How to Make Your Blog’s Visuals Stand Out on Pinterest


Last Updated on March 5, 2021

Image is important. Having a look that people like is one of the most influential factors leading consumers to your site. Unfortunately, while maintaining an appropriate image is crucial, many companies still overlook it, considering it to be of minor significance.

While keeping up an image that your audience finds desirable is important in all cases, it is especially important on Pinterest, a social media network comprised mostly of images. Having a picture on Pinterest that followers find appealing will lead them to repost, or “repin,” that image, eventually leading to an increase in traffic to your website, as each image posted on Pinterest will link back to your primary site. Therefore, it is important to consider different ways to make your Pinterest account stand out in order to draw in as many new followers as possible.

Name Your Pictures

When you take a picture with a camera and upload it to your computer, it tends to come with a random name. At best, that name is “image 1,” though usually it tends to be a random assortment of letters and numbers.

When you post to Pinterest, using a picture as a link to a particular site or blog post, the title of the image appears in the description. You will want to make sure that the description is more substantial than unintelligible gibberish.

People who repin images will often edit the description, but in case that doesn’t happen, you want to write a description that has something to offer. A good tactic is giving the picture the name of the blog post or website it links back to. Then, if someone finds the title interesting, they will follow the link to your site and potentially repin the image, setting in motion a hopefully never-ending series of repinning that will considerably increase your site’s traffic.

When an image is repeatedly repinned, it becomes difficult to track it back to its source. By including a logo or website in your picture, you will ensure that anyone who views it will immediately know where it comes from. For example, a company that manufactures cigarettes might play off of the artsy images that Pinterest users find attractive by posting pictures of items identified with relaxation. However, a picture of a guy tanning on the beach is not easily traced back to a cigarette brand without a logo indicating the connection.

Request Repins

Many Pinterest users are scared of repinning certain images because they fear accidentally committing copyright infringement. By asking people outright to repin your image, you have a higher chance of getting followers to share it. Tests of this sort have been conducted on sites like Twitter and Facebook, and all have shown that a post that asks people to retweet or share is more likely to spread than a post that expects people to share on their own.

A Description Is Worth 200 Characters…

Give or take. Studies have shown that Pinterest images with 200-300 characters are more likely to repinned. If you use the description to either provide background information for the image or to suggest an interesting idea about the picture, more of your followers will be interested in sharing the image. In most cases, Pinterest users only care about pinning images they find attractive; therefore, it is essential to make sure that your images are appealing in all ways, with as much consideration put into the description as the image itself.

Choose Your Images Carefully


Just because a picture is related to your company or product doesn’t mean it’s worth pinning to your Pinterest account. In order to run a successful Pinterest campaign, you must put careful thought into selecting and editing the images you use. No detail is a minor detail when deciding on a picture.

Color is important, the quality of the image is important, the subject material is important, the lighting is important—every aspect of the image is important! Many Pinterest users are artists or design aficionados who use their account to share images that resonate with them; they would not even consider repinning a poor-quality image with a boring or ridiculous subject.

Essentially, there is no detail too minute to be considered. Once you pin an image to Pinterest, it is final. There is no more editing. Therefore, you must make sure it is perfect in every way so that it will spread throughout the site, getting repin after repin and thereby causing a sizable increase in your site’s traffic.

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