I Married The Wrong Woman


Please help me I married the wrong woman. This is a very common problem that psychologists and therapists have to deal with on a very regular basis. Many men may marry the wrong woman for many different reasons. Some men may be too young when they got married, others may have made a woman pregnant or a variety of all sorts of others things could have occurred.

Unfortunately in many cases by the time you realize that the woman whom you married may not be right for you, it may be too late. Men really do hate feeling trapped in a marriage with someone who they feel is not right for them. In order to ensure that you don’t end up in the same boat as these men, I am going to provide you with some valuable advice.

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How to prevent the mistake of marrying the wrong woman

I am going to do everything within my power to help you guys ensure that you never land in this situation. Although it may not always be 100 percent preventable, there are things which you can be aware of that may help. These things may seem simple but they can actually save you vast amounts of hassles and heartaches.

Peer pressure

Regardless of what is being said on social media, what your friends are doing or what your family says, never get married because of peer pressure. I have seen many couples who get married because their friends are getting married and the marriages don’t always work out. Please never get married because you feel left out, rather wait until the timing and the girl is perfect for you before you jump the gun.

She wants a family

Even if your girlfriend wants a family, this is not a good reason to get married. Yes, you may want a family and children too, but this still is not a good enough reason to get married. If you are not 500 percent sure and you have not been dating her long enough, please don’t agree to marry her. One of the best things about being a guy is that you can have children and create a family at any age, so there is absolutely no need to rush it.

You want to make her happy

Most girls’ dream of their wedding day, even though this is a fantasy for most women. Even if you are in a serious relationship and you love your girlfriend, this is no reason to marry her. I understand that you want to make her happy and you know how happy getting engaged will make her, but always remember there are many other ways to make her happy. You can’t get married for this reason; you need to do it when it is right.

You are scared you will lose her

While most females will not wait around forever, she should be patient. If you are the right guy for her then she will wait until you both feel comfortable about marriage. Many people who end up saying, I married the wrong woman, are in the situation because they only got married due to fear of losing someone. The right woman will not put you in this situation. I can promise you that if she loves you, you will not lose her if you don’t marry her immediately.

Listen to your gut

Even if you have been in a relationship for many years, always listen to your gut. If something is telling you that you are either with the wrong woman or that the timing isn’t right to get married, then follow your instincts. You know your own life better than anybody else does; it is up to you to follow your own beliefs and values. In many cases we get gut feelings for a reason, always listen to what your gut is telling you, even if you don’t want to always hear it.

In conclusion

As a guy, you are never in any hurry to get married, because you really can have children at any age. No one should ever pressure you or make you feel like you have to get married. There is really no rush to get married and the right woman will show you this and be fully prepared to wait for you.

Before you put all your energies and efforts into a marriage, you could start by focusing on your career and getting your life to where you need it to be. In many cases, men marry the wrong woman because they get married for all the wrong reasons. You don’t have to land in the situation where you think, “I married the wrong woman”, and instead you can marry the right one.

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