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Last Updated on November 26, 2021

There is no better way to introduce yourself and your company to potential clients than to produce a stellar “About Us” page. This is the place where you sell your company on a person-to-person basis, and where to illustrate the pride and expertise you bring to your field. The product or service you’re selling is the tool by which success is made. But the people who work at the company are the heroes of the “About Us” page.

Your “About Us” section should tell a compelling story. Whether you ingest your news through paper or digital means, every article you read (if the writer is worth their salt) should tell a story that is engaging and complete with a beginning, middle and end. Your “About Us” section should do the same. The easiest way to present your story is by using the journalist’s mantra of Who, What, When, Where, Why? But since this is also a sales piece, don’t forget to add a little Wow!


This is where you tell the human story. Who are the players in the company? Include all of the partners who helped found the business. Be sure to give a few sentences about each person’s background. This doesn’t have to be long. A sentence or two should do the trick. But that sentence should pack in the details as they relate to what the company does. This usually includes educational information, especially in relation to highly technical or financial-based companies. Yes, credentials are important, but it shouldn’t read like a resume.


What have the people done in the field in which they’re working? How did they come to be in the business in the first place? Did they found the company? Take it over from someone else? Describe their (or your) hard work in the early days. What kind of successes have they/you made along the way?

Don’t be afraid to describe some setbacks as well, as long as they don’t show incompetence. (What happened to the company after it experienced a national disaster, for example.) This is a place to infuse some trustworthiness, and keep your “About Us” page up-to-date with any new information.


Give pertinent dates (a month and year will suffice) for the major points in the company’s history — it’s founding, new ownership, addition of key personnel, addition of specific products, etc. This would also be a great opportunity to introduce any upcoming milestones — events, new product launches, corporate anniversaries, etc. If your company is new, go the extra mile to establish the backgrounds of your major players to make it seem like they’re well versed in the business.


This could be as simple or as complex as you would like to be — ranging from a simple location of the current corporate offices to the places where your company does business and where you source products. If it’s interesting to you, it will be interesting to your customers.


This is the most important base to cover in your “About Us” section. This explains the crux of what you do and the passion you bring to the industry. Why you do what you do and how you do it is the biggest person-to-person salesmanship you can offer potential customers. The best answer to ‘why?’ is: because you know more about it than anyone else. This fact is the first building block of trust between company and client.


This is another piece of your “About Us” page that should really bring across what a fantastic company you are. Tell your potential clients exactly what you’re going to do for them and how you’re going to do it. Examples of how you’ve overcome the challenges of your industry will make potential customers feel even more comfortable trusting you with their needs, and will illustrate in concrete examples how you’ve done the same for others.

Pro Tip #1

Add some sales pitch-based quotes from yourself or members of your staff. This is the place to brag and literally have your leadership tell the client why you’re the best, as well as express your and your company’s core values. If you have a mission statement, quote the head of the organization to give the declaration even more impact.

Pro Tip #2

Show and tell. Photos really are worth a thousand words. Action shots are always best. If you’re a plumber, show a photo of you working in the dirt or using a backhoe. If you’re a retail shop, show photos of you loading in or displaying new inventory, or handing a shopping bag to a satisfied customer (just make sure to get that customer’s permission to use him or her in a picture).

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Don’t forget About Us! Take some time to review your “About Us” section at least once a year. A company is like a plant — it is either growing or dying. Hopefully yours is growing, changing, and has a lot of great successes and stories from the previous year to add to your website’s “About Us” page.

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