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Last Updated on April 8, 2016

With all the media marketing tools available on the internet today it can be rather confusing to make the decision on which tool is most relevant to the individual. Here is an introduction to yet another tool that is considered very viable if used correctly.

As the idea of making money is the main focus of any online business, the amount of traffic drawn to the site is of course a very dominant and deciding factor in ensuring the target audience is reached in order for revenue to be earned.

The Basics

When it comes to ad swaps the basic principle behind this tool is in the successful exchange of email lists between two individuals. The members on each list does not have to necessarily be the same amount but the members listed should be fairly open to such an exchange with the understanding that the material exchange would have a certain level of useful information and not just hard selling style.

The idea behind the exchange is that the two parties are able to help each other reach out to a far wider target audience without any real need to monetarily commit a sum of money. This is a very good way of list building but note that there is a certain amount of variables that could change the expected scenarios with each exchange exercise.

To ensure the possibility of using this ad swap tool the individual should have some preexisting elements in place. These include having a hosting page somewhere on the net which is already fairly recognizable.

Along with this there should also be an auto responder to allow for good delivering of the list captured when the email are sent out or received. There should also be a squeeze page in place for the exchange of traffic to take place.

The Benefits Of Adswap

The most obvious reason for using the ad swap tool would be because of the possibility of creating the platform of reaching a wider target audience. This is of course done through the exchange of email lists from both parties.

The benefits can be obvious and far reaching if both parties who are participating in the exchange are also basically promoting a complimenting product, service, or ability.

The ad swap really only becomes beneficial if the relationship is beneficial to both and not in direct competition with each other. There are some exchanges that do not work out because one party is actually a competitor trying to widen their own customer base. Thus the preexisting interest and intentions must be established and well understood.

Another benefit that might be apparent with this type of tool exchange would the valuable information or style shared within both parties.

Perhaps the ad designs used are complimenting and interesting, or the angle of promoting the product, service, or information is far more creative or perhaps simply the fresh angle of approach can be refreshing to the email members on the receiving end.

There is also the benefit of getting “free” exposure for the individual’s style used in promoting the products or services. Advertising always makes or breaks a product first before a customer even has the chance to actually use the product thus if the style used in the email is dynamic and interesting or even extraordinary it is more than likely that the pulling power that comes with the exchange of ad swaps may open even more doors of opportunity to further practice this skill. This is indeed a very important benefit in an already very competitive environment.

All this extra activity also creates the platform to be recognized by search engines. When this higher level of traffic activity is noticed then the ranking in the search engines will also be adjusted accordingly. This is beneficial as a higher ranking denotes more credibility of the said site.

How To Use Adswap Correctly

Ensuring the ad swaps tool is used properly is the only way to enhance its effectiveness in garnering the desired results. There are several recommendations that can be considered to make sure the individual is on the right track to successfully using this tool.

Perhaps the most important would be in the choice of “partners” used in the ad swap exchange exercise. When trying to cross promote with other publishers lists the “size” of the list should be considered.

If the size or amounts of emails on the lists are not comparable then there may be some level of ineffectiveness, though this is not always so.

It is also advisable to ensure the exchange exercise is also done between parties who have complimenting products or services to offer each other’s subscribers.

This is to avoid the possibility of causing negative feelings of annoyance from those on the receiving end of these emails. The subscribers should be at an advantage in being able to also learn of the new lists which may in turn be interesting and valuable to them, thus is effectively and regularly done it has have potentially unlimited benefits.

Another strategy to use that would prove effective would be to make use of the “free” element to entice the subscribers on the email lists to be more willing to positively take part in the ad swap exchange exercise.

Also ensuring the receivers of the email now have a new awesome resource of information will effectively help build the individual’s credibility and trust within the group and perhaps even to a wider non connected audience.

Prepare a few sample emails with varying content styles and request for the same to be done by the other interested party. This will give both parties the chance to actively participate in the new material to be sent to their current email list members.

Making Money With Adswaps

More traffic to a site equal the chances of more possible revenue to the site. Therefore the goal of using the ad swap tool is to be able to access more subscribers to the site with the intention of creating a more sustainable or even a greatly improved revenue percentage.

With the exchange exercise of ad swaps the original amount of members on a list can be built up to a number that is so huge it can be mind boggling.

The new members will definitely increase the traffic flow thus revenue can be earned either from direct sales from the items or services being listed or from the heightened amount of click garnered from interested parties to the site.

