How to Get Him to Commit


When the right guy comes along, the last thing you want to do his have him leave. Hopefully, you can get him to commit, which is tough to do. You cannot force him to commit. Instead, you can only try to motivate him to choose to commit to you. Do not force a man to commit to you; it won’t go over well.

No one likes to be forced into any situation. Men who are forced into a commit, by say, a faux pregnancy, will be unhappy and will probably consider leaving. The commitment should have a life of its own, and with the right motivation and inspiration, he will gladly choose to be with you. The trick is learning how to get him to commit, without him realizing you are doing it.

For a man to commit to anything, he needs to see how it will help him. It’s your job to show him why you are the best woman for him. Remember, after he decides to commit to you, you have to stay committed to him. That’s how this whole thing works, that is how to get him to commit.

What is Commitment?

It is essential to understand what it means to be in a committed relationship with someone you love. A commitment is the equivalent of dedication. You give your heart and soul to another person. Usually, when someone commits another person, they choose to announce it publicly. This is why so many people are committed to each other choose to get married.

When you make a public statement about your commitment, you expect other people to support and respect your announcement. The dedication shows that your relationship now has boundaries, and those boundaries involve not dating other people.

Why Do Men Commit?

Why do men commit is not as challenging a question to answer as it may seem. Women might think that men will only commit to women with perfect bodies and flawless faces. But this is not the case. Men want to have a relationship with a real person who can be a partner in a healthy relationship. If you are looking for how to get him to commit, then build a healthy relationship.

While many relationships begin because partners like the way each other, they last because the relationship develops depth. If both partners like each other based on who they are on the inside, the relationship will last.

What Does a Healthy Relationship Look Like?

Men will commit when they see that their relationship is healthy. But what do they see? Several qualities can be used to describe a healthy relationship. If you have this, your man will be likely to commit.


One sign of a healthy relationship is that both partners act as a team. They support each other and defend each other. They communicate and work out problems because they want the team to last. They also help each other when they are struggling.


Another sign of a healthy relationship is that partners can be vulnerable together. Partners can share emotions without fear of being ridiculed or bullied. They can share criticism and grow from it, not fight about it. A vulnerable relationship also includes having the ability to talk about things that are tough, like finances, religion, and politics.

Vulnerability sets healthy relationships apart from other ones. In healthy relationships, partners can talk about things that they don’t share with other people. They trust each other explicitly so they can talk about everything without any fear. Instead, they get support and trust from each other.


Something that people do not often talk about with healthy relationships is that partners can spend time apart without worry. In a strong relationship, couples do not need to see each other all of the time because they trust each other. Partners can have friends, hobbies, and lives away from their romantic partners.

In healthy relationships, partners do not worry about jealousy or cheating. They know they are in a committed relationship, so they trust everything their partners do.

Decisions and Compromise

In a healthy relationship, partners can make decisions together. They do not argue and fight, with one side conceding. Instead, they talk about the options and work out a solution that both partners can live with. Each partner’s thoughts and opinions matter as neither partner is more important than the other. Healthy partners can compromise when needed.

Fun and Comfort

Another vital part of any healthy relationship is fun. Partners who are committed to each other should enjoy each other’s company. They should laugh together. They should also be a comforting presence in each other’s lives.

If your relationship has these elements and others, then your man might be ready to commit. So, what can you do to speed up the process?

Steps to Get Him to Commit

Men are real people who need to be treated fairly and honestly. These steps shouldn’t be used to play games with men. These steps should only be used when you want to grow your relationship into one that could last a lifetime.

You might already be in a defined relationship where you only see each other. Your level of commitment is determined by where you are in the relationship. Some couples need to tell the world that they are together. Others might be ready to move into marriage.

Only you and your partner know what you both need, which should be based on what you already have. If your commitment involves weddings, then you should talk to each other about it. Communication is the key to any successful relationship. Don’t play games. Don’t make guesses.

While being surprised by an engagement ring makes for a great social media post, it’s not the end-all and be-all of any relationship. Being together is the reason, not the ring. If you cannot talk about what you want in a relationship, then you probably shouldn’t be together. It is essential to recognize if your relationship is actually going to move on. If it isn’t, then maybe you should.

