How to Style Your Home with a Moroccan Rug


Last Updated on February 9, 2021

The gift of being able to style a home comes naturally to some but others struggle and require help and guidance to fine-tune their ideas. If you have the eye for it, you may have a vision featuring furniture, wall hangings, or bespoke decorative items. Others choose throws, pictures, and mirrors amongst many more varieties to make a room come to life! 

Inspiration for home decor can come from anywhere and a lot of people use holiday mementos to add a touch of culture to their homes. A stylish Moroccan rug can be the final piece of a jigsaw, a classy final touch, and a permanent reminder of a fabulous trip to a beautiful and historic country. If you have never visited, It looks fantastic and is an affordable style available online!

What Makes A Moroccan Rug Special?

Moroccan rugs are a great way to change the look and feel of a room without having to break the bank to accomplish it. Wherever you choose to place them, Moroccan rugs 

have the ability to revitalize a space and add an entirely new level of comfort, warmth, and balance to the room. 

Morrocan rugs are extremely versatile and contain a luxury cultural element that can transform a room whilst adding a unique, personal element to your room decor. In a range of tantalizing colors and dazzling patterns, moroccan style rugs have something to suit everyone from a vintage neutral Beni Ourain rug to a classic Azilal rug for the more adventurous of you. 

Let’s explore how a Morrocan rug can highlight the dynamics of a room;

  • A Moroccan rug can help you define specific spaces within a room.
  • You could utilize a Moroccan rug in a studio apartment in order to separate the living area from the bedroom area. 
  • Adding a well-placed Moroccan rug will help you balance out the aesthetics of the room, and it can create a greater level of intimacy for the space.
  • A Moroccan rug will ‘soften up’ a room by improving the acoustics of the space.
  • The absorbent qualities of a Moroccan rug will help buffer any echo, making the room feel more tranquil.
  • A Morrocan rug can adequately hide any blemishes or unsightly marks on a given floor area.
  • A Morrocan rug can help make a space look larger and enhance the architecture of the furnishings around it.  

Size and Placement Matters For Your Moroccan Rugs

Great Living Room Furniture Designs

If a rug is too big, be careful not to hide the beauty of the room’s natural flooring with a Moroccan rug that is too big. You will defeat the point of having your beautiful floor. In contrast, a Moroccan rug that is too small will feel like an afterthought and add little value to the room. 

  • Bedroom: Choose comfort and thickness 
  • Living Area: All furniture should be entirely on or off the Moroccan rug.
  • Casual Appearance:  Place furnishings half-on, half-off the Moroccan rug.
  • Polished Wood Floor: Small Moroccan rug
  • Spanish Tile Flooring: Small Moroccan rug

With proper care, a Moroccan rug can bring a subtle tone, brighten, or add a spacious feel to a room. Choose a Moroccan rug not only for comfort but welcomes you into the room as well.

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