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Last Updated on January 18, 2021

Russell Shaw is an independent designer from Atlanta. He specializes in illustration, graphic design, logo and branding design, book layouts, user interface/experience, and video. Some of his previous clients are Microsoft, AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” SweetWater Brewery, The W Atlanta – Midtown, Bearings, Manner & Lane, The DeMoss Group, GiantImpact, Catalyst Conference, Uptown Treehouse, Plywood People, Lamon Luther, and more.

Russell recently finished a branding identity for Lamon Luther. Lamon Luther preserves the legacy of the rugged gentleman, forging a brand that builds hope for the craftsman. Born at the start of the Great Depression, Lamon Luther, the man, was a mechanic, carpenter, and farmer. A maker in every sense of the word, he used his calloused hands to create works of art as well as provide for his family.

“The visual identity was built from a mastered version of the signature of Lamon Luther Wilson, the ancestor of the company’s founder. The signature is the ideal symbol of the unique hand-crafted quality behind each of the company’s product lines. The two crossed adz (signifying the time-honored method of creation that the company employs) on top of a saw-like structure – serving as a unique stamp or “brand mark” pressed into the wood of the products.” – Russell Shaw

The icon and signature often come arranged in a lockup with the company’s central motif, “Hope For The Craftsmen,” to drive home the notion that Lamon Luther is more than just a design-build organization – it is a team of formerly homeless workers now on their way toward restored lives.

Lamon Luther (3)

Lamon Luther (4)

Lamon Luther (5)

Lamon Luther (6)

Lamon Luther (7)

Lamon Luther (8)

Lamon Luther (9)

Lamon Luther (10)

Lamon Luther

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