Though not really widely practiced, especially among the smaller less established players, there is also the possibility of selling the individual’s email lists for a price.
This is made possible if the individual’s email list consist of actively participating members or purchasers. This would also be based on the amount of members on the list.

From the credibility angle the individual is also able to establish himself or herself as a credible source of new information which would be eagerly accepted, provided the information is fresh and interesting.

With this new amount of interest generated from the ad swap the said site would also be able to garner further hits from the now “new” subscribers who would in turn recommend the site to others who are not on the mailing list. Again the revenue earning element is then further enhanced.

There is also the element of being recognized for the talent of style used in the email content. Though this is not the reason for establishing the as swap, it is not unlikely to earn some revenue from being hired to create similar email contents or ad contents for other interested parties.

Tips For Great Adswaps

Ad swapping is among the quickest ways to construct your email list really rapidly. You are able to do that almost daily. Discover partners and offer to do an ad swap and they might accept your offer.

Envisage, if you do an ad swap four times per week and you have a list of 2000 individuals and get a hundred clicks from every e-mail you send off, you’ll acquire about two hundred fresh subscriber base weekly!

Remember, the greater your list, the more subscriber base you’ll get, because you’ll approach partners with greater lists. It’s a snowball effect.

Remember, you might begin ad swapping as soon as you construct a list of five hundred – a thousand individuals

The issue is you’re giving away your best subscriber base.

There are a lot of reasons why some individuals don’t like ad swapping. If somebody has a list of 5000 individuals and 1000 of these individuals are buyers, then it’s a steal to ad swap with an individual with a list of 5000 if he doesn’t have any buyers.

The secret technique to solve this issue:

A trick here is to have many lists. One e-mail list of buyers and a different list of individuals who have never purchased anything from you previously. So for ad swaps, you’ll be utilizing the list of individuals who have never purchased anything from you… As you likely know, a list of customers is 10x times heftier, so you will not waste your best subscriber base.

If you decide to utilize this sneaky technique, you may ad swap each day and you may send a broadcast to your both lists. So if you commonly send 1 e-mail per day, you would be sending off 2 e-mails to your list for ad swaps (1 ad swap e-mail and one e-mail of your e-zine) and a typical netmail to your list of buyers.

How to acquire a partner with a much greater list promotion for you.

If you’re simply start out and have a little list, you might utilize a little trick to quicken your list building. Approach a greater JV partner and ask for an ad swap.

The trick here is, you’ll have an affiliate offer ready, so if they send traffic your landing page they make money, not only give away their subscriber base to you. You’ll be surprised how well this little fine-tune works!

Autoresponder swaps

This small tweak might build you passive money and might let you feel truly safe, because you’ll know that each day you’ll acquire xx amount of subscriber base from xx marketer. It’s a cool technique and not a lot of individuals do this.

Don’t blank out personalizing the landing page!

If you’re ad swapping, don’t forget to set up a page specifically for your JV partner. Your landing page might say “a special free gift for subscriber base of MARKETER NAME”. You’ll get more subscriber base and the partner will be motivated to do an ad swap with you more.

What To Watch Out For

Perhaps the most important element to consider is in the choice of exchange partner made. Choosing the appropriate ad swap partners is important to ensuring the type and material that is going to reach the subscribers and also the integrity of the material.

Some unscreened partners may even only be interested in spamming thus causing the individual’s email subscribers to be annoyed that their email addresses were share only to be plagued with this nuisance.

In the enthusiasm of creating a wider email list one should not overlook the importance of promoting paid offers. Avoid simply advertising items or services without giving the visitor an opportunity to actually consider making a purchase. Revenue can be lost this way if the interested purchase is unable to make a purchase because this facility is not extended at the site.

Choosing ad swap partners with a huge amount of non participating members should be avoided at all cost. Exchanging with such individual would not bring in the desired interest to the sites neither would it be able to attract the already inactive members into clicking on the site to foster the revenue from the clicks.

Also establishing ad swaps with others who have only a few members in their emailing list should also be avoided as the number would be too small to bring in the desired revenue when measured against the amount of time and effort put into the exercise of sending out the emails.

Not taking the time to research the right products to include in the site is also something that must be avoided. Randomly featuring products without the proper research would only keep the site from reaching its desired potential. Adswap is a great way to get a lot of traffic to your site and to ramp up your business efforts. So get going today!

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