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Last Updated on April 8, 2016

We all know how important it is to make blog posts entertaining for your readers. After all, who will keep reading something that is boring or uninformative? Yes, I have to admit that many times the things that we have to post on are not the most entertaining of subjects, but they are always important. How can you help make even the boring blog posts topic both fun and informative for your readers, and probably get more traffic in the process? Well, here are some things to think about:

Write for yourself

I know this does not sound like a good idea to many of you, but you should always write for yourself first. If you do not find the subject interesting that you are writing on then I guarantee your readers will not find it interesting either. You passion for the subject comes out in your writing, whether you want it to or not. You see, sometimes we bloggers forget how much of our personality goes into what we write.

When you do not like or care about a subject you end up writing like you would speak about it- in a monotone. No one likes to listen to that teacher that is burnt out and teaches with a monotone voice. Instead, strive to be the teacher who is passionate about the subject and that love will come through the blog post and entice your readers.

Keep it light

Not everything has to be serious and dire. Yes, there is a place for serious and technical blog posts, but most blog posts can be lightened up if you think about it a little. Throw in a cute picture or a joke you have heard on the subject. It does not even have to be really funny. The attempt alone will lighten the tone of the piece and give your readers a greater sense of your humor and attitude while you were writing.

Smile while you write

You know how people in the telecommunications industry tell their people to answer their phones with a smile because a smile comes through your voice? The same thing holds true with your writing. If you are in a bad mood or do not feel lie writing then do not write. Your attitude will come out on the page. Sure a snarky post is not out of the question, and is sometimes even funny, but if you are a truly grumpy, gripey mood then forgo the posting for a while until you feel better. A smile can make a world of difference.

See the glass half full

You know the old test of the optimist and pessimist. The optimist sees a glass as half full and the pessimist sees it as half empty. Well, you should strive to see the glass as half full. An optimistic point of view will help your blog posts to stay upbeat and fun for readers instead of one constant list of gripes and complaints. No one wants to read a blog that is nothing but bad news and hopeless drama.

Add images

An image is worth a thousand words, and great images help to lift our spirits and refresh our minds. Share images that inspire you, from the pretty, like landscapes, waterfalls, and great works of art to the cute like puppies and children to the funny like cartoons and memes. Whatever makes you laugh is a great opportunity to make your blog readers laugh as well. Images are easy ways to share instantly, across cultural and language boundaries, things that inspire and amuse us.

Make lists

Lists are a great way to make a blog post easy to read. Not only can readers scan don the list to see if any of the points are applicable to them, but the list format also gives them a sense of how long the blog post will be. If you title something ‘ten ways to…’ then they know it will be relatively short. If you title something ‘one hundred ways to…’ then they know it will be long.

This gives readers the opportunity to set their minds on what they will be getting before they ever get into reading it. It also helps to keep them from getting frustrated when they click to get into your blog post. A list format is good for you as a writer too. Lists help to keep you on topic and focused on what you are writing. The also work as a sort of outline to make sure you get to all the points you wanted to make.

Keep it short

Making blog posts fun is all about keeping your readers interested. A long blog post is a boring blog post. I mean, face it, how many of us read blogs to sit there for an hour and scroll through pages and pages of text? Not many, right?

So, keep you blog posts short and on topic. That way your readers can get the information they need without being overwhelmed by the amount of text on the page. This also makes it easier to keep things light. The more information you try to pack into a post the heavier it will be. Keep it fun by keeping it short and sweet.

Make it simple

Much like the last point it is a good idea not to try to pack too much into one blog post. Keeping thing simple is a great way to make them fun too. You can be much more personable and easy going when you only have to get across one idea to your readers instead of half a dozen. By breaking a long blog post into several shorter ones you can be more entertaining, get more hits on your blog, and still provide the information your readers really want.

Tie it in

Another great way to add interest and fun to your blog posts is to tie in something random. From Batman to the Beach Boys to the Cookie Monster, adding a fun element to a boring blog post is a sure way to get readers interested in what you are writing about. You can also capitalize on name recognition.

A great way to do that is to pick a popular or well-known name, old or new, that a lot of people are searching for. When you add that name to your blog post title you will automatically get many more hits. As long as you tie that person or thing into your article then you have a great, fun way to get in new readers while still making your point.

Take a break

If all else fails then just take a break. There is no shame in having an off day. We all have days where we are just not in the mood to write something fun or funny. Get away from the computer screen for a while and get a breath of fresh air. Take a walk and get new inspiration. Do something you love that inspires you. It may be a round of golf or a snack at your favorite greasy spoon.

It may be a long walk on the beach or curling up with a good book. It could even be a night out with friends or a theatre performance. Whatever inspires and lifts your spirits, you should go do. Then come back refreshed and reinvigorated to make your blog posts shine.

Making blog posts fun does not have to be hard. Most of it is all about your attitude as you write. Have a positive attitude and keep your eyes on the prize. That way you will have a blog that readers will love and you can be proud of.

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