All too often, people find themselves unsure of what they should do in a relationship. Dating is complicated, but not talking about the relationship only makes things worse. If you want the partnership to be real, you have to be authentic. Commitment usually lasts a lifetime. No one should enter a committed relationship to get out of it.

Along with communicating with each other, these tips should help you move your relationship to the next level

Show Self-Confidence

To a man, a confident woman is a desirable woman. If you are confident about living alone, you will be satisfied in a relationship. However, if you seem desperate to commit, then your man will see this.

He won’t want to get into a relationship with you because you don’t show self-respect. He might think you will do anything to be in a relationship, but he isn’t sure what you will do after you are in it.

When you have self-confidence, you know who you are and what you care about. You know what commitment is, and you aren’t afraid of it. You also understand that your partner will help you, and you will help him. Your partnership will be real because your relationship is one that is healthy, fun, and filled with trust.

Your self-confidence also lets your man understands that he can rely on you, just like you can rely on him. He also understands that your confidence means that he will have a real partner. You won’t be a pushover who will require him to make all of the decisions that will maintain the relationship.

Both of You Need Space to Be Yourselves

No man wants a woman who is clingy and insecure. If you are always asking him where he is and who is there with him, he might not want to be in a committed relationship with you. He will need space because everyone needs space. He shouldn’t lose who he is because he’s in a committed relationship.

So, to prove that you can be in a healthy, committed relationship, you should give your man some space. Let him hang out with his friends. Let him have some freedom. If he wants to commit to you, he will. And, when he does, you won’t need to worry about him cheating on you or lying to you.

While you are giving him space to live his life, you should live your life, too. Do not lose yourself in the relationship. Spend time with your friends. Get involved at work. Be who you were when he met you because that is the you that he found interesting. When you both have space, you know your relationship can move to the next level.

Define Your Relationship

Before you can both commit, you need to know what you are committing to in the relationship. You can do this by talking about your relationship. Do not let the relationship run itself. You should both be involved in communicating your needs and wants. Let him know your boundaries, and you can do this because you have self-confidence.

He will do the same for you, too. Knowing what each other wants and needs in your relationship will give you the tools to move the relationship to the next level. If he wants to be with you, he should know what you need to feel loved and respected. If he doesn’t want to treat you the way you want, then he will leave. You don’t want a man like that anyway.

Build a Strong Team

Your man will want to commit to you when he sees that you are the best woman for him. Commitments are like joining a team. Men will choose their partners after analyzing how the partner will improve the team. You should have similar educations and backgrounds so you can talk about the common topics.

But, it is also helpful that you each bring something unique to the relationship. You don’t want to be married to someone who is just like you. That would get boring. You both need someone who has qualities you don’t have, so you have something to offer. The relationship should be beneficial for both of you. The team should get stronger, not weaker, by joining together.

If you are really in this for the long haul, you need to see that you can both benefit each other and build a team that will last forever.

Find an Emotional Connection

You might find that you have a physical attraction to your man, but are you emotionally compatible and connected? The physical connection is a beautiful thing, but the emotional connection is vital. Without it, you cannot be vulnerable, and you cannot build trust. When couples have an emotional connection, they can be each other’s safe spot.

Without the emotional connection, couples can actually have anxiety around each other. It can be tough to want to commit to someone who makes you feel uncomfortable. A physical relationship will not outlast the lack of an emotional one.

Women might find it easy to build an emotional connection with another person, but men might need some coaxing. They aren’t used to having an emotional connection with another person, primarily if they have not grown up in a home where they shared their feelings. So, some women might have to help men learn how to build an emotional connection.

Women can help their men learn vulnerability and empathy by showing it themselves. No one is perfect, so women should help men understand when it is ok to try and fail. They shouldn’t give up. Instead, men should learn from their mistakes so they can be vulnerable around the women they love.

If a man feels like he has an emotional connection to a woman, he should feel comfortable enough to commit. Often, cracking the tough outer shell of a man is tough, so a woman who does this usually ends up with the man she has softened. Your man will appreciate what you have done and will not want to lose you.

