How to Remove Back Hair by Yourself


Whether your back has just a few patches of peach fuzz or it’s straight up hairy, some people prefer to remove that hair in order to feel clean and confident. However, removing your own back hair is obviously quite a conundrum. First, it’s hard to reach. Second, getting help with this may not be an easy favor to ask of anyone. Even if you have a friend or lover you feel extremely comfortable with, your grooming habits are personal.

You could book a salon or spa appointment to take care of it, but it’s also possible to get it done at home. Shaving is a fairly quick solution, and if done correctly, it’s painless. Good news: There are many types of razors and groomers out there that were developed for this exact issue. Here’s how to get a smooth, hairless back.

While shaving needs to be done every few days for maintenance, waxing is the way to go if you’re interested in keeping skin smooth and hairless for longer. Waxing lifts hair from the follicle, and the results last a couple of weeks (depending on the person). However, it does take more time and effort, and it can be relatively painful.

You definitely cannot wax your own back. Your best bet is to go to a professional at a salon or spa. They’ll be able to do it quickly and safely, and usually with less pain and irritation.

Got Your Back

Back hair is no big deal. If you do decide you want it gone, you can keep it to yourself and take care of the issue solo, and with minimal fuss. Keep these clever tools and tips in your arsenal for a smooth, sexy back.

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