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Learn how to do basic gymnastics skills with these step-by-step guides.

Remember: Don’t try anything without a qualified coach and the right equipment. Use this guide as a refresher for running through basic gymnastics skills that you are likely to learn in a class taught by a coach.

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A front split is one of those moves that is really easy for some people and much harder for others. This really comes down to your individual anatomy. Some people will never be able to do the splits, no matter how hard they work at it, due to bone structure that cannot be changed.

Still, many people can master a split. Even if you start out tight, certain stretches can help you learn how to relax your muscles, lengthen your hamstrings and open your hips. 

Some other tips to help you achieve the splits:

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Learning a center split is traditionally just as essential as a front split to gymnastics. You’ll use a center split in straddle jumps, side leaps, press to handstands, stalders, flairs on pommel horse and scales.
Follow our guide for how to get a great center split, with stretches for all the different muscles you’ll use. 

Tip: Try practicing your stretches with a partner. Let them gently and slowly press you down deeper into your stretch, but make sure you pay attention to your limits and communicate clearly.

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Mastering a handstand is one of the most important steps to becoming a gymnast.

Start out on a wall, until you build up the strength and mental courage to practice in the middle of the room. A great way to improve strength is to hold your handstand longer and longer over time. 

Sooner or later, you’ll be doing a handstand on just about every event and learning a solid one will help you improve quickly in the gym.

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