When you get a man to share his emotional life with you, he will choose to enter into a committed relationship with you.

Your Lives Improve Together

When you are with your boyfriend, do your lives seem better than they were before you were together? If this is the case, then you should have a committed relationship. Even though you can both appreciate your separate lives, you want to be together. You are a strong team together, and you want to be together because you are better as a team.

Being together is better than being apart. You love each other. You enjoy each other’s company. You have fun together. Therefore, you should be together. Your partner might not see it right away, so you can draw his attention to how you improve each other. Talk about it. Share your feelings. Let him know how you feel so that he can recognize his similar feelings.

A man will choose to make a commitment when he sees his life improves by being in the relationship. Neither of you should change to make the relationship work. By being your best self, you make each other better. It is difficult to let go of someone that improves your life. If you find that you improve each other, then a commitment should be on the way.

Show That You Are Worth It

Showing you are worth it might sound like a commercial for a makeup brand, but you are worth the commitment. A man who is ready to commit needs to know that the woman he is with is worthy of his time and effort. You make him a better person, and he does the same for you. Together, you are valuable.

Relationships take time. If one partner is doing all of the work, then you don’t have a relationship. You have a job. In a strong relationship, you both want to invest in each other. You want to put in the effort to make your world strong and filled with love. When we care about someone or something, we are happy to put in the effort.

Relationships also take emotional strength and vulnerability. If a man doesn’t feel like he will get these from his woman, he will recognize that she might not be worth his time and energy.

Since he has been with you long enough to know you, he should know if you are the right person for him. The sacrifices that he has already made for you should show you if he is ready to make more sacrifices of his energy and love.

Have a Sexual Attraction

If you are going to spend the rest of your lives together, there needs to be a sexual attraction. You don’t have to dress in provocative clothing or act in overtly sexual ways. He should feel a biological urge to want to be with you. While emotional and psychological connections are incredibly meaningful, a physical attraction does serve as a relationship foundation.

The best way to make him sexually attracted to you is to be attractive. Don’t change the way you look. Instead, understand that you should be yourself by showing your confidence. Self-esteem and confidence are just plain sexy. When your man knows what he will get from you, he will find you sexually attractive.

Recognize That You Both Have Choice

Being together should be something you both want. If it is only one-sided, then the relationship is bound to end. You should both find each other fascinating. You should both want to be together, not apart from each other. You both must understand that you are choosing each other. This is the key to commitment: you want each other and no one else.

Most of us recognize when we are around people who make us feel uncomfortable. Your partner should not make you feel this way. You should feel at ease, calm, and relaxed when you are together. Your choice should be easy to make because you have complete compatibility – even in the ways you are different.

There will be times in the relationship when you might have struggles. But those struggles are worth overcoming because you choose to be together. This is at the heart of every relationship, You want to make it work, so it will.

You Have a Deep Connection

No committed relationship should be without a deep connection. When you have a deep connection with someone, you have intimacy that goes beyond a sexual connection. Sure, the sex is there, but your relationship has more. There is an unconditional love that inspires each other. If he’s going to commit, he needs to recognize that you make him feel complete.

You see each other deeply and emotionally. Without each other, something feels missing. This is when you know the relationship needs to last for eternity.

His Only Worry is Not to Worry

In a committed relationship, neither partner should worry about the other partner cheating or lying. Instead, the only worry you should have is not having each other. A healthy relationship involves appropriately placed energy. The energy shouldn’t go into negative things, like worrying.

When you enter a relationship, you should be whole. If you do not show up as a complete person, your partner will not be the one to save you. Men will commit to a relationship where they are doing all of the work. Both of you need to put equal energy into the foundation of the relationship. It shouldn’t be built on worrying that you will cheat or lie.

If you are looking for a man to fix you or save you, then you have a foundation that will not work. Once he saves you, you might not be the same person. That won’t work for any relationship. You shouldn’t have to fix a man, either. The commitment should be built on a firm foundation. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get a man to commit.

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