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What do you think is the hardest part of writing a book? Getting started? Or Publishing a book? Most people believe that publishing is but, determining how to write a book is the hardest part of a writer’s job. Books do not write themselves, and unlike essays, you cannot ask others to write my essay for me.

A writer has to invest themselves in creating a masterpiece by beginning to write a sentence, then a paragraph, and if you are committed, an entire chapter. To draft your dream book, follow these steps from Essay Writing Service.


Establish what the book is about

How to start writing a book- the first step is clarifying your idea. You need to write about something that is of interests to you, a topic that gets you up every morning and that motivates you to sit in front of a computer comfortably and type away.

Get a blank piece of paper, write down your idea in a sentence, compose it into a paragraph and finally into a one- page outline.

Next, draft a table of content, which will guide your writing and break down the chapters into several workable sections.


Quantity of work on a daily basis

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Writing a book for the first time may come when you have other responsibilities such as a job or you are raising kids. Nevertheless, you have to organize yourself every day and make headway to meet your end goal of writing a book. Set apart some time either in the morning or in the evening, and dedicate it to writing three hundred words.

The consistency of completing three hundred words ensures you meet your daily goal and motivates you to complete the book in a few months. You can find some examples on Essay Kitchen.


Time management

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Developing a consistent working schedule is one of the steps to writing a book. Consistency makes it easy to be creative as you have set a specific time for writing and a deadline you must meet each day.

Setting a time limit ensures you develop a habit of writing every day, without fail or giving excuses not to write. You may take a day off, but it should be something planned.


Choose the office for writing

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Do you have a dedicated space for cooking, entertainment or eating? If the answer is yes, then you know how trouble-free and enjoyable it is to have a dedicated area for a particular activity. Dedicate some space in your house to become your writing space, which should be exclusive and away from where you conduct other operations.

Having a writing space helps to remind you of your obligation to your book and help you only think about writing it.


Total word count

The end of your book should always be in your mind. You should think about the total word count of your book, which should be about ten thousand words subdivided into equal paragraphs. Depending on the type of manuscript you are writing, it should have the following number of words.

A brochure or a white business paper should be ten thousand words. A short electronic book should be twenty-thousand words while an ordinary nonfiction book should have forty to sixty thousand words. Long novels should be eighty to one hundred thousand words while academic books should have one hundred thousand words.


Weekly targets

weekly targets

Targets are beneficial in helping you attain the ultimate goal of writing a book. A weekly goal gives you something to endeavor to achieve and a way to evaluate your progress. Make your weekly objective to be a particular number of words, and work towards it every week.



There is nothing as disappointing as having to rewrite a book you already completed because you did not have sufficient feedback on your progress. Have several reliable advisers such as friends, editors or relatives to help you determine what topics are appealing to write.

Strive to get honest opinions from them from the start of your writing so you can follow the right direction.



To ensure you have completed the process, ensure you finish writing the book at whatever cost by having a strict deadline. Next, release it to the world by sending it to a publisher, and advertising it through Amazon and to all people.

Do not hide the book from the world as this does not help you do your best or share your story with the world.


Possible upset

As you complete your writing project, you are going to make several mistakes. Do not let the failures define you; instead, grace yourself to push through to the end until you succeed.

Avoid delusions of perfection as they will only harm you once you fail.


Think of another book

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Most authors are not proud of their first book, and you may feel the same way too. However, without the first book, you may never learn the many lessons writing a book provides.

Complete the book, put your work out there for others to read, fail, learn from your mistakes and start again. Practice will make you perfect just like renowned authors, and you will succeed.

Year in year out, millions of potential book writers fail to complete writing, which could help people and add wisdom to the world. The authors quit because of getting stuck, not knowing what to do after finishing it or when people fail to buy it.

However, by observing these steps, you will succeed in writing a book.

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