippets
  • Conversation
  • Brand Awareness
  • Links and Social Shares

Richest Snippets

Compared to normal organic results, Video rich snippets bring the higher click through rate. So if you expect a great deal of traffic, too directly from the search results, then this asset is certainly valuable. Google might not be able to spot out the “quality” of content outside of YouTube, yet you can get rich snippets by submitting a video sitemap and self hosting the videos.

Yoast’s Video SEO WordPress plugin can also solve your concern getting Rich Snippets for YouTube videos. Getting less visits end up degrading quality of a channel and limiting the opportunity to rank.



Videos play key role in increasing your conversion rate. You might find numerous fantastic examples around you, which make goal driven strategy successful with a huge success. Make sure your video fills the gap between awareness and conversion. It might eliminate all the concerns and questions on a personal level. You can create something like shopping channels rather than television advertises – informational rather than promotional!

Videos are good for you when they are self-hosted, and you get rich snippets out of it with immense traffic to your site’s “money pages”.

“Conversion oriented” content might not be a good idea due to following reasons:

  1. It is tough to target specific, product centred videos to a different keyword

When you create content on YouTube and self-hosting linking to your site, you need to focus on this variation to a different keyword to prevent your site outranked by YouTube.

  1. Potential cannibalization of links and shares

If the video is being shared instead of the product page, you fail to benefit from on the link equity. In this case, the video doesn’t make any sense for your page. To retarget customers with PPC campaign, your goal should be driving customers to your site. Don’t forget that duplicating content on YouTube may hinder this.

  1. Creating a negative brand awareness

You can consider YouTube just as a community platform, which has a social network. Visitors share their idea and discusses about video; hence you need to make sure the demonstration goes correct and create positive identity. Before audience visit your site, your products are not going to be sold with the presence of your videos on YouTube. You should not create videos with the intention of brand awareness; otherwise it might hinder your efforts.

  1. Devaluing your YouTube channel for SEO by decreasing the average quality of content

The average quality of the content does matter when it comes to rating channels. Since YouTube rates videos algorithmically. Once you start getting good viewers, your channel and new uploads are definitely going to benefit. Besides, videos which are not doing well might create negative impact on your chancel as well.

Brand Awareness

Desktop Summit group photo

What can work better than Video to boost brand awareness? You can easily show the real faces behind your company, the way you want, integrating a creative story and good sound. You might want to get it done by the professionals or make it on your own. The YouTube and Vimeo are the best platforms to upload your company’s video.

Plus creative stories and training are also the best way to develop your brand awareness as experts in a particular industry. These could be very simple, effortless to make through either shooting physical products & giving advice or services businesses/for software; and you can easily accomplish this by recording lectures and giving some tips. For example: e.g. SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday

Links and Social Shares


Now think from the other side. The most effective way to get links directing to your web page with video would be to develop useful and effective video content that simply doesn’t seem sensible in isolation from a wider mixed-media page type. If you see ‘Simply Business guide to WordPress’ in Open Site Explorer, it has 137 linking root domains; and it’s the perfect example of this technique.

So you are building links and sharing it back to your site. For organic brand awareness, securely host the content on your own site instead of putting your video on Vimeo and YouTube can also benefit you. Make sure you create an embed code that features a text link at the end back to your site.

Summary of Goals and Content Type


How about hitting more targets with the same content?

Well, answer is “yes” you can, but you shouldn’t. If you do so, it dilutes the return that you might get through your content due following reasons:

  • Content might not suite well your goal
  • Technical implementation might lead result in compromise


In most of the cases, you should directly target one of the goals rather than trying to get everything from a since piece of content. Don’t forget that rich snippets and conversions must always be considered as conjunctive objectives; as generally two elements of the same strategic tactic.

All in all, your video strategy should incorporate four different kinds of content to…

  • Boost conversions
  • Maximize brand awareness through inbound channels
  • Increase brand awareness through paid advertising
  • Drive links and social shares back to the site

With a perfect planning and tactics, Video Marketing can definitely help you achieve your target.

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